September 2021


Loveless Cafe celebrates its 70th anniversary | Davidson County

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – The Loveless Cafe, tucked away along Highway 100, celebrated 70 years in business on Thursday. The restaurant has been a popular culinary destination for residents of the Middle Tennessan region and visitors across the United States.

The cafe is known for its southern cuisine and comfort food. Seven decades ago, the owners started the business which has become a major draw for so many.

Lon and Annie Loveless opened the front door serving fried chicken, country ham, and cookies, literally out of their homes to passers-by on Highway 100, and it was just word of mouth that drove home. attracted people to our door, ”said Crystal Buttrey, spokesperson for Loveless Restaurant. .

Word of mouth is what holds so many visits back, especially outside guests like Mike Colvin, who visits Nashville from California.

“We were looking for something to do today and found this game online and Trisha Yearwood said this was her favorite place, so here we are, and the cookies are worth it,” Colvin said.

Guests were greeted with balloons and placards recognizing the company’s 70th anniversary. Games, prizes and free food were part of Thursday’s festivities.

“We have lots of festivities planned for the family, everyone can enjoy arts and crafts, free food, free hot cookies,” said Buttrey.

The cafe offers southern comfort food including cookies and your favorite breakfast and dinner options.

“We really enjoy Nashville, Bellevue, and we just want to be a contributing partner there,” said Buttrey.

It is the “love” for their cookies and their food that keeps it going.

“People are loyal to the cookie. It’s just something that I just can’t recreate, ”said Buttrey.

The Loveless Cafe is located at 8400 Highway 100 in Nashville. Click for restaurant information. is now with you on the go! Get the latest updates and videos, 4WARN weather forecasts, weather radar, special investigation reports, sports headlines and more from News4 Nashville.

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Local restaurants bring Hispanic history to the table

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – As restaurants in western Michigan celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, two Mexican chefs say they are working to preserve old and family traditions.

MeXo is located on Fulton Street in downtown Grand Rapids. The restaurant brings a modern twist to pre-Hispanic dishes prepared by ancient Aztec and Mayan groups.

“Corn is one of the staples of pre-Hispanic cuisine,” said chef Oscar Moreno, pointing to three different varieties of corn they serve. “It’s the restaurant’s mission to show you and save a lot of those ingredients that were used in pre-Hispanic times.”

The restaurant currently offers a full tequila bar, a variety of moles, and several kinds of tacos. Moreno says he grows fresh herbs inside the restaurant and hand-cooks tortillas for the dishes. He says that because most of the pre-Hispanic cuisine didn’t include dairy, MeXo’s menu doesn’t include much either.

Moreno says one of the most interesting dishes they serve is called rock soup. He says it was traditionally prepared by the men in the family.

“The men would go and fish whatever they could find in the river, shrimp or whatever fish he could get,” Moreno said.

Moreno says that in its modern version, it uses shrimp, fresh herbs, and broth. The dish is then served to the chilled customer before the waiter drops a 500 degree stone into the bowl to cook the soup, mimicking a traditional cooking method.

“Basically it’s all raw, and he’ll pick up river stones on the fire and when the kids and family are ready to eat, he’ll drop the stone and cook the soup, then lunch will be ready,” Moreno said. .

Moreno said it is important to preserve this history.

“Not just for the cultural side, but for the health benefits,” Moreno said.

On the west side of Grand Rapids, El Granjero staff say their recipes come from previous generations of the family.

“We are from Mexico. I also lived in Baja California before coming to Grand Rapids in 2005 and when a neighbor took us to a restaurant, because we missed Mexican food, it was a place that was not authentic ”, said Paola Mendivil, vice president of catering at El Granjero. and the restaurant owner’s daughter.

Mendivil says that when the family moved to Michigan, his mother Mercedes López started working at El Ganadero on Bridge Street. When López learned that the restaurant would close permanently, she took over in 2007 and renamed the restaurant El Granjero.

“My mother had very humble beginnings. When she didn’t continue her studies and got married young and had young children, when the time came to find a job, she found it in a restaurant and she started to do the dishes ”, Mendivil said.

El Granjero now serves recipes handed down from generation to generation, including a dish called enfrijoladas, which resembles an enchilada but is topped with a sauce made from black beans, chorizo, and queso fresco.

At every meal, Mendivil says she hopes the community feels like part of her family.

“I think in our culture we like to eat; we love food. We have this passion to always share a meal together and it brings people together, ”said Mendivil.

For more information on the menu and opening hours of El Granjero or MeXo Gr, visit the company’s websites.

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Puff Bar has overtaken Juul as teenage favorite electronic cigarette

Disposable vaporizers are now the most popular type of e-cigarette among middle school and high school students, overtaking reusable devices like Juul, according to new federal data. And the most commonly used brand — Puff Bar — is the one that has remained on the market despite a Food and Drug Administration order last year to halt sales in the United States.

About 11% of American high school students – about 1.7 million children – reported using e-cigarettes at least once in the past 30 days. The data is based on a national survey conducted online between January 18 and March 21.

Last year, about 20% of U.S. high school students, or roughly three million, reported using e-cigarettes at least once in the past 30 days. The annual study is conducted by the FDA and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which said changes in methodology this year due to the pandemic made it difficult to compare with previous years.

The flavors most commonly used among young people were fruits, candies and desserts, mint and menthol, according to the survey. More than half of young e-cigarette users reported using disposable devices. Some 26% of high school vapers reported using the disposable Puff Bar brand, followed in popularity by Reynolds American Inc.’s refillable brand Vuse at 11%, Smok at 10% and Juul at 6%. Among college e-cigarette users, 30% said their usual brand was Puff Bar.

“The use of Vuse products by young people is unacceptable, and we will continue to investigate how young people access our products,” said a spokesperson for Reynolds. Vuse is intended for adults and remains “an important option for adult smokers looking for an alternative to smoking,” she said.

Juul Labs Inc. in 2018 landed in the sights of regulators when its sleek, USB-stick-shaped vaporizers became a status symbol for teens. It is the most used brand of electronic cigarettes by American high school students over the past three years. Under pressure from regulators and facing investigations into its marketing practices, Juul halted most of its advertising in the United States, closed its Facebook and Instagram accounts, and stopped selling all of its flavors in the United States except tobacco and menthol. It remains the best-selling brand of electronic cigarettes in the United States, but has lost market share to Vuse and others.

Joe Murillo, chief regulatory officer for Juul, said the company has undertaken a reset. “While millions of adult smokers have converted to our products from cigarettes, we will only be trusted to provide alternatives to adult smokers if we continue to fight underage consumption,” he said. .

Puff Bar sales surged in early 2020 when federal restrictions banned the sale of sweet and fruity e-cigarette refill pods like those from industry leader Juul Labs Inc. not be met, the original FDA flavor restrictions did not apply. for them. Underage vaping fell after these restrictions were implemented, but the use of disposable e-cigarettes among children and teens jumped.

In July last year, the FDA ordered the company to halt sales, saying its products had not been authorized by the agency.

The brand stopped sales on its website, but continued to sell in retail stores with flavors such as Watermelon, Blue Razz, and Lemon Ice. Puff Bar resumed sales on its website in February this year, claiming it had changed its ingredients and now used nicotine that was not derived from tobacco. The change could allow it to bypass the FDA.

Since last year, the FDA has been concerned about the popularity of Puff Bar among young people, a spokesperson for the agency said. She added that the agency was considering how to treat Puff Bar and a number of other brands claiming that their products contain synthetic nicotine and therefore fall outside the jurisdiction of the FDA.

We don’t know who owns the brand. Puff Bar did not immediately respond to an email request for comment.

This year’s investigation was the first to be fully conducted during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to changes in the way the survey was conducted this year, the results are not comparable to the findings of previous surveys. This year, students answered questions through an online survey in their classrooms, at home or elsewhere. Before the pandemic, the investigation was conducted in person in classrooms.

Health officials said a significant number of young people have vaped this year despite many learning remotely and may have less access to e-cigarettes from friends or classmates. Some 2.8% of middle school students, or about 320,000, said they had used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days.

“These data highlight the fact that flavored electronic cigarettes are still extremely popular with children,” said Mitch Zeller, director of the Center for Tobacco Products at the FDA.

The findings could inform the FDA’s pending decisions on which e-cigarette products it will allow to remain in the US market. Some lawmakers and public health groups have called on the agency to ban all flavors of e-cigarettes other than tobacco.

Among the FDA’s decisions so far, the agency has removed more than a million flavored products from the market, including vaping liquids with flavors such as apple crumble, cola and cereal. cinnamon, claiming that the manufacturers had not provided sufficient evidence that their products benefited from it. adult smokers to an extent that outweighed their potential appeal to young people.

In 2017, Juul catapulted to the top of the e-cigarette market. But the company’s valuation fell just as quickly, as a series of crises led to hundreds of lawsuits alleging the company marketed its products to teenagers. Photographic illustration: Jacob Reynolds / WSJ

Write to Jennifer Maloney at [email protected]

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1,271 confirmed Covid cases as September marks highest monthly death rate since March

There were 1,271 confirmed cases of Covid-19 tonight ahead of the nation’s nightclub pilot event.

The Department of Health has reported 297 Covid patients to the hospital, including 59 in intensive care.

The latest figures show that the 14-day incidence rate in the country is 395 per 100,000 population. He is at his highest level in Donegal, Carlow and Monaghan.

The Health Ministry confirmed that 40 people died from the virus last week – up from 30 last week – and 24 the week before.

There have been 102 Covid-related deaths reported this month – the highest since March.

Three weeks before the majority of Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, a leading infectious disease expert has said we need to adopt a ‘living with Covid’ message from October 22.

Dr Jack Lambert, professor of infectious diseases at UCD, says we have to accept that Covid is with us for the long term and that people will continue to die.

“In influenza pandemics, people die. We are vaccinating against the flu but the vaccine is not 100% effective so we need to have the same message for people with Covid.

“Covid is still going to kill people. It kills a lot fewer people now that we have the vaccination, but it’s still a deadly virus.”

Dr Lambert says the message that all restrictions will end next month is not correct.

“The ‘living with Covid’ message should be: Yes, we should open nightclubs. Yes, we should keep schools open. Yes, we should have outdoor sporting events that a lot of people could attend.

“But that doesn’t mean throwing off your masks or throwing away social distancing or we shouldn’t continue to be careful.”

450 people will attend a pilot nightclub event in Dublin

Pictured speaking to the media inside the Button Factory in Temple Bar this afternoon, Tourism, Culture, Arts, Gaeltacht, Sports and Media Minister Catherine Martin TD welcomes the pilot nightclub event taking place there tonight. Photo: Sasko Lazarov / Photocall Ireland

Hundreds of people will be heading to a nightclub in Ireland tonight for the first time in over 18 months.

The industry hopes the pilot event will mark the start of a return to normal for clubs.

Nightclubs have been closed since March of last year, but tonight 450 people will attend an event at the Button Factory in Dublin.

Participants will need to have a Digital Covid Cert and a negative antigen test.

Jordan, whose stage name is Dart, is DJing tonight and he thinks it will be an emotional night for many people.

The capacity of the hall will be 60% tonight and Arts Minister Catherine Martin hopes that the clubs will be able to operate at full capacity by October 22.

“We have to test the ventilation, the C02, not to wear masks, to see how social distancing does not work,” she said.

Nine Irish DJs are on the program for tonight’s event which starts at 8:30 p.m. and continues until 12:30 a.m.

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Terrain Coffee Project opens cafe in downtown Vancouver

The Terrain Coffee Project opened on September 22 at 106 W. Sixth St., in the space formerly occupied by Beerded Brothers Brewing in downtown Vancouver.

Owner Marty Lopes signed the space lease in May in hopes of opening on his birthday, Aug. 12, but struggling with everything from repairing plumbing to supplying drinking cups. paper, have extended the opening date.

Lopes discovered his love for coffee in Spokane at Rockwood Bakery where he met his wife, Katelynn Brown.

“I fell in love twice with my wife and coffee,” he said.

He particularly liked the analytical aspects of coffee and quickly went from barista to roaster. Lopes and Brown got married and moved from Spokane to Vancouver in 2007 when Brown got a teaching job at Battle Ground.

After moving to Vancouver, Lopes continued to work in the Portland coffee industry at Extracto Coffee Roasters, Barista Cafe, and then started Roseline Coffee before opening the Terrain Coffee Project. At present, he is the only coffee roaster in Terrain. He spends two days a week at his Salmon Creek store roasting beans for his wholesale customers, including Oracle Coffee Company, TwentySix Cafe, and Moore Coffee Co.

Terrain’s sales fell sharply when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. During the first week of closure, wholesale trade fell by 30%. Lopes got a loan from the Paycheck Protection Program which created a financial bridge, but he realized he had to get creative to stay in business. Online sales and local delivery have been added. He also opened a walk-in window two days a week at his roasting facility in Salmon Creek.

Little’s Mychal Dynes Conejo came to the window with no elevator for a cup of coffee and gave Lopes his phone number. Dynes knew that the space at 106 W. Sixth St. was empty because it was in the same block as his restaurant.

When Lopes expressed interest in renting it out to open a cafe, Dynes put him in touch with Caryl Brown, a Robert Aschieris real estate broker of Schofield Properties who manages the property for his family. Lopes presented his idea for a cafe. They loved this plan and Lopes signed a lease for the space.

“I loved the historic texture of the property. You can’t buy this, ”he said.

Some of these historic features are exposed brickwork, well-worn wood floors, and a bank safe behind the bar left behind by a securities firm. A side door leads to a small urban oasis next to the outdoor space of Kindred Homestead Supply. This is where Mary Schofield, who lived in the spaces above with her family, kept her dairy cow. The animal roamed freely and grazed in Esther Short Park, ultimately sparking a legal dispute between Schofield and the City of Vancouver, which had banned livestock in the downtown area.

Future plans for the Terrain Cafe include baking from Jen’s Bagels and Pastries, a wholesale bakery that Lopes discovered while running his wholesale coffee business. Jen’s will provide such things as Portuguese Bolo Levedos (sweet muffins), pop tarts and scones. Finally, slices of Jen’s cakes in flavors such as chocolate espresso filled with coffee and burnt vanilla will be added on weekends.

Lopes will soon be launching online ordering through the redy app. Using GPS, this application allows a business to know exactly when a customer will arrive to receive their order. He thinks that determining the time of arrival is crucial for a good cup of coffee.

The Café at the Terrain Coffee Project is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. The shop is closed on Mondays.

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Which Montgomery restaurants have received pandemic funds? What we found.

The Restaurant Revitalization Fund provides funding to help restaurants and other similar businesses keep their doors open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Alabama has received approximately $ 1.9 billion in funding from the CARES Act to respond to and mitigate the coronavirus pandemic.

We’ve picked out some of the data highlights, but you can review the numbers yourself here.

CARES Law:County and local governments say they weren’t told about CARES law deadline

Which Montgomery restaurants received the most money?

Full Armor Foods LLC., Chow Town Inc. and 7413 EastChase QSR LLC., Or BurgerFi, were the top three recipients of Restaurant Revitalization Fund dollars.

They received approximately $ 1 million, $ 878,736 and $ 826,538 respectively.

Of the top five recipients, one was designated as a women-owned business; none were from a veteran.

One of the 60 eligible businesses listed was owned by veterans. Thirty-three of the 60 were owned by women.

In silver :Alabama reallocates $ 12.3 million to recruit nurses to COVID-19 wave hospitals

What was the fork of money received?

The least money allocated, according to this dataset, was to YJC LLC, which owns Satsuki Sushi on 6534 Atlanta Highway in Montgomery. He received approximately $ 6,107.

Two other Montgomery businesses – H&Y Pretzel Bakery (Tante Anne’s) and caterer Kamisha Coleman – also received less than $ 10,000. Only one company, Full Armor Foods LLC, owner of Martha’s Place Buffet, received $ 1 million or more.

To summarize:Alabama restaurants and hotels raise wages as staff issues persist

How can restaurants use the money from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund?

  • Payroll (not including salaries used for employee retention credit (ERC)
  • Principal or interest on mortgage bonds
  • To rent
  • Utilities
  • Maintenance, including construction to accommodate outdoor seating
  • Personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies and products
  • Normal food and beverage inventory
  • Certain operational expenses covered
  • Paid sick leave

The program provides restaurants with funding equal to their lost revenue from the pandemic of up to $ 10 million per business and no more than $ 5 million per physical location.

Recipients are not required to repay funding as long as funds are used for eligible purposes by March 11, 2023.

Molly Weisner is a digital producer for the USA Today Network. Find her on Twitter @molly_weisner.

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Diageo sees its margins increase with the opening of bars and restaurants

A bartender takes a bottle of Johnnie Walker whiskey in Almaty, Kazakhstan on June 22, 2017. REUTERS / Shamil Zhumatov / File Photo

Sept. 30 (Reuters) – Whiskey maker Johnnie Walker Diageo Plc (DGE.L) said on Thursday its new fiscal year had a “good start” and expected its operating margins to rise as people opt for premium brands and spend more in restaurants and bars.

The recovery in Europe has been ahead of its own expectations, while in North America, despite supply constraints, the business has been “performing strongly,” the company said in a statement ahead of its annual general meeting. later in the day.

Sales in bars and restaurants, hit by restrictions imposed by COVID last year, are rebounding sharply in both regions as higher vaccination rates encourage more people to venture out.

Sales in the African, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America and Caribbean markets are also doing well, but Diageo has warned that it expects some volatility in those markets to persist.

“We have got off to a good start in FY ’22 … as we benefit from the resilience of non-trade (retail) and the continued recovery in on-trade (bars and restaurants),” said the general manager Ivan Menezes.

The company also benefits from customers who buy more premium drinks and increased sales through higher-margin channels such as e-commerce, Menezes added.

Report by Siddharth Cavale in Bengaluru; Editing by Saumyadeb Chakrabarty

Our Standards: Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.

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The story of one of Chicago’s hottest nightclubs brought back to the limelight

CHICAGO – At the corner of Belmont Avenue and Sheffield Avenue in Chicago, which is now the Milio Barber Shop, has a lot of history.

It was once home to one of Chicago’s hippest nightclubs. Havana Madrid was responsible for bringing names like Celia Cruz and Tito Puente to the city. He was known to energize the Latino community through music and dance.

This was for a decade in the 1960s at 959 West Belmont. But he had almost been forgotten.

In 2017, playwright and actress Sandra Delgado rekindled her story with a musical titled after the club. She spent months researching and eventually came into contact with the family of the club’s original owner Luis Aloma, including his daughter Carolina Aloma Gibbs.

“My father was the founder and owner of Havana Madrid,” she said. “He was the second Cuban baseball player to come from Cuba to the Chicago White Sox. “

Their story shed light on the impact Latinos had on the Lakeview community in the 1960s and beyond.

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Why coffee might cost more in grocery stores, cafes – Examiner Online

SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) – As if a cup of coffee weren’t expensive enough, a confluence of factors is pushing up the costs for farmers to grow the beans and it could start filtering into your local coffee shop before the end of the season. year.

After hovering around $ 1 a pound for years, coffee futures – the price big buyers are willing to pay for coffee when delivered for months to come – doubled in late July, hitting record highs never seen since 2014. Although prices have come down a bit, they remain high at around $ 1.90 a pound.

Coffee lovers who are already paying $ 8 or more for a bag at the supermarket or up to $ 5 for a cup may despair of even higher prices, but a surge in coffee prices in the international futures market is not reflected always on the consumer.

Here’s a look at some of the factors that could determine whether Americans will pay more for their morning shake in the near future.


A prolonged drought followed by two frosts in July knocked out coffee production in Brazil, immediately pushing wholesale prices of the popular Arabica grain to over $ 2 a pound. The frost will significantly affect the 2022-23 harvest, said Carlos Mera, who analyzes coffee markets at Rabobank.

The frosts in Brazil followed supply chain grunts over COVID, a shortage of shipping containers, labor shortages and other production issues. Add to that the rising costs for pretty much everything and you have a bitter cup for coffee drinkers.

“This is unprecedented,” said Alexis Rubinstein, editor-in-chief of Coffee & Cocoa for commodity brokerage StoneX Group. “It’s never been this perfect storm before. This is usually a supply and demand scenario.

“We have never been faced with a supply and demand problem in addition to a logistics problem, in addition to manpower problems, in addition to a global pandemic.”


Although it is difficult to determine the extent of crop losses in Brazil, Mera said estimates vary between 2 million and 6 million fewer bags of coffee. This represents around 12% of the production of the world’s largest producer of Arabica, the bean used for most coffees sold around the world. Lower supplies almost always mean higher prices.

Grace Wood, industry analyst for market research firm IBISWorld, said if consumers don’t see coffee prices rising by the end of this year, they almost certainly will in 2022, because per capita demand is expected to increase.

“It will just contribute to increased demand which will further disrupt operations and make it more difficult for operators who are already experiencing supply problems,” said Wood.

Mera said people who buy coffee beans at the grocery store are likely to see a more noticeable price increase, as about half of the cost of that bag on the shelf comes from just the bean itself. However, in larger cafes, he added, the cost of the bean is only about 5% of your cup of hot coffee, so roasters “may not need to postpone increases. right now”.


It seems likely, although higher prices for coffee in the future international market does not guarantee that the prices of your favorite roaster will increase. The damaged crop in Brazil is still over a year away from harvest, enough time for many factors to reverse.

Rubinstein said higher prices in the international market can often boost production – farmers will have more money to invest in their harvest – and if there is more coffee on the market, prices will fall. But it will also depend on the ability of large roasters to store enough beans to get them through, even if prices remain high.

Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee retailer, has suggested it would not need to raise prices due to declining production in Brazil. In a call with investors during the height of the Arabica price spike, Seattle-based coffee chain president and CEO Kevin Johnson said his company had 14 months to spare. supply, which he says will reach until 2021 and most of fiscal 2022.


Even the smallest independent specialty roasters sign contracts to purchase their beans well in advance, enough so that when shortages like Brazil’s do occur, it doesn’t cripple them. They also source from countries around the world, so the gaps in one place can often be filled in another.

Chris Vigilante, co-owner of Vigilante Coffee with stores in the Maryland suburb of Washington, DC, said most specialty roasters don’t buy beans from the same international commodity market as big players like Nestle and Keurig Dr. Pepper. “So we are not as affected by (Brazil), but we will feel the pressure,” said Vigilante.

Vigilante said he pays between $ 3.50 and $ 5.50 a pound for most of his beans, which are higher quality and produced by smaller farms. He has no plans to raise prices, but if other small stores raise theirs, he said it was likely because the cost of other essentials has gone up.

“I’ve seen other specialty coffee roasters talk about raising their prices, but I think it’s not because of the cost of the coffee anymore, but maybe because of the cost of some of our other supplies. , like the cups and the equipment, ”Vigilante said.


Marcelo Silva de Sousa contributed to this report from Brazil.

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Fingers crossed by bar and restaurateurs near Soldier Field Bears – and their joint patrons – stay in town

Owners of bars, restaurants and hotels near Soldier Field, who rely on patrons who flood the area when the Bears play at home, are hoping the city will strike a deal to prevent the team from relocating to Arlington Heights.

“For a lot of reasons, that would be sad,” said Grant DePorter, head of restaurant group Harry Caray, which has a location on Navy Pier that transports fans to and from Soldier Field by boat on game days.

“When the Bears play it brings a lot of business to Chicago, a lot of people travel for the weekend to watch their team play against the Bears and fill hotels and restaurants. It would be a big economic loss. I just hope they decide to stay, ”DePorter said.

“In New York and Los Angeles they have Hollywood actors, but in Chicago your celebrities are sports stars, and the Bears are some of the biggest stars out there,” he said.

“The Bears are great for us,” said Billy Lawless, owner of Gage, a restaurant on Michigan Avenue just steps from the grounds. “A move wouldn’t be good for hotels and restaurants in the area, but in reality it’s only eight days a year,” he said, referring to the number of home games in the regular season which the Bears play.

“I hope they can get through this, though. Emotionally it’s very important to have the Bears in the city, they are part of who we are, ”Lawless said.

Sam Toia, chef of the Illinois Restaurant Association, hopes a deal can be made.

“A move of the Bears out of town would definitely have an impact on restaurants and bars in the South Loop, West Loop and the Central Business District,” he said.

“I hope that the town hall and the Bears can come out of this,” he said. “We also have members (restaurants) in Arlington Heights, but Chicago is the economic lifeblood of the state.”

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Best Restaurants Rooftop Bars for Eating and Drinking Outside of DC

It’s 70-ish, sunny, and incredibly gorgeous weather in DC. And you know it won’t last long. Here’s where to make the most of the outdoors while sipping a delicious drink and / or enjoying something tasty this week.

Try one of these scenic spots by the water

Barca, a new Spanish-inspired bar in the old town. Photography courtesy of Barca Pier & Wine Bar

We recently mapped out all the waterfront bars and restaurants (that we know of) within a two and a half drive of DC, whether you’re looking for a quick getaway or a nice riverside cocktail accessible via the subway.

Fancy a happy hour with a view, a fancy dinner or a new hotspot? Try one of our 25 favorite spots by the water.

The weather is also shaping up to be mild this weekend, a perfect time to adjust to a nice brunch by the water’s edge before the temperatures cool down.

Fall for crabs

Photograph by Jay Fleming.
Photograph by Jay Fleming.

It wasn’t the best year for Chesapeake crabs, but early fall is the best time of year for a crab feast. The prices are often lower, the crabs are plumper and it is indeed pleasant to spend hours picking outside. Here are our favorite Chesapeake crab houses, as well as some classic DC area crab houses within the city limits if you don’t want to drive.

Take your best friend to a puppy-friendly patio

Dogs and humans both love to drink outside in Dacha. Photograph by Scott Suchman

These restaurants, bars and beer gardens go beyond welcoming pets. Forget about water bowls – we’re talking puppucinos, alcohol-free dog beers (yes, that’s a thing), and even built-in play areas where they can run off leash.

Discover one of these pretty patios and roofs

The new Quattro Osteria in Shaw. Photograph by Amanda Hoey

A number of new restaurants have recently opened with atmospheric outdoor space. Quattro Osteria (pictured above) recently made their Shaw debut with an impressive menu from a team of native Italians, including Tosca elders and brothers Giovanni and Salvio Ippolito. A spacious terrazza lounge is reminiscent of Italian country homes with an indoor / outdoor setup, as well as cafe-style sidewalk seating.

Looking for something more casual? DC Chaia’s popular “taco farm” store just opened in Bethesda with a taco window and small front patio (part of a much faster, more relaxed expansion trend that’s happening right now).

More in the mood for elevated eyesight? Try one of these eye-catching rooftop bars and restaurants.

And even when the temperatures start to drop, that doesn’t mean you have to go inside – here are a few of our favorite cozy fall patios that feel like city breaks.

Spend time at a new beer garden

The new location of the Pen Druid Brewery overlooks the Blue Ridge Mountains. Photograph by Brian Oh.

There are a bunch of new (and soon to be opening) beer destinations around DC, many with great outdoor space. Plus: It’s Oktoberfest season, and a bunch of beer gardens are having events, serving special beers and serving kids through September and early October.

Tiki TNT offers tropical rum drinks and snacks. Photograph by Rey Lopez.

Live the hot weather (while you can)

Although the first pumpkin and spice lattes are appearing, there are still some good options for making the most of the balmy season. Here are some of the best summer treat picks like frozen drinks – and even more frozen drinks – as well as ice cream, beer gardens, and more.

Food Editor

Anna Spiegel covers the restaurant and bar scene in her native DC. Prior to joining Washingtonian in 2010, she attended the French Culinary Institute and the Master of Fine Arts program at Columbia University in New York City, and held various cooking and writing positions in New York and St. John, in the US Virgin Islands.

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Bangor nightclub murderer sentenced to 32 years for murder

A Bangor man was sentenced to 32 years in prison on Wednesday for the stabbing death of Demetrius Snow, 25, on February 1, 2020, in the parking lot of Half Acre nightclub on Harlow Street.

In May, a jury found Rayshaun Moore, 36, guilty of murder.

Moore denied killing the Bangor man, whom he knew. He claimed that another man who was in the parking lot that night took a knife from Moore and stabbed Snow.

Superior Court Judge William Anderson said that in deciding what sentence to impose, he considered Snow and others assaulted Moore earlier that evening in the same parking lot.

“I think what happened before is a very important factor in this conviction,” the judge said in imposing Moore’s sentence at the Penobscot Judicial Center.

The prosecution recommended a 48-year sentence while the defense urged the judge to impose a 25-year sentence.

Snow was stabbed seven times but died of a heart injury, Maine deputy chief medical examiner Dr Lisa Funte said during Moore’s spring trial.

Snow was taken to Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center where he was pronounced dead after 1 a.m. on February 1, 2020.

Moore offered his condolences to the Snow family on Wednesday and apologized for his role in the victim’s death.

Snow was one of 12 children and had moved to Maine in 2015 or 2016 from Rochester, New York.

Her mother and three of her sisters urged the judge to hand down a long sentence. Two of the sisters told Moore that they forgave him. The other said his brother would have turned 27 on Tuesday.

The victim’s mother, Sherri Snow, had just lost a daughter in a car crash six weeks before her son was murdered, she told Anderson.

“The last time I spoke to Demetrius was on my birthday, January 30, and he was killed on February 1,” she told the judge. “I want you to know, Rayshaun, that you took a brother, an uncle, a son, a nephew from our family.

“Your honor, I ask the maximum,” she continued. “It won’t bring my son back, but it will end me and my family.”

Moore moved to Maine in 2017 for a relationship, said his lawyer, Hunter Tzovarras of Bangor. The defendant worked in restaurants in Grand Bangor.

The lawyer released a video of Moore’s 15-year-old son asking for leniency from the judge.

“I really need my dad in my life,” said judge George Anthony Moore of Brockton, Massachusetts. “She is a very, very good person. He needs rehabilitation as a punishment.

Nightclub security cameras filmed the fight between Moore and Snow and the aftermath of the stabbing, but did not show who wielded the knife. The stabbing took place on a snow bank out of reach of the camera. Snow was able to get up and stagger before collapsing.

The prosecution argued that Moore’s murder of Snow was an act of revenge because earlier that evening Snow assaulted Moore in the Half Acre parking lot.

The defense claimed that Kevin Brogdon Sr., 29, of Bangor took Moore’s knife from him and stabbed Snow. Brogdon spoke during the trial and denied this. He had never seen or touched the murder weapon, he said.

Before the trial began, Moore rejected an offer that he would plead guilty to murder in exchange for a 38-year sentence, lawyers said.

Anderson allowed jurors to consider manslaughter as an alternative conviction to murder, but they rejected that option.

Moore risked between 25 years and life imprisonment. Had the jury found him guilty of manslaughter, Moore would have faced up to 30 years in prison.

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Honey Sugar Café soul food spot to open soon

PEORIA – Willette Marie operates a commercial and residential cleaning service. She also managed or manages a youth mentoring program, a women’s emergency shelter and a food bank.

Marie’s latest project is also food related, albeit freshly prepared.

Honey Sugar Cafe is slated to open in mid-October in the Twin Towers Plaza food court in downtown Peoria.

The restaurant will offer soul food. Among other things, the Honey Sugar menu will include fried catfish, baked and fried chicken, pulled pork, cornbread, collard greens, and a variety of dessert pies.

Marie already had many other things to prepare. But according to her, one thing that Peoria lacked was a good soul-food establishment.

“I can go to almost any state and stop and buy good cornbread and good yams,” she said. “I’m not going to say that I haven’t had this here, but I haven’t really experienced what I want to offer my customers.”

Meal preparation will be a family affair

Marie will not be the only one to provide it. Her mother, Finnie Walters, and her aunt Deborah Gates have to help with the meal preparation.

Their involvement is appropriate, according to Marie, because they taught her how to cook.

More restaurants in the city center:Café by day, event space by night: Meet me on Madison opens in Peoria

“They’re both from the south, so I’m bringing them back pretty much from retirement,” said Marie, a born and raised Peorian. “They’re really excited. They tell me to hurry up (and open up), they don’t have all day.”

Honey Sugar Cafe is still in the works, but owner Willette Marie is almost ready to install the sign and open in the food court at Twin Towers Plaza in downtown Peoria.

Honey Sugar will be open from noon to 8 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. It might not leave Marie much time to focus on her other endeavors, but she seems used to the hustle and bustle.

The Marie Women’s Shelter, located in the Averyville neighborhood, has hosted four families at various times over the past 18 months or so. Marie said she was funding it. Residents can stay there for up to six months free of charge.

“They have to look for a job. They have a deadline for everything,” said Marie. “It keeps them motivated. It’s just a place where they can hang out, stay warm, look for a job and take the next step.”

The new Honey Sugar Cafe will be owner Willette Marie's first foray into the restaurant business.  She currently runs her own commercial and residential cleaning service and has run a youth mentoring program, a food bank and a women's shelter.

The shelter complements the Dream Girls Mentor program, the non-profit organization Marie operates. It started as an after-class tutoring workshop at the old Glen Oak Elementary School on East Bluff, Marie said. The food bank was born out of this.

Revitalize the city center:What is the vision for downtown Peoria? How more locals could spark a revival

Strong demand observed in downtown Peoria

Homeworking grew out of the coronavirus pandemic and has reduced the number of downtown office workers, at least temporarily. This did not deter Marie from opening her soul food business.

“I have five or six people a day, just with me coming here for a few hours, saying, ‘When do you open up? “” Marie said of her preparations for the Twin Towers. “They actually push me to open up.

“We just hope to be successful, meet new people and make sure everyone is happy and keeps coming back.”

Nick in the morning
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Latest coronavirus: British restaurants are recovering from the pandemic

Patients of a private health care provider in Brazil did not know they would be “guinea pigs” in a study of drugs including hydroxychloroquine with no proven efficacy against Covid-19, a parliamentary inquiry has learned.

The lawyer for a dozen whistleblowers, who worked for the medical group Prevent Senior, also told senators in Brasilia on Tuesday that doctors risk being sacked if they refuse to prescribe the combination of drugs to people with the disease. respiratory.

The charges came during hours of testimony at a congressional inquiry examining Brazil’s response to the coronavirus crisis, which has claimed nearly 600,000 lives in Latin America’s most populous country.

Lawmakers on the committee are now focusing on Prevent Senior, after receiving a dossier containing evidence of suspected wrongdoing in its experimental use of the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine with the antibiotic azithromycin in cases of Covid-19.

Jair Bolsonaro, President of Brazil, has promoted the use of such drugs as a form of “early treatment” for respiratory disease, despite the lack of clinical evidence.

Complaints against Prevent Senior include manipulation of data, lack of transparency and cover up of deaths of patients who participated in the study, according to the Senate website. He added that there were nine deaths during the study, but the authors only mentioned two.

Prevent Senior has vigorously denied all of the allegations. “These are unfounded accusations, based on truncated or edited messages leaked to the press and which will be dismantled throughout the investigations,” he said.

Bruna Morato, the lawyer representing the 12 doctors who worked at the company, said on Tuesday that the alleged practices showed a “lack of respect for people’s lives.”

She claimed that the roll-out of the so-called ‘Covid kit’ of drugs within the healthcare group was aimed at avoiding hospitalization of patients and thus reducing costs.

Sao Paulo prosecutors have created a task force to investigate the allegations.

The parliamentary inquiry is expected to deliver a final report in the coming weeks that could include recommendations for criminal charges against Bolsonaro for his conduct during the public health crisis. The right winger denigrated the use of masks, opposed blockades and denounced the importance of vaccines.

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BNPL vs. Credit Cards vs. Personal Loans: Which One Is Right For You?

Credit cards score points for universal acceptance over BNPL, as the latter are still limited to partner merchants, although service providers regularly add hundreds of partners.

Consumers, especially Millennials and Generation Z, are now looking for simplified microcredit solutions to better manage their recurring and occasional purchases that are easy to apply for and seamless to avail. All of these factors have led to the massive popularization of Buy Now Pay Later or BNPL services in India in recent years.

With over 30 focused startups, some e-commerce giants, and even leading banks and NBFCs joining the bandwagon now, BNPL services in India are making rapid strides in customer onboarding, trading partnerships and attracting investment.

According to Bankbazaar, BNPL services have been part of the global digital lending ecosystem for over 15 years. But the pandemic has been a stimulus for its massive popularity in the recent past coupled with the surge in e-commerce, the deepening of mobile internet penetration, and the increasing redundancy of cash transactions, particularly in countries like China, the US, Australia, and India.

What is BNPL?

A BNPL service allows customers to make eligible purchases that can be split into simple installments or paid back at a later date (within the repayment cycle) with zero to low interest fees. BNPL service providers offer short-term microcredit to customers for specific purchases, typically starting from Rs 2,000 and up to Rs 1 lakh in credit limits, with repayment cycles ranging from 14 days to 30 days (up to 90 days, in some cases) depending of the service provider’s terms and conditions.

However, late payments (and in some cases interest fees) could be charged for repayments beyond the due dates, while BNPL providers may report late payments to credit bureaus that could affect the creditworthiness of these users.

The BNPL service providers often use new-age mechanisms to assess the creditworthiness of customers and the entire process of customer onboarding and credit limit sanction is usually completed digitally within minutes with minimal documentation. Some players also offer pre-approved BNPL credit limits to select customers, according to the Bankbazaar study.

BNPLs can currently be enjoyed on a growing number of e-commerce, food ordering, ridesharing, travel booking, online grocery and service websites, and even on edu-tech portals among hundreds of other merchant platforms. Transactions can be carried out seamlessly during checkout in a safe and secure manner with a tap of a finger without the need to enter card details or OTPs.

Some BNPL service providers also offer their customers additional incentives in the form of additional discounts or cashback for the use of their facilities, timely repayments or for certain transactions. These consumer buying instant fund offering platforms generally make money through merchant commissions and late fees, not interest fees.

How does BNPL compare to personal loans and credit cards?


Credit cards score points for universal acceptance over BNPL, as the latter are still limited to partner merchants, although service providers regularly add hundreds of partners. Credit cards also offer perks and privileges that help users save more and achieve higher living standards through their transactions. Cards might offer higher spending limits, although they might be more difficult to come by in comparison due to the stricter drawing norms. BNPLs have no annual, processing, or renewal fees like cards sometimes do. The key differentiator, however, is the interest fees, which are typically not charged for BNPL services – users have to pay a non-cumulative late payment fee unlike credit cards, although some cards now also offer interest-free EMIs.


Personal loans are large volume, universal, unsecured funding facilities with credit limits much higher than BNPL services. In contrast to BNPL, however, there are higher fees. Another key differentiator is Revolving Loans – BNPLs offer this, while Personal Loans do not, as they are one-off loans. In addition, a customer’s age, income, credit history, occupation, etc. are checked by the lenders to determine the creditworthiness, although the application process and loan disbursement for pre-approved loans is fast. BNPLs, on the other hand, often use new age mechanisms to determine the creditworthiness of the borrower, which usually only takes a few minutes.


Credit cards could offer a wider range of benefits, a higher credit limit, and universal acceptance, but with cumulative interest charges for late payments. BNPL services are smaller but simpler credit facilities for consumer purchases at partner retailers that often result in EMIs that do not incur interest charges, but in most cases only incur a one-time fee. They can also be easier to register compared to credit cards that have not been pre-approved. These factors make them very well suited for users looking for short term micro credit facilities, especially those that are not credit card friendly.

Personal loans are intended for large funding needs, often during an emergency cash crunch, and are not recommended for smaller discretionary purchases due to the interest burden associated with them.

BNPLs, credit cards, and personal loans are all different types of credit, but they all require very disciplined use. Users must not become over-indebted and minimize their use to finance lifestyle and consumption. You need to read the fine print carefully, understand fees, and make sure your fees are always paid on time, says Bankbazaar.

Credit cards and personal loans charge interest on late payments. BNPLs impose a penalty. Reckless use and late payments with any of these facilities can jeopardize the user’s creditworthiness and reduce their chances of getting the best deals if they apply for other loans in the future.

As for BNPLs, they are pioneering in providing seamless microcredit solutions to millions of customers. As with any other loan product, however, knowledgeable usage and the highest level of financial discipline are key to maximizing the mortgage lending value.

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US blocks landing with Americans and Kabul green card holders, organizers say

WASHINGTON – The Department of Homeland Security on Tuesday denied the United States rights to land a charter plane carrying more than 100 Americans and US green card holders evacuated from Afghanistan, flight organizers said.

“They will not allow a charter on an international flight to a US port of entry,” said Bryan Stern, founder of the nonprofit Project Dynamo, of the customs agency and border protection of the department.

Stern spoke to Reuters on board a plane his group chartered from Kam Air, a private Afghan airline, which he said sat for 14 hours at Abu Dhabi airport after arriving from Kabul with 117 people, including 59 children.

His group is one of many that have emerged from ad hoc networks of US veterans, former and current US officials and others who formed to support the US evacuation operation last month, which ‘they saw it as chaotic and poorly organized.

DHS did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

An administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said they were unfamiliar with the matter, but the US government generally takes the time to check manifestos on charter planes before allowing them. to land in the United States.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has said its top priority is to repatriate Americans and green card holders unable to leave Afghanistan during the US evacuation operation last month.

A senior State Department official said on Monday that the United States was aware of around 100 U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents ready to leave Afghanistan.

Six Americans, 83 green card holders and six people with special U.S. immigration visas granted to Afghans who worked for the U.S. government during the 20-year war in Afghanistan were on board the Kam Air flight, Stern said.

He had planned to transfer the passengers to an Ethiopian Airlines chartered plane for a flight to the United States which he said had cleared landing at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Customs then changed customs clearance at Dulles International Airport outside Washington before denying the plane’s landing rights anywhere in the United States, he said.

“I have a big, beautiful, giant and gigantic Boeing 787 that I can see parked in front of us,” he said. “I have a crew. I have food.”

Stern said intermediaries in Kabul had obtained permission from the Taliban-led Afghan Civil Aviation Authority for the groups to send a charter flight to pick up passengers from Kabul airport.

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Castro The Cafe nightclub reopens this weekend after a nearly 19-month closure, Sunday tea and all

Most – but not all – of San Francisco’s nightlife has become open again in recent months, now that people can be indoors with no capacity limits as long as they’re vaccinated. But among the Castroist institutions that have remained dark, there are Coffee. Everything changes this weekend.

As advertised on the club website and his Facebook, Thursday, September 30 marks the kick-off of the Café reopening weekend. Things start with the weekly Picante Latin Night, featuring SF-based non-binary artist DJ Adrian and Frida Mont. And, as in all nightclubs in the city, proof of vaccination is required at the door, and a mask is required when entering, using the facilities and when ordering at the bar.

The cafe was only reopened after a mid-2019 renovation for a few months when the pandemic forced it to close again last March. With its large capacity, the Café was one of the many nightclubs in Castro that had to close days before other bars in the area, along with Badlands, Toad Hall, and Beaux.

Photo: Steven Bracco / Hoodline

The owners did not cite any reason for the delay in reopening, but vaguely announced in July that that would happen soon, as Hoodline reported.

As a nightclub, The Cafe dates back to 1976, when the space first opened as The Cafe San Marcos – which had a small restaurant on the first floor that would later be occupied by Bisou. The club’s current incarnation, which has undergone several renovations, dates back to a change of ownership in 1992, and it has long included two partially enclosed outdoor patios, as well as a pool table, two bars and a multi-party dance floor. levels.

The Café approx. 1992 or ’93. Photo: Max Kirkeberg / SFSU

The new weekly weekend party list includes a Friday night party featuring EDM, dark pop and hip hop; and a Saturday party with DJ Deft and special guests you can count on with lots of pop music. Most of the venue’s parties have a $ 5 or $ 10 cover charge, but these are currently unannounced.

On Sunday October 3, longtime SF promoter Gus Bean is hosting a Castro Street Fair dance tea after-party at the cafe called Sweet Tea, with DJ Kimberly S. Kicking off at 5 p.m. with $ 10 coverage.

Elsewhere in the Castro, when it comes to nightclubs, Beaux is back and fully open since mid-June, and Toad Hall has reopened as well. Badlands remained closed after the announcement of a final closure last year, but rumor has it that it could still reopen under a new name.

Q Bar on Castro Street remains dark after a fire in November 2019 which also damaged the retail space next door. He also promised to reopen.

At the bottom of the Café, the Bisou space and the former Subway restaurant remain vacant.

Photo of the cafe after its renovation in mid-2019, courtesy of The Cafe

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St. Pete’s famous Hideaway Cafe closes

After 13 years, one of the best small venues in St. Petersburg is arguably closing.

The owner of the Hideaway Cafe, John Kelly, took to Facebook Monday evening, affirming that the lease of the place had not been renewed by the owner and that his “days were numbered”, there were only a few months left.

“If you are a fan and have supported the original music and all the really amazing artists in this room and on this stage, if you enjoyed coming and saying hello to our wonderful waiters, sound technicians, door and kitchen crew or If you have a special memory that binds you to the Hideaway Cafe, now is the time to come and enjoy it all while you still can, ”Kelly wrote.

The popular lounge-style listening room, located at 1756 Central Ave, also served as a recording studio and small 80-person room, serving beer and food.

Like many Tampa Bay locations, over the past year, Hideaway has battled COVID-19 slowdowns, although Kelly has kept the doors open for most of it. For now, he says there is no exact closing date, although he has some ideas for what happens next.

“I will continue to update you as things unfold, so there is only one narrative. I have no idea what the owner’s intentions are, but I certainly want to leave on good terms so that we can keep our entity in touch and figure out what our next move will be.

This is a post in development.

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Peloton loans are a stable source of income for investors

Peloton has had a dramatic year, but its financing options are valued by the banking industry for their stability.

Peloton contracts with the lender Affirm to offer interest-free loans for its connected bikes and other fitness equipment, which are then often packaged and sold to financial institutions in search of a safe bet.

  • Peloton, Affirm’s largest customer, generated around 20% of the lender’s earnings of $ 870.5 million for the business year ending June 30th
  • Unsecured loans to Peloton customers made up the bulk of the $ 845 million Affirm has made money packing interest-free loans since 2020. The interest on these loan packages starts at just over 1%.
  • In August, the home fitness giant cut the price of its signature bike from $ 1,895 to $ 1,495. The treadmill is priced at $ 2,495. After a costly recall, it resumed treadmill sales on August 30th.

The company recently launched its own line of clothing and is probably working on a rowing machine.

While Peloton’s revenue related to product sales declined in the second quarter, subscriptions to its training service steadily increased.

The company more than doubled its affiliate fitness subscribers to 2.3 million for the fiscal year ended June 30, bringing in $ 541.7 million from that segment.

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Unions are gaining strength in restaurants. They’ve been here before.

The food and beverage industry has one of the lowest unionization rates in the United States – 3.4% of workers last year, compared to the overall rate of almost 10.8%. But workers at some high-profile stores are hoping to narrow that gap and have tried to organize at Anchor Brewing in San Francisco; Voodoo Donut in Portland, Oregon; and, most recently, a group of Starbucks workers in Buffalo, New York.

While this may seem like a new movement, organized labor in the industry dates back to 1891, when the first restaurant union – now called Unite Here – was formed.

“It was a different world, especially when we entered the turn of the 20th century,” said David Whitford, historian at Unite Here.

A union promotional video shot at the Waldorf Astoria in New York in the 1950s.

When American industry was strong, so were manufacturing unions. And it had a ripple effect.

“If you owned a bar or restaurant in a small town in the Midwest where there was some sort of union factory and you wanted union workers to come and patronize your establishment, then you had to be a union restaurant as well,” said Whitford.

Communities organized “sip-ins” at non-union restaurants, with activists lingering over a single cup of coffee as an act of protest. Unionized bars and restaurants hung signs on their windows as badges of honor. Customers viewed these signs as signals that the quality would be higher.

“So it felt like if you had a union cook you would have better food. If you had a union server, you were going to get better service, ”said Dorothy Sue Cobble, author of“ Dishing It Out: Waitresses and Their Unions in the Twentieth Century ”.

Catering unions were so common that membership was transferable. Workers took their benefits with them from job to job. The unions have not only benefited workers either. Employers turned to unions for hiring, human resource issues and even scheduling when someone was sick.

In the 1950s, almost a third of workers in the private sector belonged to a union. But, remember how many more restaurant workers unionized as manufacturing expanded? The opposite was also true.

When manufacturing declined, unionization in restaurants also declined. Labor laws written in the 1930s were primarily created to protect factory workers, Cobble said. And on the other hand, “there were also provisions in these laws that made it more difficult to organize non-factory workers, especially in small industries where there are small employers and high turnover.”

During this time, the restaurant industry was changing drastically. Chains with the money and power to fight the organization have become neighborhood staples, and cheap fast food has proliferated. Union membership rates in restaurants have plummeted. Salaries have fallen and benefits have mostly disappeared.

In recent years, however, the momentum to organize has grown. Union membership rates increased slightly over the past year. Public support for unions has been at the highest level in nearly two decades, with two-thirds of Americans approving them, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Cobble believes the pandemic could push the trend even further. “There has been tremendous stress on frontline and service workers, so there is a real desire for change,” she said.

Midwestern chain Colectivo Coffee recently became the largest coffeehouse company in the United States to unionize, with approximately 450 eligible employees.

“I think the momentum has really grown with COVID, like people saying, ‘This has been a problem for a while, but it only brought it to light,'” said Zoe Muellner, the one of the organizers.

It was not easy and took years as workers had to coordinate at 20 sites and deal with staff turnover. The union won by seven votes. Since Colectivo workers organized, Muellner said, other cafe workers across the country have called for advice on how to do the same.

“You keep hearing things like, ‘Well that’s just the service industry. If you don’t want things to be like this, find another job. And so I think that’s something people are seeing now, “Oh, there are a lot less people willing to work in the service industry. They get different jobs, ”she said.

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IMPD Arrests Owners of West Side ‘Problem’ Bar – WISH-TV | Indianapolis News | Indiana weather

by: Josh Doering and Kyle Bloyd

Posted: / Update:

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Police arrested the owners of El Chila sports bar on Monday, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said on Tuesday.

Marvin and Gabby Betancourt each face six counts related to their operation of the bar, including corrupt business influence and non-payment of food and drink tax.

Court documents obtained by News 8 allege the couple filed false sales tax returns and failed to keep proper business records.

The IMPD says there have been 29 official incident reports at the bar – located in the 6300 block of West 34th Street near the intersection of West 34th Street and North High School Road – since December 2018. The reports included aggravated assault, drug investigations and shooting involving an officer.

The shooting took place in November 2020. Luis Suarez, the man shot by police, was charged with pointing a gun, criminal recklessness and carrying a handgun without a license.

The Betancourt are due to appear Thursday for a first hearing.

The video below contains graphic violence and language.

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Eatery Business

Mastercard is participating in the “Buy Now, Pay Later” race. However, experts say these loans come with risks.

Mastercard on Tuesday called It will begin offering installment loans known as “buy now, pay later” amid strong consumer demand during the pandemic. However, such offers can harbor risks, such as hidden fees and a lack of consumer protection, that borrowers may not immediately notice, experts warn.

Mastercard said its buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) program allows consumers to take out interest-free loans that are split into four equal installments, with the funds withdrawn from either debit, credit or prepaid cards will. The financial services giant said the program will allow banks, lenders, financial technology companies and other firms to offer the loans that can be provided during an online purchase.

BNPL products saw high double-digit growth during the COVID-19 crisis, outperforming competing types of unsecured credit like credit card debt as more Americans flocked to e-commerce during the pandemic McKinsey. Demand for the loans is expected to continue to outpace other types of consumer loans, with the consultancy forecasting average annual growth in products of up to 20% through 2023.

Many consumers have embraced BNPL as a way to purchase a product in multiple installments with no interest, while the credits are also approved during the purchase process. More than 4 in 10 Americans have used a BNPL product. according to to credit karma.

“Many consumers are drawn to the instant gratification, easy access, and predictable rates,” noted Ted Rossman, senior industry analyst at “The line between credit card and Buy Now Pay Later is becoming more and more blurred. Mastercard’s new offering works, for example, with digital wallets and on retailers’ websites.”

Sellers like BNPL loans because they can encourage consumers to open their wallets. Mastercard said such loans for merchants can increase average sales by 45% and reduce “cart abandonment” by 35%.

Other financial giants like American Express, Citigroup, and JPMorgan Chase also offer BNPL loans. And so-called fintech companies like Affirm and Afterpay, used by thousands of retailers including Walmart and Target, are credited with pioneering the product.

Fraud protection

Mastercard said its BNPL product will stand out from competing offerings by offering some credit card protection, such as:

Such risks are one of the reasons financial advocates warn consumers need to understand the loans before signing on the dotted line. Returning an item purchased with a BNPL loan can be complicated and frustrating, an issue that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) highlighted in a July blog post.

For example, some consumers who have returned products to merchants have reported difficulties with paying off the credits. according to to consumer reports.

Credit risks, fees

When BNPL loans work smoothly, such as when consumers have no problems with the products they buy and make their payments on time, they can be convenient, experts say.

But it’s not uncommon for consumers to get into trouble. Of the 4 in 10 Americans who have taken out a BNPL loan, nearly 40% missed at least one payment – and many of them reported a decline in their creditworthiness. according to to credit karma.

Typically, BNPL companies perform a “soft” credit check on prospective borrowers that has no credit impact. However, missing a payment can cause some BNPL lenders to report the late payment to credit bureaus, which can affect a consumer’s creditworthiness, the personal finance website found.

Some BNPL products also incur fees and interest that may not be apparent without reading the fine print. Most BNPL lenders charge late fees, the CFPB warned. Because of this, consumers should take the time to understand the lender’s terms and conditions before agreeing to a loan, the agency said.

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Woman sexually assaulted after Ormskirk nightclub visit

Police are appealing to find a potential witness after a woman was sexually assaulted.

A sexual assault reportedly took place overnight until Sunday August 1 after the victim, a 22-year-old woman, visited the Alpine Club Lodge in Ormskirk.

However, it is not yet clear where the alleged attack took place.

READ MORE: Gasoline for sale in Facebook group gets furious backlash

After combing through hours of CCTV, the police have now issued a CCTV call.

They want to speak to the man portrayed as a potential witness.

Police have launched a CCTV call to locate a man they wish to speak to as a potential witness

DC Dave Rigby of Ormskirk CID said: “We have combed through hours of CCTV and are able to share a picture of a man we want to speak to as a potential witness.

“We want to know exactly what happened, and that person could have key information.

“If this is you or if you think you know who this person is, please contact us as soon as possible. Likewise, if you think you know something about what happened, please let us know.

Anyone with information can email [email protected] or call 101 quoting incident reference 388 of August 1.

Alternatively, information can be reported through an independent Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555111 or online at

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Queen’s Vegan Cafe keeps it healthy without sacrificing good flavor

ROANOKE, Virginia – In our two years of doing Tasty Tuesday, we’ve never visited a place that focuses solely on vegan food. We try it out with the woman who knows how to do it best in the Roanoke Valley.

Shaqueena Snyder, aka Chef Queen, is the owner of Queen’s Vegan Cafe. She says going vegan a few years ago boiled down to two things.

“Make sure I’m a better human being for my little one. Hearing about the things they put in our food kind of put me off.

As she changed her lifestyle, she found that it had many other layers. A professional chef, she launched Queen’s Vegan Cafe and made sure she never sacrificed flavor. She also teaches people: “Holistic remedies that you can make at home and still be tasty. “

A d

She adds, “That’s all my thing. We don’t want to be vegan and miserable. Basically what I do is season my food like it’s not vegan. Knowing that I personally appreciate this and share it with Roanoke, I was like… they’re going to appreciate it, you know?

It really is quite the creative process. On her menu, she offers nuggets, fillets and Chick and waffles. The Chick is often a substitute for fungus. Put it in a wet and dry paste, cook it in oil and voila!

You can dip it in four of his homemade sauces or put it on a sandwich, just like you would with his King’s Ransom Burger. She says for a “Patty or something, I could make a black bean patty.”

The colors of each dish are obvious to you as well, which makes it all the more appetizing. Snyder says one of the cool things about his experience is that 80% of his customers are not vegans.

Beginners will usually say something like, “I didn’t know it wasn’t meat. They are literally flabbergasted. “

A d

Make sure to follow ‘The Queen’ on Facebook or Instagram to see where she appears next. Snyder goes to festivals around the Roanoke Valley and in the past has done a lot of education on how to go vegan without giving up good taste.

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Middletown to Introduce Restaurant Chain Ordinance | Municipal

Middletown will move forward with the formal introduction and public hearing process for an order that would ban new restaurant chains in the city.

City commissioners agreed at a Monday night meeting to move the ordinance proposed by Burgess John Miller to the introduction.

The proposal would ban restaurants that share a name, logo, standardized menu, interior design or exterior architecture with restaurants located in other locations.

It would exempt restaurants in less than 10 locations in the mid-Atlantic region that are locally owned and operated but not franchised, or restaurants without drive-thru that are part of a food court or in the same building as other restaurants.

Formula restaurants at gas stations would also be limited to 26,136 square feet in total site area.

Existing businesses such as the city’s Dunkin ‘Donuts and Subway restaurants would be allowed to stay under the proposal.

Commissioner Jean LaPadula has said she is ready to move forward with the order, while Commissioner Jennifer Falcinelli said the public hearings will give them a chance to see what people think of the idea.

City administrator Drew Bowen said the ordinance would be subject to review by the city planning commission, which will hold its own public hearing, as well as a hearing by the townsman and commissioners.

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Maui man with 77 previous arrests back behind bars for reckless driving, DUI

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – A Maui man with a long rap sheet has been arrested again following a chain of events over the weekend.

Marcus Ruggiero, 56, of Wailuku, Maui, is now behind bars, this time charged with negligent injuries, impaired driving, reckless endangerment and more.

According to Maui Police, early Saturday morning he was seen driving recklessly on the Lahaina Bypass. Officers were unable to stop her and called off a pursuit in the interest of public safety.

Just before 6 p.m., he was again seen driving in Wailuku town. There, an officer on leave saw Ruggiero colliding with a pedestrian jogging along the Honoapiilani highway. The officer stopped to assist the man from Waikapu, 27, as Ruggiero walked away without rescuing.

Maui Police said the jogger suffered non-life threatening injuries and was taken to hospital for treatment.

The chain of events continued as Ruggiero made his way to Paia via Hana Highway, and was later found in the Makena area.

In the parking lot at La Pérouse Bay, police said he struck another parked vehicle. It was then that the police were able to surround him and take him into custody. At the time, police said Ruggiero allegedly showed signs of impairment.

He was charged with 12 additional offenses as a result of the series of events. Police examined his file and found that he had made 77 arrests and 58 convictions. Of these, 15 concerned felonies, 24 misdemeanors and 19 minor misdemeanors.

During his most recent arrest, MPD said he was on bail for attempted murder, driving without a license, reckless driving and resisting stop orders.

His bond has been revoked and is now set at $ 264,000. He is still being held at the Wailuku Police Station.

“Mr. Ruggiero’s arrest was a collaborative effort of all the Patrol Districts, Lahaina, Wailuku and Kihei. The fact that no one has been killed by Mr. Ruggiero yet is nothing short of a miracle, ”said Lieutenant Hankins, MPD traffic commander.

Copyright 2021 Hawaii News Now. All rights reserved.

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Vaccine passports would be needed for nightclubs and sports under Covid Plan B

Passports for vaccines will be required for those who frequent nightclubs, concert halls, festivals and sports grounds in England as part of the government’s Emergency Plan B for fall and winter.

The proposal will only be introduced if the country faces a difficult winter with an increase in Covid cases during the colder months, the government said.

He said on Monday he was convinced Plan A would prevent the NHS from facing unsustainable pressure, but released his plan B saying if it was necessary it should act quickly and adopt measures like vaccine certification short term.

As of Monday, 40 more people had died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19, bringing the UK total to 136,208, and there had been an additional 37,960 laboratory-confirmed cases.

The Plan B proposals build on the findings of a vaccine passport review earlier this year, which concluded that certification could help keep events and businesses open.

They explained how all visitors aged 18 and over to certain events could be required to be fully immunized.

The events listed are all nightclubs and other venues open after 1 a.m. with alcohol, music and dancing, and indoor events with 500 or more attendees where they are likely to be. stand and mingle to a significant degree, or move around during the event, such as as concert halls or large receptions.

The plan also includes crowded outdoor environments with 4,000 or more attendees where they are likely to stand or move around during the event, such as festivals, and all settings with 10,000 or more people, such as major sporting and musical stadiums.

(PA Graphics) (PA Graphics)

Staff aged 18 or over in facilities may also be required to be tested regularly if they are not fully immunized or exempt.

The government is seeking advice from businesses, event planners and venue operators on its proposals by October 12.

Health Minister Maggie Throup said: “Our fall and winter plan puts us on a safe footing and gives the whole country the best possible chance of living with Covid-19 in the months to come. come, without the need for unwanted social and economic restrictions.

“The vaccination program has tipped the scales in our favor in our common fight against this virus and while we are fully convinced that the prudent measures we are taking will help eliminate the need for mandatory vaccination certificates, we must be prepared to all scenarios.

“We know that these kinds of contingency plans will only work if businesses and the public have a say and I urge anyone who may have to use certification: give us your perspective, give us your ideas. “

The government said it continues to encourage voluntary use of certification and the NHS Covid Pass.

Over 200 events and venues have used the certification on a voluntary basis over the summer, including Premier League matches, festivals such as the Reading and Leeds and All Points East festivals, some nightclubs and the BBCs Proms.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid said earlier this month that pressures on A&E and increased hospital admissions could trigger Plan B.

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Luxurious Dog Cafe opens this fall in LaCenterra


September 27, 2021

By Natalie Cook Clark

Katy gets a luxury cafe and pet shop in LaCenterra. The local entertainment destination is already home to several pet-friendly restaurants and events.

Coming this fall

PUCCI Café, a public café and pet shop, will open this fall in LaCenterra. Plans have been in the works for some time. Owners Maria and Bobby Davidson launched their Online Store Last year.


After several trips to Europe, the Davidsons were inspired by the way pet cafes were operated overseas and they wanted to create that experience here in Katy.

“Dog cafes in Europe are quite simply part of their way of life. It seemed like an obvious need for animal lovers in our community, ”says owner Bobby Davidson. “We wanted a luxurious, upscale open late space where you can spend time with your dog. Sometimes our dogs end up being forgotten after a long day at work, and we want to change that.

Photo credit: gin design group.

Pet accessories, spa products

PUCCI Café and Pet Boutique sells designer dog accessories imported from all over the world and the United States. Items include an exclusive collection of dog spa products that are modified to be safer without harsh chemicals. Other products include collars, pet jewelry, exclusive dog carriers, premium clothing and more.

The cafe will feature high quality coffees, teas, specialty beers, wine, pastries, charcuterie boards and other shareable options.

Drinks and entertainment

The PUCCI Café has an end space with 2,000 square feet of patio with a fenced area. Guests can expect live music and entertainment, all with a safe space for the puppies to play with a view of Lake LaCenterra.

The Davidsons are dedicated to raising awareness and wanting help with local rescues. The PUCCI Café will host events such as wine tastings, espresso tastings and other partnership campaigns for dog rescue organizations in Katy and the greater Houston area.

Maria Davidson is the president of the company and brings a smart, sustainable and elegant strategy to the products transported and the menu served. Her husband, Bobby, provides day-to-day leadership of the company’s senior management and is involved in the organization’s marketing, business development and sales activities.

PUCCI Café & Pet Boutique is located at 23501 Cinco Ranch Boulevard and will be open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Learn more on their website. or Facebook page.

PUCCI Café will also be involved in the LaCenterra Pup Fest this Saturday.


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Vote for the best burger in Raleigh NC restaurants

Vote for your favorite burger among these tasty 16 in the first round of our Burger Bracket.

Vote for your favorite burger among these tasty 16 in the first round of our Burger Bracket.

There isn’t just one way to have a blissful burger, but you know it when you find it.

The sports bar, the walk-in roadside stand, the gourmet restaurant, it’s often the gooey cheeseburger that unites them.

The News & Observer searches for the best burger in Raleigh. We’ve narrowed down the city’s burger sphere to 16 of Raleigh’s most popular local burgers. Some are icons, some are beginners, some are shattering burgers, some are towering restaurant-style burgers served with a cloth napkin. All of them have made a contribution to the collective joy of Raleigh burgers.

There are plenty of great burgers out of Raleigh, and these burgers will have their time. This rack is only for local burgers in Raleigh, excluding some very popular and very tasty chain burgers from elsewhere. (For example, Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar was not selected because it is a chain from Charlotte. Likewise, Cookout is not there because they started in Greensboro.)

The first round of the Raleigh Burger Bracket will go live on Monday, September 27 and will be open until Friday, October 1 at 11 a.m. You have four days to vote for your favorite burgers. Choose eight favorites from the grid below.

Check back for the second round starting Friday October 1 at noon.

Raleigh Savory 16

â–ª Beasley Chicken + Honey

â–ª Capital Club 16

â–ª Char-Grill

â–ª Cloo’s Coney Island

â–ª Cow burger

â–ª Good Folk

â–ª High-end burger

â–ª Mandolin

â–ª Mama Crow’s Burger & Salad Shop

â–ª MoJoe’s Burger

â–ª Neuse River Brewery

â–ª Retirement of players

â–ª Square Burger

â–ª The train station

â–ª Sam Jones’ barbecue

â–ª Town hall

This story was originally published September 27, 2021 at 12:59 pm.

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Drew Jackson writes about dining and dining for The News & Observer and The Herald-Sun, covering the Triangle and North Carolina food scene.

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Portage Hotel Meth Night Report, Police Says Land Three People Behind Bars | Crime and courts

PORTAGE – A report of a possible methamphetamine party at a local hotel involving children sparked a police response that landed three Lake County residents behind bars on various drug charges.

Portage Police said they were called to the Days Inn on US 20 at 1 p.m. Thursday and knocked on the door to the room in question claiming to be housekeeping.

Nicole Nevlida, 20, of Lake Station, tried to leave saying, “I just have to go back to my room,” according to the incident report.

Join Officer Jimmy Weller as he patrols the Lake Michigan area border as part of the Lake County Sheriff’s Marine Unit. Connor Burge video.

Police said they found a knife on Nevlida and noticed Jillian Wiley, 24, of Gary, cramming something under a mattress.

Nevlida was also found in possession of a pipe containing methamphetamine residue, police said.

“It’s not my pipe,” she reportedly told police. “I held him for ‘her’ (as she pointed to Jillian).”

Police said they found a large plastic container containing a crystalline substance surrounded by plastic bags and a digital scale with crystal on it. They also found other accessories, various pills, and a large amount of money.

A field test carried out on the crystalline substance gave negative results for methamphetamine, police said.

UPDATE: US Steel mill releases fouling Lake Michigan tributary, Portage mayor says

Wiley faces felony charges of selling a counterfeit / similar drug, possession of a hypodermic syringe, maintenance of a common nuisance, possession of a legendary drug and possession of a narcotic, and charges of possession of a controlled substance, possession of a counterfeit / similar drug and possession of paraphernalia, police said.

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Man pays for breakfast in coins, this is how the cafe took “cruel” revenge

    Darren claimed that the man received the sandwich in such bad condition because he had paid for the food in only 10 pence coins.  (Credits: Twitter)

Darren claimed that the man received the sandwich in such bad condition because he had paid for the food in only 10 pence coins. (Credits: Twitter)

Upon receipt of payment in pieces, the annoyed cafe staff had cut the ordered sandwich into mini pieces.

  • Trendy office
  • Last update:September 27, 2021, 11:36 IST

In an age where digital payment is widely accepted, people can have a huge amount of coins in their homes. Although they are generally used to fix the “change problem”, when needed we must all have used them to pay a little larger amount as well. However, things didn’t turn out so easy for a man, who paid for his breakfast in just 10-cent coins. One of the Twitter users, Darren Turley, shared the story of a young friend of his who received a sandwich, which was cut into small pieces. Posting the image of the sandwich, Darren claimed that the man received the sandwich in such a bad condition because he had paid for the food in just 10 pence coins. Cutting the sandwich into mini pieces was the result of the cafe’s main revenge plan.

In his Twitter post, Darren wrote: “A guy who works at Jag paid his screen with every 10p this morning. This is how his ass was when he opened it.

The image of the precisely cut sandwich and the hilarious story behind it has gone viral on social media platforms. Internet users share it widely as some find it funny while others feel bad for the man who ordered it. So far, it has been liked by over 17,000 Twitter users and has been retweeted by thousands.

One of the users wrote, “I hate being that person, but isn’t it sad if someone has to pay for their dinner in 10ps?” Feel bad for him. Calling it “Karma,” another said, “Do not anger the staff who serve you food unless you are happy that your food is swallowed.”

Some even pointed out that in general one pays for food after it has been donated, so that they would know that the individual is going to pay with 10 pence.

Have you ever paid for a meal in coins?

Read all the latest news, breaking news and coronavirus news here

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Naughty details spotted in nightclub photos go viral

Some hilarious details spotted in a series of images taken in the UK nightclub turned a somewhat innocent evening into a viral sensation on social media.

Caught at a Leicester nightclub called Twitter user Mosh @ Lskiv_67 shared two photos that left the internet in stitches.

“Need a night out in Mosh ASAP,” @ Lskiv_67 wrote, alongside an image of two men looking at a camera and a man and woman huddled together. Pretty innocent – until you look at the suggestive details.

READ MORE: Meghan and Harry accused of acting like “heads of state”

A man appears to have moved closer to a woman pictured leaning against him, based on the foundation marks on his nose, lips and cheeks.

A Twitter user joked that the man looked like he had “a bag of Wotsits”, a British brand of cheesy corn puffs that often leave orange residue on their hands and mouth.

One person wrote that the man looked like he had “spaghetti bolognese around the chops”.

Another user, apparently dating Mosh, wrote: “I love that I have never been sober enough in Mosh to remember what it looks like on the inside.”

READ MORE: View co-host reveals what happened after she was taken off the air in the middle of the show

Another photo of two men smiling enthusiastically at the camera also made Twitter laugh, albeit for a different reason.

While posing for the photo, a blond man appears to have had an unfortunate accident with his drink, and his mate has been an unwitting victim – with his arm around his friend, the blond man points his open-lid drink towards the down, knocking her down through her friend.

Stimulating a trip down memory lane for the people of Leicester, many recalled their own evenings before the coronavirus pandemic.

READ MORE: Why the famous Italian hermit was expelled after three decades on the island

“An unparalleled experience. I went there every weekend for a year and it took a decade of my life,” one user joked.

“I spent almost every Tuesday night of my three years of college in this sweaty, high-level blunder,” wrote another.

Others, meanwhile, don’t have fond memories of Mosh.

“Nobody needs a night out at Mosh,” wrote one user, with another saying: “As a person from Leicester, I can guarantee you certainly don’t need a night out at Mosh . “

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12 books we’re reading now that we can’t let go of

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5 restaurants to try for Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic cuisine is known for its variety of dishes and flavors. From pan dulce to pupusas, there really is something for everyone. However, when you live in the Bay Area with a wide range of local businesses, the question is no longer where to find food, but where to find food first. To help answer that question, I have a list of recommendations from the Berkeley community of local Hispanic restaurants to try before Hispanic Heritage Month ends.

Casa Latina

Casa Latina is a small and beautiful restaurant nestled between the shops on San Pablo Avenue. Known for its pupusas, pan dulce and pozole, Casa Latina is a beautiful restaurant that has something delicious for everyone. Not only is the food tasty, but the long hours (7 a.m. to 10 p.m.) make Casa Latina perfect for early risers in the morning or late night snacking.

The mission

With mole, carne asada and carnitas, La Mission is known for its delicious Mexican cuisine that will keep you coming back for more. The good thing about La Mission is that it’s on University Avenue and it’s not too long a walk from campus. Even though it was miles away the food is so good you might just want to make the trip.


Known for its delicious Salvadoran cuisine, Platano serves high quality pupusas, sopas and tamales that will delight everyone. However, the menu doesn’t stop at staples. If you fancy breakfast rather than dinner, Platano also has some delicious breakfast options for you. So if you fancy a breakfast or dinner, I recommend this delicious place on University Avenue.

Gordo Taqueria

Located on College Avenue, Gordo Taqueria serves comfortable Mexican staples at good prices and better quality. With great burritos and flavorful carne asada plates and guacamole to treasure, Gordo’s never disappoints and is perfect for a night out with friends.

Cafe Buenos Aires

Moving from Mexico to Argentina, Café Buenos Aires brings Argentinian flavors to Berkeley with empanadas, café con leche, and alfajores (an Argentinian pastry). Along with the great food, the prices are also very affordable and give you the most bang for your buck. The next time you want to sample Argentinian cuisine, try Café Buenos Aires.

Hope this list has inspired you to try new places in time for Hispanic Heritage Month. Bienvenidos to Hispanic Heritage Month!

Contact Isabella Carreno at [email protected].

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Bouncer details bar brawl that ended with the use of Dillon Danis

Conor McGregor’s jiu jitsu coach Dillon Danis isn’t fighting enough to be in MMA news for good reasons. The BJJ black belt is 2-0 at Bellator and hasn’t entered the cage since June 2019. A lengthy boxing match with Jake Paul never materialized as Danis’ knee is an absolute mess. So all we get from the once hot prospect is the twitter chats and the occasional story where he gets punked in nightclubs.

The most recent incident of this nature came last week when Danis was arrested at a New Jersey bar, with footage showing a bouncer grabbing the IBJJF World Champion in a bare back choke. Details were scarce… or at least they were until UFC fighter and longtime Danis nemesis Al Iaquinta unearthed the bouncer who typed Danis and interviewed him for his podcast, ” Call Me Al “.

According to the bouncer, who is simply called Chance, the bar had caught a few children trying to enter with fake IDs. the altercation that led to his suffocation.

“I’m like, ‘Sorry, brother, you’re not coming in. I need some ID.’,” Chance said (via MMA Junkie). “And then he said, ‘Oh, you don’t know who I am? And I was like, ‘Sorry, man, I don’t know who you are. I need some ID. ‘ So he googles himself and shows me the google page, and I’m like, “That’s not an ID, brother. I need a driver’s license, a passport, whatever. thing to find out how old you are. After that he started to get a little restless or whatever it was that I didn’t know who he was and everything.

As Danis got angry with another doorman, Chance circled behind the wrestling expert.

“That’s when Dillon tried to punch,” he said. “It wasn’t a good punch. He tried to punch him, he missed it, and that’s when I grabbed him by the neck, pulled him down. Usually every time I do this, I legitimately choke you for a second or two until you realize the situation you find yourself in. ? Are you doing well ?’ And he’s giving me a little nudge, so I just gave him a little hug until the cops got everyone under control and could give me a hand.

Needless to say, Chance the Bouncer is now a popular man among anti-Danis fans. Danaher Death Squad member and three-time ADCC World Champion Gordon Ryan sent tickets to Chance ADCC, and he also accepted a free year of training at Tom DeBlass Academy.

As for Danis, he faces a disorderly conduct charge that could result in up to six months in prison.

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Rowdy celebrations and brawls erupt in Norway as COVID restrictions end

HELSINKI – Norwegian police on Sunday reported dozens of unrest and violent clashes, including mass brawls in major cities across the Nordic country after streets, bars, restaurants and nightclubs were filled with people celebrating the end of COVID-19 restrictions that have lasted for over a year.

The Norwegian government abruptly announced on Friday that most of the remaining coronavirus restrictions would be removed from Saturday and life in the nation of 5.3 million people would return to normal.

The unexpected announcement by outgoing Prime Minister Erna Solberg to drop coronavirus restrictions the next day took many Norwegians by surprise and led to chaotic scenes in the capital, Oslo, and elsewhere in the country.

“It has been 561 days since we introduced the toughest measures in Norway in peacetime,” Solberg said at a press conference on Friday. “Now the time has come to get back to normal everyday life. “

Loud celebrations by hundreds of citizens across Norway began on Saturday afternoon and lasted until the early hours of Sunday. Police said unrest had been reported in several places, including the southern city of Bergen and the central city of Trondheim, but the situation was worst in Oslo.

Long lines were seen outside Oslo’s nightclubs, bars and restaurants on Saturday night and police recorded at least 50 brawls and unrest overnight. Neither vaccination status certificates nor negative test results are required to enter such sites in Norway.

“This is exactly what I predicted,” club manager Johan Hoeeg Haanes in Oslo told Norwegian newspaper VG. “It was a potentially life-threatening situation in the city because they (the government) didn’t give us at least a few days’ notice. It was a dangerous situation, as police said all places were crowded. “

Among other incidents, Norwegian media reported that police received an alert about a man carrying a machete on a bus in Oslo and people passed out while waiting to enter pubs in Trondheim.

“There was a significantly heavier workload (Saturday) than during the summer. It was already very crowded in the afternoon and it continued into the night, ”Oslo police spokesman Rune Hekkelstrand told Norwegian public broadcaster NRK.

Solberg responded to criticism of the sudden decision to reopen the company, saying Norwegian health experts backed the measure.

“We will not have strict measures (coronavirus) unless they are professionally justified. People should be allowed to live as they wish, ”Solberg told VG on Saturday evening.

Norway is the second country in the Nordic region to lift COVID-19 restrictions after Denmark on September 10.

More than 76% of the Norwegian population has received a dose of the vaccine, and nearly 70% have received both injections, according to official figures.

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At the table: At Ballston Spa’s Ribbon Cafe, tasty dishes have special meaning

When Chef Kevin Myers lost his wife Jennifer to breast cancer, he hatched a plan to help other women battling the disease. Exactly one year after his death, in September 2018, he opened Ribbon Café, a down-to-earth restaurant with a big heart.

Reminders of her mission are everywhere: from the restaurant’s logo to her photo on a table near the door, to a colorful quilt that was raffled off to raise funds for a woman in Rock City Falls struggling with a disease at an advanced stage. Myers donates money and organizes events to support the Mollie Wilmot Radiation Oncology Center at Saratoga Hospital, where Jennifer was a patient. From 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, another such event – featuring live music, vendors, and raffles – will take place at the café.

“I brought as much of his spirit here as possible,” Myers explained in a local television interview.

When I heard about the place for breakfast and lunch, I texted my girlfriend Jeanne. Not only are we breast cancer survivors, our friendship began at a support group meeting.

We were made to feel comfortable from the moment we arrived. R&B music was playing in the background and Sonya, our server, was warm and welcoming. Lunchtime had just started and take out customers were coming and going.

“It’s so intimate and pleasant,” Jeanne said.

Although there is a paper menu, it is best to check the weekly specials on the large blackboard first. Myers, a native of Nova Scotia and former executive chef at Gaffney’s in Saratoga Springs, likes to keep things interesting by switching up the usual ingredients in his omelets, paninis, burgers, wraps, quesadillas and salads.

I couldn’t wait to try a bowl of his Southwestern Shrimp and Corn Soup, which won four awards at Saratoga Chowderfest, including, in 2019, the coveted People’s Choice.

When the soup arrived, I was delighted to see a crispy wonton popper on top. Filled with creamy crab, the popper literally melted in your mouth. The soup, which had a touch of heat, was as dense as pudding and rich and satisfying, with tender pieces of shrimp, potatoes, and corn and bacon crumbs. Ribbon gets $ 6 for a small bowl, or if you want to take it home, $ 12 a pint, $ 22 a pint.

My panini – gouda, apple and caramelized onion – was a special chalkboard served in a red plastic basket covered with paper. I liked that everything inside was cut into small pieces or thinly sliced ​​to blend the flavors. Cooked in apple cider, the onions were soft and sweet, and there was also a touch of mustard and some sort of fruit jam inside. There could have been a little more gouda, to make it more “tender”, but it was perfectly toasted. My side, a small paper cup of coleslaw, was pretty unremarkable. Next time, I’ll order homemade chips.

Jeanne opted for the Southwestern Chicken Panini but asked for it without the cherry peppers. His sandwich, a mix of grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, cilantro pesto, chipotle aioli and tomato, was also well grilled.

She praised her side of the macaroni salad, which was made from small pasta shells instead of the usual elbows.

“It’s really good,” she said. “Homemade of course. I taste mustard but something sweet.

As for drinks, they serve water, iced tea, Snapple and other drinks, all in bottles. Jeanne, a coffee girl, gave java a boost. “It’s a good coffee for dinner,” she said.

The Ribbon Café makes their own desserts – pies, cookies, cupcakes and more – and recently, according to Facebook, apple cider bread pudding and donuts, but we forgot to ask what was available. On Sundays, they make cinnamon buns.

We have found that many of the repeat clients are breast cancer survivors, including women in treatment. I hope to have lunch here again with Jeanne, because she is and always will be my “friend”.

Ribbon coffee

O: 11 rue Prospect, Ballston Spa; 518-288-3040;, Facebook, Instagram
WHEN: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. every day
HOW MUCH: $ 31.98 without taxes
and to drink
MORE INFO: Take-out meals, outdoor terrace, wheelchair access ramp at the entrance

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Impossible Foods Plant-Based Pork Coming to Restaurants This Fall

Impossible foods went further in its product line by adding new meat to the range: vegetable pork.

The famous plant-based meat company has just launched its nuggets in popular restaurants, once again surprising us all with its ingenuity and the speed of expansion of its product line.

Over the next a few weeks, places like New York, Hong Kong and Singapore will start serving Impossible Pork. We don’t know exactly when it will be available for in-store purchase, but you might find it at your favorite restaurant.

Impossible Foods said its plant-based pork is not only healthier than real pork, but also more sustainable. It uses up 85% less water and as much as 82% less land when creating the product. They also said it creates up 77% less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional pork.

Impossible foods also said that their pork contains less fat, fewer calories and more iron than the real one, making their plant-based pork a healthier and more sustainable option.

Vegetable pork seems to be the new meat alternative on the market! Other vegan meat distributors have also started offering their own versions of pork, making it easier for people to choose a better, milder option.

Make your own vegetable pork at home:

Learn how to cook plant-based meals at home!

Reducing your meat intake and eating more plant-based foods is known to help chronic inflammation, heart health, mental well-being, fitness goals, nutritional needs, allergies, intestinal health, and Following! Consumption of dairy products has also been linked to many health problems, including acne, Hormonal imbalance, Cancer, Prostate cancer and has a lot Side effects.

For those of you who want to eat more plant-based, we strongly recommend that you download the Food Monster Application – with over 15,000 delicious recipes, this is the largest resource of plant-based recipes to help you reduce your environmental footprint, save animals and get healthy! And while you’re at it, we encourage you to educate yourself on the environmental and health benefits of a herbal diet.

Here are some great resources to get you started:

For more animal, earth, life, vegan food, health, and recipe content posted daily, subscribe to A green planet newsletter! Finally, being publicly funded gives us a greater chance of continuing to provide you with high quality content. Please consider support us by making a donation!

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Shooting outside a bar in northeast Portland, 3 injured victims

September 26, 2021 3:08 AM

Three people are recovering from gunshot wounds after a shooting outside a Lloyd District bar.

On Sunday, September 26, 2021 at 2:03 a.m., officers from the North Riding were dispatched to report a shooting outside a bar in the 1400 block of Northeast Broadway. Officers arrived and learned that three people had been shot, two adult women and one adult man. All three were taken to hospital by ambulance and are being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The suspect (s) left before the police were called and no arrests were made.

The enhanced community security team is on its way to investigate. If anyone has any information on this incident, please email [email protected] attention ECST and reference case number 21-268543.

The PIO does not respond to the scene. Further information will be published as appropriate.

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Hereford’s Lost Nightclubs

HEREFORD has seen plenty of nightclubs parade over the years, but which one would you bring back?

This is exactly what we asked the people of Hereford, and here is what they had to say.

Manhattans, in St Peters Street, has been mentioned several times.

Andy Catley, who started Manhattans with Mark Spalding in 1993 as Manhattans Suite and Video Bar, closed in October 2011 to make it a craft market.

Hereford Times: Andy Catley, owner of Manhattans Andy Catley, owner of Manhattans

Now the School Uniform Shop is where clubbers once danced.

For those who grew up in the county in the 1990s, they were lucky enough to have one of the UK’s biggest club nights on their doorstep, Crystal Rooms.

Hereford Times: Crystal Rooms nightclub, Bridge Street, Hereford Crystal Rooms nightclub, Bridge Street, Hereford

The club seemed to be the favorite with most of the comments referring to its concerts and their various nights.

People remembered their evenings at the popular club on Bridge Street.

Hereford Times: Crystal Rooms, Bridge Street Crystal Rooms, Bridge Street

Emily Leroy said: “Rooms. Always rooms. It will never be anything like this.”

Ed Sulman fondly remembered the best DJs the club drew.

Ed Sulman said: “The naughty but nice Crystal Rooms used to have the best DJs, just draw Tony by Vit John W Fleming and many others, I remember the lines that did it all around the corner of the church, it’s always the phone for a late pass. ”

Hereford Times: Crystal Rooms, Bridge Street Crystal Rooms, Bridge Street

Leon Bullock said: “100% must be naughty but nice venues have really started to attract top DJs.”

Today the building houses the NFTO bicycle store.

Others remembered The Jailhouse, known as an “alternative place” and nicknamed “Jaily” on Gaol Street.

Hereford Times: Lee Symonds and Anthony Murphy have made the decision to close Jailhouse nightclub after seven years on the Gaol Street site Lee Symonds and Anthony Murphy have made the decision to close Jailhouse nightclub after seven years on the Gaol Street site

It had its last night in December 2014 when its leaders made the decision to leave.

Landlord Steve Harrison previously said the building’s levels of negotiation and the failure to renegotiate leases meant it was no longer sustainable.

Ed Lindsay said: “The Jaily – the best residents in the county and the best concerts every week.”

Fusion Nightclub, also previously owned by Harrison and home to Dusk Nightclub, closed less than a month later.

Other people mentioned were Marilyns, Love Joys, Booth, Redhill Hostel, and Cherrys.

Over time, Hereford clubs have come and gone, but the memories of drinking alcopops and dancing on sticky floors will always remain.

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Café Moulin is coming to South Coast Plaza in November – Orange County Register

Moulin celebrated the seventh anniversary of the opening of its Newport Beach cafe with a party, the reveal of its new restaurant nearby, and the announcement that another will be coming to South Coast Plaza on November 15.

At the party on Saturday evening September 25, Laurent Vrignaud, founder of the Parisian-style coffeehouse chain with five locations in Orange County, told guests of his intention to take back the space that was once the café. Pascal on the garden terrace next to the Garden Bridge at the Costa Mesa shopping center.

“Moulin fans will be delighted to find their favorite Parisian café on their next visit to South Coast Plaza, but it is also an opportunity for us to introduce Moulin to the 25 million annual visitors to South Coast Plaza who do not know us. not yet, ”Vrignaud said in a statement prepared for the media.

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During the celebration, Vrignaud revealed the look of Moulin Bouillon in Newport Beach, inspired by brasserie-style restaurants popular in Paris in the late 1800s. This restaurant, adjacent to its original cafe, will open in two weeks and will serve dinner.

Laurent Vrignaud, founder of Moulin, the Parisian-style coffeehouse chain with 5 locations in Orange County, has announced plans for a new restaurant on Garden Terrace next to the Bridge of Gardens in South Coast Plaza. (Artist rendering courtesy of Moulin)

The Costa Mesa Café will have 80 outdoor seating on the 1,000 square foot terrace which will be filled with French tables and chairs assembled by Vrignaud on his visits to France over the years. The menu will include pies, baguettes, breads, croissants and other pastries, all baked fresh each morning.

An assortment of made-to-order salads, sandwiches and pancakes will also be available. The drinks menu will include coffee and espressos, freshly squeezed orange juice, soft drinks and French juices, as well as champagne, beer and an assortment of wines.

“Laurent Vrignaud’s French concept, Moulin, will be a wonderful addition to South Coast Plaza’s collection of international restaurants,” said Debra Gunn Downing, Executive Director of Marketing for South Coast Plaza. “Our buyers will have the impression of being in a Parisian café.”

Find it: 3333 Bristol St., Suite 2505, Costa Mesa,

Open: From November 15, the café will be open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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Fire Department – NBC 7 San Diego

Firefighters fought a blaze in a commercial fire near a downtown Oceanside restaurant that spread to another restaurant on Saturday.

Smoke could be seen behind Benito’s Pizza Café in the 600 block of Mission Avenue, where several firefighters quickly responded. At the scene, the flames spread to the neighboring company, Angry Chickz, and caused “significant fire damage” to the two restaurants, according to the Oceanside Fire Department.

However, the crews were able to rescue a nearby Dairy Queen.

Yovani Arrija, who was in the area for his nephew’s football game, said he was in disbelief when he saw the blaze.

“I saw a fire and everything. I’ve seen employees run away, pretty crazy, ”Arrija told NBC 7.

He added that he immediately saw flames erupt from the building and hit the windows.

“(I saw) big flames right away,” Aririja described. “Through the door, they literally walked out.”

Alyssa Whitlock, who lives a few blocks from the scene, said she learned about the fire when she received a message from a friend asking if she was okay.

“I live on the street, I got stuck here and saw the fire department,” Whitlock recalls.

She added that the site of a few local businesses in distress was overwhelming.

“I actually walked in and started crying. It’s emotional, “she said.” You want to make sure everyone is okay. It hurts the city, it hurts everyone.

The response to the fire prompted authorities to close Mission Avenue from Nevada Street to North Coast Highway.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. No injuries were reported in connection with the fire.

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Tallulah CBD + Juice Bar is expanding with a fourth location in Thomasville, Georgia.

After opening just two years ago, Tallulah CBD + Juice Bar is expanding its footprint across the state border to Thomasville, Georgia.

The Tallahassee-based store, Florida’s largest CBD and Delta-8 retailer, has three locations in the capital: 1410 Market St. C-4, 1000 Railroad Ave. and 3437 Bannerman Road # 102.

Owner Ashley Guy describes Tallulah as an upscale CBD store compared to typical stores that sell CBD. She said the Bannerman Road location attracts a constant stream of shoppers from Thomasville, about 35 miles from Tallahassee.

“I think a lot of Thomasville customers would like Tallulah in Thomasville as well,” Guy said. “All over the country, even in Thomasville, you only see tobacco shops selling CBD… I thought why not bring Tallulah to Thomasville. I think it will be fine.”

The Thomasville store will be located in a new building at 14838 US. Highway 19, near the Thomasville Toyota dealership. She hopes to open the fourth location in December.

Guy said the store’s rapid expansion exceeded his expectations, noting that the store’s ability to transport Delta 8 catapulted Tallulah’s success as the premier retailer to deliver hemp-cannabis products that deliver a euphoric feel.

“As soon as I found Delta 8 I loved it personally and started wearing it,” Guy said. “We have a huge selection of Delta 8s unlike anything I have ever seen.”

Contact TaMaryn Waters at [email protected] or follow @TaMarynWaters on Twitter.

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Michigan’s Best Local Food: Great Pancakes! Kalamazoo’s Paradise Cafe serves sweet and savory delicacies

KALAMAZOO, MI – When the pandemic struck in March 2020, Hussain and Fadheela Alsheikhahmed never considered closing the doors of Paradise Cafe in Portage for good.

But unable to maintain the self-contained location at 6794 S. Westnedge Ave., after just two years in business and with an uncertain future ahead, the couple packed their creperie and headed out on the road.

They landed last October in a place where there was no shortage of foot traffic – at the front of a grocery store.

Now located in their own space at the front of Midtown Fresh Market at 1693 S. Westnedge Ave. in Kalamazoo, Hussain Alsheikhahmed said business had been good.

“We have brought loyal customers with us and are getting new ones every day. Many have become regulars, ”he said.

It didn’t hurt, he said, that the space the couple moved into was previously a cafe, so many shoppers and neighbors already used to stop for a coffee, latte or cappuccino.

It doesn’t hurt either, he said, being the only crêperie in Kalamazoo.

“People were used to coming here for coffee,” he said. “On top of that, we added pancakes and desserts.”

Alsheikhahmed, 33, has his coffee at Uncommon Coffee Roasters in Saugatuck and serves cold and nitro draft brews and brews his favorite, the caramel silk latte with love and a heart drawn in foam.

In addition to all the finds from traditional coffee shops, it preserves Michigan with specialties such as maple syrup latte (made with cinnamon, syrup and cardamom) and seasonal dishes like dream latte. pumpkin, which consists of chocolate, pumpkin spice and cinnamon.

There is also a selection of freshly made smoothies and shakes.

But what he and his wife – who is on maternity leave and expecting the couple’s first child – are doing like no one else is pancakes. Savory favorites like feta cheese and spinach and sweets like Strawberry Banana Nutella and Oreo options keep guests coming back, he said.

There’s no skimping on the size of the pancakes that are made to order and there isn’t a lot of sugar or calories in the pancakes themselves, he said, comparing them to a thin pancake.

“Of course, once you add the candy,” laughed Alsheikhahmed, who moved to Kalamazoo from Saudi Arabia in 2005 to study at Western Michigan University.

Alsheikhahmed graduated with a bachelor’s and master’s degree from the School of Electrical Engineering, then started a tutoring business with his wife before opening Paradise Cafe. He couldn’t be happier doing what he does now, building relationships with his guests and keeping them happy and full.

The biggest challenge, he said, has been keeping a full menu, as staffing has been an issue after the pandemic. He is currently hiring part-time baristas and crepe makers, he said.

For more information, visit, follow Paradise Cafe on Facebook, call 269-459-9672 or email [email protected]

The creperie, which can be entered through a separate entrance outside or inside Midtown Fresh Market, is open 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Expect a wait of up to 30-40 minutes on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Also on MLive:

The Outré brewery will open a tap room on the north side of Kalamazoo this fall

Caribbean-themed JungleBird restaurant to land in downtown Kalamazoo

Michigan’s Best Local Dishes: Cook with Heart at Lolita’s Tacos in Kalamazoo

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Louisiana oysters are slowly returning to restaurants, markets; month of industry recovery | Environment

For the first time since the state’s oyster harvesting areas were closed for safety after Hurricane Ida, fresh Louisiana oysters are back on local menus.

But a return to pre-Ida supply levels is likely in months, according to Mitch Jurisich, an Empire-area oyster grower and restaurateur, who is also chair of the Louisiana Oyster Task Force.

“It will be months before the oyster farmers and fishermen in western Plaquemines and other places further west return to normal,” Jurisich said. “We’re a few weeks away from having a good supply.”

Vincent Mitchell grills oysters at Acme Oyster House in Metairie, Louisiana on Friday, September 24, 2021. (Photo by Max Becherer,, The Times-Picayune | The New Orleans Advocate)

As of Friday, only seven of the 28 oyster-farming areas along the Louisiana coast had been reopened for harvest by the Louisiana Department of Health, including five on the east bank of the Mississippi River in Orleans, in the parishes of St. Bernard and de Plaquemines, and two on the west bank near Empire at Plaquemines.

The limited number of health department inspectors available to sample the oyster beds and the oysters themselves, if necessary, is slowing this process. The Louisiana agency has up to 10 employees who perform inspectors at any given time, which is actually far more than any other state that practices oyster harvesting, said Justin Gremillion, who oversees the testing program. oysters.

The agency follows guidelines set by the National Shellfish Sanitation Program to determine whether oysters are free from contaminants like sewage or pollutants. These guidelines could also help speed up demining of remaining areas where there are no clear sources of pollutants, he said.

“If the waters return to normal temperatures for this time of year, to normal salinity levels, you can count that after 21 days of life an oyster can purge itself. Theoretically, after 21 days some areas will be able to reopen without sampling and everything will be fine, ”said Gremillion. This would not include areas where there have been reports of pollutants, he stressed.

But health approvals are only the first step for oyster farmers in what should be a very slow recovery process. Oyster farmers living in parishes most affected by Ida are suffering damage to their homes, businesses and boats. All of them add to the time it takes to get oysters into restaurants.

The raw bar menu at Sidecar Patio & Oyster Bar is as detailed as a wine list and reads like a love letter to the world of oysters, to routine …

“The oysters were very, very difficult to obtain,” said Tommy Cvitanovich, owner of Drago’s seafood restaurant at Six Locations. “On Monday, the Louisiana oysters came back into the pipeline and we were able to serve fresh oysters on Tuesday. Obviously, they were a bit more expensive. But that’s the end of the good news.

Paul Rotner, general manager of the Acme Oyster House chain, agreed.

“The biggest challenge after every storm is always availability,” he said. Its chain uses 8 million fresh oysters and fried an additional 3.5 million per year. After power was restored to New Orleans and other Acme sites after Ida, the chain turned to Virginia oysters for a time to fill the void.

On Friday, Acme was again serving Louisiana oysters in three of the regions that were reopened by the Department of Health.

“In a week, you can spend 150 bags of oysters in a restaurant, but with the storm, business has slowed down, especially in the French Quarter,” Rotner said, as well as in Metairie, Baton Rouge and even in his Texas. restaurant.

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“The state immediately closes all beds in the event of sewers and whatnot, for basic precautionary reasons. We expect this after every storm, ”he said. But with Nicholas following Ida so closely, this process was further delayed.

Once an oyster farmer returns to the water, there is still a lot of work to do before harvest begins. In a number of places overrun by the powerful central Ida storm, with winds close to 150mph, the two “floats” – floating swamp grasses – and the mud in which it was rooted eventually covered the walls. growing oysters.

Producers will need to determine which areas are hard hit and attempt to remove the worst of the mud and grass to ensure their oysters don’t suffocate before they are harvested in the weeks and months to come.

All of the same issues affecting commercial oyster farmers have also slowed the efforts of the state’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to clear the 1.7 million acres of public oyster beds. These oyster beds, once opened, will be the subject of captures of bags of oysters grown by commercial fishermen and, just as importantly, of spat or “spat” oysters, which producers capture and move into their own parks. oysters to create new cultures.

“The problem is, Hurricane Ida was so powerful that it was not only a natural disaster, but also a disaster for all of our employees, for our public buildings,” said Carolina Bourque, program manager. of oysters for the wildlife agency. “We have employees who are still trying to fight with their insurance companies, or who are still out of town, waiting for the power to be restored. “

The good news for public beds, she said, is that there appears to be a mix of areas where no damage was caused by the storm, with some areas experiencing the same coating of mud and grass. than on private leases.

“We haven’t sampled all the reefs yet, especially in the parishes of Terrebonne and Lafourche,” said Bourque. “But I expect we will still have a decent oyster season if the dealers in the area are able to recoup their electricity and begin operations.”

The state has also already started collecting information to seek a federal declaration of emergency on fishing, which could provide federal funds over the next two years to add tumbling – rocks and shells that oysters can. use as anchors – both on state public oyster beds and private leases.

One of the hardest-hit oyster farmer subsets is a member of the new ‘alternative oyster farming’ industry, about six producers who have established above-bottom caged oyster farms in the sea. Barataria Bay, just north of Grand Isle, said Earl Melancon, a Louisiana Sea Grant biologist and oyster expert.

“Whether big or small, most of them have lost all of their cages and oysters,” he said. “You would expect a lot of desperation, rightly after the hurricane hit, if they were to get back into the industry. But I am amazed at their resilience. They will all try to come back and that’s a good sign.

Oyster-bottom oyster culture efforts are in part aimed at finding alternatives for traditional bottom-growing areas that might be made too cool by the water from the Mississippi River used to provide sediment by the diversion of the Mid-Barataria sediments. proposed by the State.

But new producers have significant hurdles to overcome, Melancon said, as no current insurer in the state was willing to provide them with policies. Sea Grant is in the process of developing a grant proposal to identify better ways to anchor grow cages in the face of weather challenges, Melancon said. “But honestly, in the face of a Category 4 storm, it’s hard to say you could have a hardening that would handle something like this.”

For the oyster industry as a whole, a key question in its takeover of Ida is whether large oyster farms that contract with smaller producers to move their oysters to market will see those producers return. .

“Many workers and operators at the factory are homeless,” he said. “It will be a difficult climb for them to even have a sense of normalcy.”

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Concord Restaurant, Bar Patrons Divided Over Vaccine Mandate – CBS San Francisco

CONCORD (KPIX) – Friday night in downtown Concord and the vaccination mandate is in effect for indoor restaurants, bars and gyms. Many restaurants feared the warrant, fearing that businesses would dive if customers were to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

It was not a typical weekend evening at the Lima restaurant. The indoor dining room has not been so empty since the start of the pandemic.

“It’s Friday, 7:30 pm to 7:30 pm Usually we’re packed but people go out less,” said John Marquez, chef and owner of Lima, who said his business has gone on long enough and will not live up to the sanitary order.

Marquez made a choice when he heard about the mandate and that is to continue accepting every customer who walks through the door. He says all of his staff have been vaccinated and are following protocols, but checking immunization status is a step he is unwilling to take.

“It’s more of a business choice for us because we have to stay alive,” Marquez explained.

Opposite The Hop Grenade, COO Kevin Callahan has yet to see the tenure impact his business. Her clients have to show two cards: one to see if they are of legal drinking age and another to prove their immunization status.

“We treat it that way. Every time someone sits we ask for ID and proof of vaccination. It’s just one more layer, trying to keep it as simple as possible, but it’s still difficult, ”Callahan said.

The guests this Friday evening were divided on the fact of having their vaccination status checked.

“I don’t agree with that because it’s like they’re saying they don’t trust us if we’re vaccinated,” said a man named Austin who opposes the warrant. Adeline Yoong disagrees. “I just feel a lot safer, I totally agree with that and welcome it,” she said.

Contra Costa County says its goal is to educate business owners and not punish anyone, but it will investigate every complaint.

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Liquor license suspended for New Haven nightclub after massive brawl and shootout – NBC Connecticut

The Consumer Protection Department issued a liquor license suspension for a New Haven nightclub after a major brawl and shooting Thursday.

Officials said Terminal 110, located on Sargent Drive, received the summary suspension after a police dismissal over events that occurred in the wee hours of September 23.

DCP officials said Terminal 110 was the scene of a major brawl and shootout in which at least one person was shot and three shots were fired. Officials say the incident resembles another shooting incident that occurred earlier this month when 27 assorted used bullet casings, one live bullet and two bullet fragments were found around the club’s parking lot.

Police chief Renee Dominguez said officers working at the nightclub heard several gunshots upon release on September 5. They were unable to locate any suspects due to the large crowd. However, they noticed that three cars in the club parking lot had been hit. by bullets, according to Dominguez.

In the incident on September 23, an officer working at the club was alerted by a bouncer that a big brawl was taking place inside. After everyone was evacuated, three gunshots were heard coming from the parking lot, police said.

A person involved in the shooting who fled the scene in a vehicle was ultimately taken into custody after a brief foot chase. The man appeared to be suffering from a gunshot wound in the groin and was taken to hospital with injuries where he was listed in stable condition, police said.

Another man suspected of being involved in the shooting has not been located by police. Officials said the manager of Terminal 110 had agreed to provide surveillance footage of the shooting.

“I am grateful that the New Haven Police Department brought this matter to my attention and I believe this immediate suspension is justified and necessary to remedy this very serious situation,” said DCP Commissioner Michelle H. Seagull , in a press release. “The occurrence of two shootings at this site in a few weeks is a huge threat to public safety and highlights the need for better control of the site by our licensees. People should feel safe entering any facility that holds one of our licenses. “

The nightclub will not be allowed to serve alcohol until further notice.

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Worcester’s Breen’s Cafe steak and cheese are all the rage after a flurry of Facebook posts

WORCESTER – There’s a legend about Breen’s Cafe that goes something like this: In 1938, when Cambridge Street was flooded, a man in a canoe paddled out the front door, poured himself a draft beer, then rowed from the back.

If such a flood were to occur today, the paddler might be more likely to grab a steak and cheese, especially if he has spent time browsing the posts on the 23,000-member Worcester Eats Facebook group, the stories, discussions and reviews on local restaurants administered by the Telegram and the Gazette.

The only problem is that today there may be no more steak and cheese.

All it took was a slightly negative Facebook comment from a woman at the restaurant, surprised that a place with a sign saying “cafe” was in fact a neighborhood bar, so that hundreds of worshipers could Breen become as fiery as Carla Tortelli could if someone got out of hand at Cheers.

Peggy Hanigosky posted on the Worcester Eats page on September 12 after going to Breen, apparently based on recommendations from other people on Facebook.

Hanigosky criticized the chalkboard menu and found the bartender “rude”, although it seemed the complete opposite of unfriendly with a few people even shouting “Norm!” when a local guy by that name walked in on Thursday night.

Hanigosky’s post sparked a flood of comments – over 400 at last count – mostly in favor of Breen with a few taking her to task for her consideration.

“I’m sure the bartender found you lovely too,” wrote one.

Dennis Burke prepares a now famous steak and cheese at Breen's Cafe on Cambridge Street in Worcester.

But she got some support from another poster who wrote, “Well I love Breen’s, but in her defense I see what she means … people on this site do like if it was a date, lol. “

The thing is, Breen is is a date night favorite for Jen and Chris Lavin who often drive up from Leicester and spend less than half of what they could in fancy restaurants.

“Look at that, it’s huge,” Jen said, showing off her steak and cheese. “This half is for my lunch tomorrow. It’s so good. I’m on a cheap date!”

The giant sandwich only cost them $ 10 and would likely be the envy of other teachers at his school over Friday lunch.

One of the many articles on Breen's on the Worcester Eats Facebook page.

Matthew Hanlon’s mother, Noreen Hanlon, runs Breen’s and does a lot of the cooking – she makes homemade soups at 7 a.m. because it’s fall now.

Matthew Hanlon said the impact of the Facebook post was rather surprising. His family, who have owned the restaurant for years, know that all publicity is good publicity, but they never expected to run out of big buns for sandwiches.

“For about a week, we were just slammed,” he said.

There were the new faces who wanted to try the food and the old faces of those who offered their support in the face of the negative message, although a few days later Hanigosky was singing the praises of the steak and the cheese and denying that he had used profanity to describe the bartender during his visit.

“I said he was rude. I also said that Massachusetts is ranked as the most rude state,” she wrote. “I said the cheesesteak was good and yes I will be back to try the burger. I have (heart emoji) the pickles! Look how many people came to Breen’s defense !!!”

Matthew Hanlon said Breen’s is a neighborhood establishment; nothing fancy or pretentious. Televisions, tuned to football, hockey, basketball or baseball – sometimes even the Woo Sox that could be playing right down the street – line the walls.

The exterior of Breen's Cafe on Cambridge Street in Worcester.

There is Keno and signs supporting public safety workers. Customers have to pay in cash, Breen’s is old-fashioned and doesn’t accept plastic, Noreen Hanlon’s brother Jim O’Brien explained.

“We’re not trying to be something we’re not,” said Matthew Hanlon, adding that while he’s happy with the boom in steak and cheese sales, he wants people to know that ‘he also makes a beloved Cuban sandwich, and there are $ 5 Sandwiches filled with fresh ham or Noreen’s egg salad.

“I just want to let it be known that we have more sandwiches,” he said with a laugh.

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Skateboarding Icon Tony Hawk Goes Into Restaurant Game – NBC 7 San Diego

Skateboarding icon Tony Hawk has yet another trick up his sleeve: he’s getting into the restaurant business, teaming up with former chef de Jeune et Jolie at an Encinitas restaurant and bar. Eater San Diego shares this story, along with other top news of the week from our local food and drink scene..

Chick N ‘Hawk arrives at Coastal Encinitas
By Spring 2022, Chick N ‘Hawk is a collaboration between skate legend Tony Hawk and chef Andrew Bachelier, formerly of the famous Young and Jolie of Carlsbad. The ‘fine casual’ restaurant and cocktail bar will focus on seafood, chicken and seasonal produce with dishes like fried chicken sandwiches, fish ceviche and more. This takes us back to when Hawk brewed craft beer with Black Plague Brewing in 2019. The northern San Diego County resident certainly likes to keep it local: he’s also an investor in places like Animae, Herb & Sea, Market Del Mar and Steel Mill Cafe in Oceanside.

The Michelin guide awards Bib Gourmand status to five local restaurants
Ahead of the upcoming announcement of the Michelin Star in the International Restaurant Guide, the company awarded Bib Gourmand awards to San Diego’s Callie, Cesarina, Ciccia Osteria, Dija Mara and Morning Glory restaurants, deeming them to be “of good quality and ‘A good price-performance ratio”.

15 essential sushi restaurants in San Diego
The city is full of remarkable sushi restaurants serving top quality local seafood as well as fresh fish from Japan. Eater’s latest guide lists 15 of the best sushi restaurants in a Diego, ranging from omakase-only sushi bars to Michelin-rated restaurants and establishments with more creative versions of the kitchen.

Hermosa Beach Tower12 extends to Pacific Beach
Land near Crystal Pier in PB’s former Fat Fish Space is an unnamed restaurant and bar from the owner of Tower12, a popular pier-side hangout in Hermosa Beach, California. Inspired by an expansive beach bungalow, the restaurant will feature multiple dining areas and a wraparound patio, and serve Tower12’s premium food menu.

New to San Diego’s Little Italy neighbor, Wolfie’s Carousel Bar, a restaurant with a unique centerpiece: a slowly spinning carousel bar.

Where to sip thoughtful mocktails in San Diego
Local bars and restaurants get savvy with mocktails, using zero-proof spirits, homemade herbal teas, and aromatic bitters to create drinks for the sober as well as for those cutting back on alcohol. Eater’s map highlights 17 places in San Diego where bartenders mix things up.

After years of back and forth, it looks like the plan to bring legendary Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘N Waffles restaurant to San Diego is back.

Candice Woo is the founding editor-in-chief of Eater San Diego, a leading source for information on the San Diego restaurant and bar scene. Keep up to date with the latest content from Eater San Diego via Facebook or Twitter, and sign up for the Eater San Diego newsletter here.

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Lesbians claim straight women dominate gay bars in viral video

While the issue of heterosexuals choosing to go to gay clubs for a night out is not new, a recent viral video on TikTok has reignited the debate.

Sophia Mastroieni, known on the app as Sophiamastt, shared a clip of herself sitting in bed on September 2.

In the stills, she explains that “Last night I asked 5 different girls if they were gay in a GAY CLUB and each of them was straight IN A GAY CLUB I’m giving up.”

Captioning their video, the TikToker wrote: “They took our style and now they take our clubs… anyway, I came home alone lol #fyp #lgbt #wlw #lesbian.”

Following that, another TikTok creator called Eliza, or Elizahhh on the app, pasted her own video onto the Mastroieni footage, which can be viewed here, saying, “No, but literally.”

She then explained that there had been a rapid decline in lesbian bars in the United States.

This fact is affirmed by the Lesbian Bar Project, a group aiming to preserve these spaces, which states on its site: “By the end of the 1980s, there were around 200 lesbian bars across the country.

“Now it is believed that there are only 21. These bars are disappearing at a staggering rate and we cannot afford to lose these vital establishments to the fallout from Covid-19.”

Eliza then ended the video by saying, “Straight guys have it everywhere else, literally everywhere. And we want a safe space for us and then you take over?”

“If you all want to be allies and stay with us until we really tell you what we want and what hurts us, then you are performative and not really allies.”

The clip of the two women together has been viewed a million times since it was shared on September 3, the day after Mastroieni made the original video.

As of this writing, the images have also garnered 281,300 likes and nearly 6,500 comments, with some people agreeing with the pair.

TikTok user Alexis Scudder wrote: “I think it all comes down to respecting and understanding that these are queer spaces and realizing that this place is inherently not for you.”

Another person, Tomi, added: “‘Straight bars are terrifying for women’, then why make GAY bars terrifying for GAY.”

SwampPunk typed: “I had a fight with a coworker once because she” went so as not to get hit on “BUT BABIES YOU SHOULD NOT BE THERE.”

Azi explained, “LITERALLY how we value the alliance, but you don’t let us find people we can hang out with in spaces to socialize.”

Fairylovingfairy revealed, “Those comments. You are all allies until we ask you to leave our safe space for us. Then all of a sudden you all go crazy for us to ‘do all of us’. Performative.”

However, others did not think it was unfair for a straight woman to frequent gay bars, notably TorixGalba who wrote: “Literally say there are only 21 bars and say less people should be there. go.”

Girl Boss agreed, typing, “Yeah, no, let’s not preserve spaces where women are safe.”

Riley Roisin said: “Okay but people don’t go to bars to get hit on all the time lol …”

An image of a Gay Pride event. A recent video from TikTok has reignited the debate over whether straight guys should go to gay bars.
Getty Images

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Formal charges laid in fatal shootout outside Whiskey River nightclub


The Miller County District Attorney’s Office has formally charged a man and woman in a July shooting at Whiskey River nightclub in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Tandraniqua Burris, 28, and Jacious Johnson, 19, face murder and aggravated assault charges in a July 10 shooting that left one dead and one woman injured.

Burris allegedly drove a small silver car with Johnson in the passenger seat around midnight as he traveled the 300 block of East 49th Street where the bar is located, according to probable cause documents. A witness reported that Aaron Brown, 33, was crossing the road when the silver car pulled up and someone shouted, “Do you have a problem? “

Brown reportedly walked towards the car before several gunshots were heard and Brown fell to the ground. A woman near the scene was shot in the leg.

Burris and Johnson were both charged with murder in Brown’s death. If found guilty, they face 10 to 40 years or life imprisonment. An improvement alleges the use of a firearm in the commission of a crime. If the improvement turns out to be true, Burris and Johnson face up to 15 years in prison which must be served consecutively to any murder sentence.

Burris and Johnson have been charged with aggravated assault over an injury allegedly sustained by a woman near the scene of the shooting. If found guilty, they face up to six years in prison and a fine of up to $ 10,000.

Burris has been charged with possession of a firearm by some people for alleged possession of a firearm with a previous felony conviction. She faces 5 to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 15,000 for this charge if found guilty.


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Eatery Business

Absa is partnering with Melanin Kapital to launch unsecured loans for startups

Absa Bank has partnered with Melanin Capital, a pan-African investment platform, to launch an investor readiness program to offer Ksh. 3 million unsecured loans to startups in Kenya.

The initiative called Tuungane2x to see how she gets empowered, expects to reach 1,000 women-focused startups and improve financial inclusion. This is done by providing financial training, building capacities for willingness to invest, structured mentoring, structured networking and access to finance.

Speaking at the start of the partnership, Elizabeth Wasunna, Business Banking Director of Absa Bank said, “It has always been risky for investors and lenders to invest in small businesses for a number of reasons that also hold back their growth, including a lack of proper structures and businesses Documentation, collateral, relevant networks and track record among other challenges. ”

Melanie Keïta, CEO of Melanin Kapital, said: “As a pan-African digital impact investment platform, Melanin Kapital aims to enable early stage financing for impact companies by reducing risks, making them investable and connecting them to impact – driven capital. We aim to close the SDG financial gap by channeling more investment to early stage entrepreneurs in Africa looking for pre-seed, seed, and funding focused on solving a critical social impact challenge focus.”

As part of the partnership, the bank has also worked with international partners to reduce the credit facilities for the startups so that Absa can offer cheap unsecured loans between Ksh and Ksh. 100,000 Ksh. 3 million.

In order to qualify for funding, interested startups must register and register via the online program administration platform Tuungane2X and conduct a 6-month readiness for investment program. The program will culminate in project pitches for impact investors and for Absa Bank.

For Absa, this initiative is part of an ongoing campaign aimed at reaching more than 1 million women entrepreneurs over the next five years through the Absa She Business Account.

“As a bank, we have maintained a strong bias and commitment to expanding the role and influence of women in companies, and our partnership with Melanin Kapital is another of many of those activities that we are involved in,” added Wasunna.

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The difference between credit cards, personal loans, and a personal line of credit

Image for article titled The Difference Between Credit Cards, Personal Loans, and a Personal Line of Credit

photo: Africa studio (Shutterstock)

Most people know how credit cards work, and they may also be familiar with personal loans – but what about one? personal line of creditT? All of these options are similar, but they have subtle differences that can affect which option you can choose when you need to borrow money. This is where you can see when you would use a line of credit versus a credit card or personal loan.

What is a personal loan?

Personal lines of credit are perpetual loans that allow a borrower to withdraw funds as needed over a set period of time, up to limits of $ 1,000 to $ 100,000. Unlike a personal loan, this type of loan allows multiple access to the money instead of receiving the money in advance as a lump sum. Interest accrues as soon as funds are withdrawn, with borrowers making minimum monthly payments like a credit card.

Personal lines of credit are usually available unsecured (which means your property is not used as collateral) and have a variable annual percentage rate (APR) based on your credit score (again like credit cards). While the interest rates on both lines of credit and personal loans can be in the range of 6-35%, Lines of credit tend to have slightly higher interest rates. Another difference is that personal loans are typically Fixed priceswhile lines of credit tend to be variable rates. However, both options offer interest rates that are cheaper than what you would get with credit cards 16% APR on average.

Why should you use a personal line of credit?

For flexibility. Lines of credit are perpetual as personal loans and are typically used for ongoing needs where you don’t have fixed costs in mind. Personal loans, on the other hand, offer a fixed amount upfront, and to qualify you often need to specify exactly what the loan is for, be it a home renovation or car repairs.

The flexibility that a personal loan offers naturally makes them potential debt traps. This is why a solid repayment plan is recommended. Some common scenarios where a line of credit could be used include:

  • Home renovations where cost overruns could be an issue
  • Short term medical expenses
  • As a financial bridge for irregular or seasonal work

Credit cards offer cashback rewards and tend to have higher interest rates compared to personal loans or lines of credit, making them better for daily purchases that can be paid off quickly. If you’re looking to fund expensive, long-term projects that you want to pay off later, avoid credit cards and stick to personal loans or lines of credit.

Otherwise, avoid borrowing when you cannot afford the repayment. And if you are already struggling to pay off debts, consider all of your options before applying for another loan (This Lifehacker post has you covered).

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Bee Club buzzes in the old Pamplona Café | New

The all-female Bee Club has its own clubhouse again, thanks to the $ 2.2 million purchase of the building that once housed Café Pamplona by the club president, a college junior.

According to the deed of ownership, Susana MA Vik ’21 -’23, the current president of the Bee Club, and Carrie Vik, of Greenwich, Connecticut, purchased the 2,452-square-foot three-story building located at 12 Bow St. June 19 for $ 2.2 million.

The property is the former location of Café Pamplona, ​​which closed in May 2020 due to a sharp drop in clientele after serving Harvard Square for more than 60 years. The city of Cambridge valued the building at around $ 1.5 million this year.

Two college students with direct knowledge of the situation, including a member of the Bee, told the Crimson that the property will now serve as the Bee’s clubhouse. The Crimson granted the two students anonymity to discuss the club’s intentions.

Vik declined to comment for this article.

Vik’s purchase of the property ends the divorce of the Bee Club and Delphic Club and gives the final all-female club physical autonomy for the first time in four years.

In the fall of 2017, the Bee moved from its clubhouse at 45 Dunster St., now home to the Hasty Pudding Club, to move into the Delphic Club space at 9 Linden St. after the clubs merged into the co -ed Delphic-Bee Club.

The merging of the clubs followed the start of the College’s controversial sanctions policy, which targeted members of single-sex social groups. The sanctions, announced in May 2016, penalized members of unisex clubs and Greek organizations. Under this policy, undergraduate members of Harvard’s unisex social groups were excluded from campus leadership positions, captains of sports teams, and some prestigious scholarships.

The sanctions have come under scrutiny and have resulted in a pair of lawsuits. Harvard ended the sanctions policy in 2020 after administrators concluded the university would be “legally barred from further enforcing the policy” due to a recent ruling by the United States Supreme Court.

The marriage of the Delphic Club and the Bee Club ended last fall – a month after the University lifted the sanctions.

The purchase by the Bee Club of its own clubhouse – a permanent home for the all-female social group – thus spells the end of the University’s sanctions policy.

A banner with the Bee Club badge currently adorns one of the windows on the building’s first floor.

– Editor-in-chief Alex M. Koller can be contacted at [email protected] Follow him on twitter @alexmkoller.

—Editor-in-Chief Taylor C. Peterman can be contacted at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter @taylorcpeterman.

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Holiday in Spain: Boost for Irish tourists as hot spot nightclubs reopen for those vaccinated

Irish holidaymakers heading to Valencia in the coming months will be able to enjoy the nightlife thanks to new government proposals.

As the number of cases begins to drop in the holiday hotspot, regional president Ximo Puig said health officials plan to reopen all nightlife as early as October 9.

Plans are underway to ensure that all vaccinated people are allowed entry as long as they have documentation proving they have received both doses.

Confirmation of details has yet to be given, but it is understood that unvaccinated people would also be allowed in with negative test results or proof of recovery from the virus.

Local Covid measures are under review on September 27, shortly after which an official update is expected to be given.

nightclubs reopen for those vaccinated” content=””/>
Boost for Irish tourists as spanish hotspot nightclubs reopen for those vaccinated

Passengers traveling to Valencia during the winter will need to provide a certificate proving vaccination, negative test results or recovery in order to be allowed entry without quarantine.

Certificates must be written in Spanish, English, French or German. If it is not possible to obtain the original in one of these languages, the supporting document must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish, drawn up by an official body.

All passengers will be required to adhere to all restrictions in place to stop the spread of the virus, including wearing a mask for anyone over six years of age under the following circumstances:

  • In any enclosed space for public use or open to the public
  • In any outdoor space where due to the mass of people, it is not possible to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between them, except for people who live together
  • On the modes of transport: air, sea, bus, rail, including docks and passenger stations, or cable cars, as well as other public and private passenger transport in vehicles that can accommodate up to nine people, including including the driver, if the occupants of the passenger vehicle do not share the same residence.
  • For passengers of ships or ships, it will not be necessary to wear a mask in the individual cabins, or in the exterior spaces of the boat where it is possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters
  • At large outdoor events, when participants are standing or sitting, it is not possible to maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between people, except for people who live together

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Latino restaurants serve up a home flavor in the Midlands

Some Latino-owned restaurants showcase the richness of their culture through their food.

COLUMBIA, SC – Latino restaurant owners have said the heart of their culture is their food.

“I know how to cook original Puerto Rican dishes, which is why I opened the restaurant to introduce the Spanish community, the American community, to my country,” said Isla Bonita owner Angela Crespo.

Crespo said her Puerto Rican restaurant was the first of its kind in the city and that she is proud to represent the island where she was born and raised.

“I am proud to be born in Puerto Rico and to be a part of Puerto Rican culture,” she said.

Crespo left Puerto Rico for Colombia at the age of 21 to join the army. Later, she decided to be an entrepreneur.

She said her favorite dishes to serve are chicken, rice and plains.

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“The food, the music is what keeps my culture my Puerto Rican race and speaks Spanish to my daughters, to my children,” Crespo said.

Joseph Cagan was also born and raised in Puerto Rico and owns Lulu’s Latin restaurant in Lexington. He said he used the kitchen as a way to showcase his culture.

“We use proteins that everyone is familiar with. We use it in a very Caribbean way. We just want to show it, ”Cagan said.

He said some of his most popular dishes are steak and onions, and shrimp and chicken. Cagan said he hopes his food will help connect people, regardless of culture.

“I want to show with my food, with my drinks, that we are not that different. That we are here, ”he said.

Evelyn Lugo of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said Hispanic businesses statewide have thrived in the past year. Most of them are in the food industry.

RELATED: ‘It’s My Passion, Helping People’: Midlands Man Honored by Mexican Government

“Over the past year and a half I would say it has increased since like June. Things are accelerating. More and more people are calling us, ”Lugo said.

The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce offers workshops to help business owners learn about financing and connect them with financial centers.

“I know the struggle and I know firsthand what you need to do when starting a business. So it’s very important to be here to serve and connect our business owners, ”said Lugo.

Crespo said she hopes her restaurant will continue to thrive for years to come.

“I am proud that my restaurant is still open and I will continue to do so to please my client,” she said.

RELATED: SC Campaign Highlights Hispanic Heritage Culture and Traditions

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The Citrus Heights couple’s cigar bar brings culture and conviviality

Cuban culture is flourishing in Citrus Heights, thanks to a couple and their cigar shop, which brought them together. It’s a little corner of Havana inside Casillas Cigars where they have freshly rolled cigars, salsa, and a vibrant Cuban atmosphere. This family owned and operated business manufactures everything it sells. Owners Pierre and Ana Perales love to share their culture with guests. love has begun. Pierre remembers the day very well. He called it love at first sight. “I remember everything. I remember who was in the room when she walked in, what she was wearing, what I was wearing, where she was, everything she said,” Pierre said. “From that point on, we got married at that point.” The two encounters at the cigar store were entirely coincidental. Ana was driving on Madison Avenue. She said she almost had an accident and swerved, braking and turning in the parking lot where the store was located. She walked in and Pierre started offering her cigars, but said she told him she had no interest in cigars at all – she was looking for something Cuban after moving to the area. New Orleans. After their first meeting, she said “the rest is history”. “I definitely found what I was looking for!” Ana said, referring to her search for something Cuban. Fifteen years and two children later, the Perales family proudly carry on their family tradition of rolling fresh cigars. Pierre says they use tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic. Every cigar they sell is a tradition passed down to Pierre from his father, who escaped from a Cuban concentration camp to find freedom in America. decades of oppression, 60 years of communist control. And again, we have my parents who escaped in 1968, escaped from a communist concentration camp. My dad dived in Guantanamo Bay, swam two miles where the Marines pulled him out of the water. Talk about a heartbreaking story. And I see my dad every day of my life and run this operation with him. With him here in the family business. “Casillas Cigars offers over 36 types of fresh hand-rolled cigars, but for customers and those who work there, it’s more than just a cigar store. It’s a community meeting place where people from all walks of life and all cultures meet. Pierre said a friend of his described his cigar shop as “by people, by people and for people.” Said if it wasn’t for this place, I don’t know what I would have done to myself. I don’t know what would happen because they were going through a divorce or a rough time, grief or a professional transition “Pierre said. Pierre and Ana said that sharing cigars with their family and friends has always been a spiritual part of their heritage. Comparing smoking and sharing a cigar to breaking bread, Peter said it is a tradition that works in times of peace and war, as well as in times of victory and sorrow. Culturally, Ana said it’s a spiritual practice, a way people were able to communicate with the gods, the smoke carrying wishes and prayers to them. The couple are now taking their Cuban culture on the road to parties and events. They have an entertainment service called “Havana Nights”, where they bring in dancers, teach guests salsa dancing, and roll them fresh cigars. It’s just another way the Perales leave their mark on the community and keep their family traditions alive. “There aren’t a lot of Cubans here in California,” Ana said. “And it’s really nice because we feel like we can leave our mark and we can leave our legacy here as a Cuban. Every day we strive to spread more of our, our culture, through the dance and art because that’s what’s in our blood. It’s what’s in our history. So we love to share this with other people. “Casillas Cigars is open 7 days a week, located at 7435 Madison Ave. at Citrus Heights. You can book a “Havana Nights” event online.

Cuban culture is flourishing in Citrus Heights, thanks to a couple and their cigar shop, which brought them together.

It’s a little corner of Havana inside Casillas Cigars where they have freshly rolled cigars, salsa, and a vibrant Cuban atmosphere. This family owned and operated business manufactures everything it sells.

Owners Pierre and Ana Perales love to share their culture with guests.

“Our Cuban culture is everything,” Ana said.

The cigar store, where Ana and Pierre met, is also the place where their love began.

Pierre remembers the day very well. He called it love at first sight.

“I remember everything. I remember who was in the room when she walked in, what she was wearing, what I was wearing, where she was, everything she said,” Pierre said. “From that point on, we got married at that point.”

The two encounters at the cigar store were entirely coincidental. Ana was driving on Madison Avenue. She said she almost had an accident and swerved, braking and entering the parking lot where the store was located.

She walked in and Pierre started offering her cigars, but said she told him she wasn’t interested in cigars at all – she was looking for something Cuban that had just moved from Nova Scotia. Orleans in the region. After their first meeting, she said “the rest is history”.

“I definitely found what I was looking for!” Ana said, referring to her search for something Cuban.

Fifteen years and two children later, the Perales family proudly carry on their family tradition of rolling fresh cigars. Pierre says they use tobacco grown in the Dominican Republic.

Rolled in every cigar they sell is a tradition passed down to Pierre from his father, who escaped from a Cuban concentration camp to find freedom in America.

“We come from many years and decades of oppression, 60 years of communist control. And again, we have my parents who escaped in 1968, escaped from a communist concentration camp. My father dove in the bay. from Guantanamo, swam two miles where the Marines pulled him out of the water. Talk about a heartbreaking story. And I see my dad every day of my life and run this operation with him. With him here in the family business. “

Casillas Cigars offers over 36 types of fresh hand-rolled cigars, but for customers and those who work there, it’s more than just a cigar shop. It is a community meeting place where people from all walks of life and all cultures come together.

Pierre said a friend of his described his cigar shop as “by the people, by the people and for the people”.

“The guys came back years later and said if it hadn’t been for this place I don’t know what I would have done to myself. I don’t know what would happen because they were going through a divorce or a difficult time, grief or a job transition, ”said Pierre.

Pierre and Ana have said that sharing cigars with their family and friends has historically been part of their spiritual heritage. Comparing smoking and sharing a bread-breaking cigar, Peter said it is a tradition that works in times of peace and war, as well as in times of victory and sorrow.

From a cultural perspective, Ana said it was a spiritual practice, a means by which people could communicate with the gods, the smoke bringing them wishes and prayers.

The couple are now taking their Cuban culture on the road to parties and events. They have an entertainment service called “Havana Nights”, where they bring in dancers, teach guests salsa dancing, and roll them fresh cigars.

It’s just another way the Perales leave their mark on the community and keep their family traditions alive.

“There aren’t a lot of Cubans here in California,” Ana said. “And it’s really nice because we feel like we can leave our mark and we can leave our legacy here as a Cuban. Every day we strive to spread more of our, our culture, through the dance and art because that’s what’s in our blood. It’s what’s in our story. So we love to share that with other people. “

Casillas Cigars is open 7 days a week, located at 7435 Madison Ave. at Citrus Heights. You can book a “Havana Nights” event online.

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In this Tel Aviv café, the baristas want to tell you about Jesus – J.

From the outside, the HaOgen Cafe looks a lot like the many other espresso cafes that line the streets of Tel Aviv.

Located just north of central Dizengoff Square, it features floor-to-ceiling windows and a colorful chalkboard sidewalk easel that one recent weekday heralded breakfast sandwiches and an upcoming acoustic concert. Inside, a crowd of 20 and 30 are seated at tables, typing on laptops. It’s decorated with fairy lights and floor plants, with upbeat quotes and scribbles scribbled in marker on the blackout windows at the back.

But HaOgen also offers something that its neighborhood competitors don’t: the gospel of Jesus Christ.

According to the website of Dugit, a Tel Aviv-based Messianic Jewish organization whose name means “little boat,” HaOgen is a “neighborhood café” that “has evangelists ready to share the good news with every guest who enters.” .

“Through this hip location, the ministry has had access to a whole new group of people in their city who are in dire need of a Savior,” read a 2019 blog post on the Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries, a messianic organization that describes HaOgen as a member of the fellowship.

The café’s deep connections to Dugit and Messianic Judaism, a movement that believes in the divinity of Jesus while claiming to practice Judaism, are not immediately detectable by customers. A shelf at the back of the cafe is stocked with Hebrew copies of the New Testament and stacks of “Messiah” brochures, and the cafe’s logo is an anchor, a historical symbol of Christianity.

Yet, no signage inside or outside indicates any links between HaOgen and any religious organization or movement. The cafe’s website also does not mention its affiliation with Dugit or any religious mission.

“I didn’t know it belonged to missionaries,” said Jessica Arnovitz, an American Jewish immigrant to Israel who lives near the cafe. “I’ve been there before and it’s a nice place.

Messianic Judaism, some adherents of which were known in the past as “Jews for Jesus”, appears to be developing in Israel. Messianic Jewish groups often have ties to explicitly Christian organizations, and none of the mainstream Jewish movements consider them Jewish. As with many traditional Christian denominations, missionary work is part of Messianic practice.

Dugit’s executive director told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that the cafe was not the place for efforts to proselytize Jews. In fact, he said, Dugit does not run HaOgen directly – although he said he owns the space and pays the salary of the cafe manager, a man named Argo who is also the senior pastor of ‘an Ethiopian messianic congregation. Argo refused an interview request from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

“We are not trying to mission anyone, bribe anyone or do anything to people,” said Avi Mizrachi, who was born in Israel and himself pastor in a Messianic congregation. in Tel Aviv. “We are Jews who love our country, serve our country in the military and pay taxes. And we celebrate the Jewish feasts and festivals, and we believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And yes, we believe that Yeshua is the messiah.

He added: “Now if [customers] ask us what we believe, we tell them, but we don’t go and, as we call it, put people on missions or, or convert people.

Through this hip location, the ministry had access to a whole new group of people in their city who are in dire need of a Savior.

Only proselytizing minors without their parents’ consent and offering religious conversions in exchange for a material gift are prohibited by Israeli law. But there is a widely held misconception that missionary activity in the country is illegal, and the government has at times seemed open to advancing this reputation. In its 2010 report on international religious freedom, the US State Department wrote that Israel has “taken a number of steps that have encouraged the perception that proselytizing is against government policy,” such as detention of missionaries and the invocation of “proselytism as a reason for denying students, work, and religious visa extensions.”

The idea that missionary work is illegal – and the associated idea that believers in Jesus face persecution for their faith – leads many messianics in Israel to hide their activities, according to Sarah Posner, journalist and author who writes extensively on evangelical Christianity.

“[Messianics] really played on the idea that proselytizing against Jews is illegal in Israel, ”Posner said. “It’s not as bad as they claim, but they are proving that they are not being treated fairly. Elsewhere in the world, and especially in the United States, there are no such constraints at all, so they have no reason to have a cafe that seems to have nothing to do with religion and is just a place where you can go to have a coffee.

Most Israelis who identify as Messianic have direct Jewish ancestry, “whereas in the United States you are more likely to meet people who identify as Messianic Jews but are in fact evangelical Christians,” he said. Posner said, adding that many American evangelical Christian churches fundraise for Messianic congregations and missionary efforts in Israel.

The number of Messianic Jews in Israel has multiplied in recent decades, according to community representatives. Today, Messianics in Israel number 10,000 to 20,000, according to Yonatan Allon, editor-in-chief of Kehila, an umbrella organization of the Messianics in Israel. Community representatives attribute the growth in part to missionary efforts and in part to immigration. There are Messianic congregations that cater specifically to Russian-speaking Israelis as well as Ethiopian Israelis.

“In 1999, the total number of believers was around 5,000,” said Alec Goldberg, Israeli director of the Caspari Center, an evangelical organization in Israel, in a 2019 Q&A on the centre’s website. “Today 5,000 is just the number of believers in Russian-speaking congregations in Israel. And of course, as observers of the Messianic scene in Israel know, the number of local ministries has also multiplied, with new initiatives constantly underway.

These initiatives include more than 70 Messianic congregations across Israel, according to Kehila, including one, Adonai Roi, led by Dugit and led by Mizrachi who is a seven-minute walk from HaOgen.

In addition to the cafe and the Messianic congregation, Dugit’s website says he runs a prayer room in Tel Aviv, a charity for the poor, and an annual conference for women. The website also states that Dugit was involved in an evangelical television station that the Israel Broadcasting Authority shut down last year.

“The message of these messianic groups is very evangelical,” Posner said. “For many Israeli Jews, this is an unknown message, unless they have a lot of political ties to evangelical Christians who, as we know, are very interested in supporting Israel and the settlements.

This is unlikely to describe the typical client of a Tel Aviv cafe, so some in Israel go to great lengths to alert potential visitors to HaOgen to what their patronage supports.

Recently, two years after it opened, HaOgen caught the attention of Beyneynu, an Israeli organization that monitors missionary activity in the country. Founded last year by Shannon Nuszen, an American immigrant to Israel and former evangelical missionary who converted to Orthodox Judaism, the watch group made headlines earlier this year after revealing a family who were actively involved in an Orthodox Haredi community of Jerusalem for several years, but were in fact Christian missionaries.

Nuszen declined an interview request, but the nonprofit wrote on Facebook last month that it had received advice regarding HaOgen Cafe’s messianic mission. The post said Beyneynu had “no objection to people of different faiths running businesses in Tel Aviv” but wanted to alert potential customers to the cafe’s ties.

“People should know, however, that this restaurant is not just another bohemian cafe. Rather, it is part of a well-funded and organized effort by evangelical donors to convert vulnerable young Jews to Christianity, ”the Facebook post said. “We are simply asking for transparency and respect.

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Dave’s Hot Chicken opens three restaurants

Dave ‘s Hot Chicken, the mind-blowing late-night pop-up that turns into a hot chicken sensation, today announced the grand opening of three new locations, each opening this Friday, September 24, continuing its expansion and goal of bringing the most coveted hot chicken to communities across the county.

The company’s first location in Houston, and the second in the state of Texas, is located at 12161 Westheimer and will be open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to midnight Friday through Sunday. Dave Hot Chicken’s Houston location has drive-thru and ceilings nearly 20 feet high, with outdoor seating as well.

The company’s first site in Northern California, in Santa Rosa, is located at 2240 Mendocino Ave., and will be open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week. The Santa Rosa Restaurant has a generous outdoor dining area, as well as custom interior graphics that reinforce the brand’s commitment to delivering irresistible ‘out of this world’ hot chicken.

Dave’s Hot Chicken’s second restaurant in California is located in Santa Ana at 3332 South Bristol St. Ana’s Firefighter Uniform. The restaurant will be open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to midnight.

The quick and casual concept specializes in hot chicken fillets and sliders, as well as sides of house kale salad, creamy mac and cheese, and crispy fries. Offered in seven different spice levels ranging from No Spice to Reaper (which requires a signed waiver for those who dare), each hand-breaded, juicy piece of chicken uses a proprietary spice blend designed specifically for its heat level. . The brand started a few years ago as a pop-up parking lot and has drawn lines around the block, with rave reviews from its fanatic Instagram followers.

“Dave’s hot chicken will blow your mind!” Every offering is tangy, juicy and spicy, ”says Bill Phelps, CEO of Dave’s Hot Chicken. “Our founders started Dave’s as a pop-up restaurant in a Hollywood parking lot with a portable fryer and picnic tables in their backyard just three years ago. We are excited to open these new locations in California and Houston! “

The news and information presented in this press release has not been corroborated by QSR, Food News Media or Journalistic, Inc.

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Eatery Business

Study shows that loans that buy now and pay later expand the overall credit market

A relatively new type of small loan created by fintechs and offered by retailers is expanding the credit market, especially among young consumers, according to a study published Thursday.

TransUnion, the Chicago-based credit bureau, analyzed the credit history of millions of people applying for instant purchase loans – or point of sale (PoS) loans – and compared them to other loan seekers who did not PoS -Apply for loans.

Some have feared that these short-term loans could put consumers into debt more than they can handle. Or, from the point of view of some lenders, that consumers would borrow more for these store plans and reduce their balance on their credit cards or other consumer debt.

Liz Pagel, SVP for consumer credit at TransUnion, said the TransUnion survey refutes these concerns.

“They don’t seem to cannibalize any other type of credit,” she said. “It’s an extension of the entire credit market.”

A survey of PoS applicants found that the most common reason they looked for a buy-it-later loan was to purchase an item that was within their budget. While they tended to hold more credit cards and other types of consumer credit, their default rates were comparable to other borrowers in terms of age and risk group.

Pagel said credit unions may want to consider those consumers who are borrowing or applying for buy-it-later-credit.

“They are customers of credit unions; they are customers of banks, ”she said. “These consumers could be in the credit market.”

Buy-now-pay-later loans have been around as long as electronics stores have been selling refrigerators. And the category technically includes indirect car loans with dealers and financing for solar panels or other home improvement sold by contractors.

Pagel excluded larger loans such as financing solar panels sold by contractors from their study to focus on equipment-scale loans and the new type offered by retailers through fintechs for small routine purchases – usually under $ 500 -Dollar.

The fintechs typically charge retailers 2 to 7% of the price and sell their loans to secondary markets that may buy unsecured personal loans.

The small loans are often paid out every two weeks for eight to twelve weeks with the first payment when the purchase is made. Buyers do not pay interest on the small loans, while the interest costs are shared across larger, more traditional buy-it-later loans, which typically have a term of one to two years.

In some cases, the fintechs operate the loans more like the PoS systems used by car dealerships, with banks and credit unions on a list of potential car buyers lenders.

These loans started online, but now many retailers allow their customers to use them for in-store purchases.

Chart showing the reasons given by consumers for applying for a point of sale credit.

Pagel said many lenders’ concern has been that these loans from fintechs like Afterpay Limited, Affirm and Klarna are eating up purchases on their credit cards and unsecured personal loans. They wanted to know if this new lending was a threat to defend against or an opportunity to get started.

“It started as a fintech movement and now more traditional lenders are interested in playing this game,” said Pagel.

Big players from Amazon to Square Inc. have decided to join.

Square Inc., founded in San Francisco in 2009, announced on Aug. 1 that it plans to buy Afterpay Limited of Australia in a $ 29 billion deal that is expected to close in the first quarter of 2022.

Afterpay was founded in 2014 and claims to serve more than 16 million consumers and nearly 100,000 merchants worldwide, including large retailers of fashion, housewares, beauty and sporting goods.

The homepage of her website shows a young woman looking at her cell phone and bears the words: “Shop now. Pay over 6 weeks. Never pay interest. “

TransUnion decided that these new buy-now-pay-later fintechs are worth a closer look.

TransUnion analyzed the borrowing habits of 4.5 million consumers who made a point of sale inquiry and tracked them over six months. The tracked inquiries started on October 1, 2019 and ended on December 31, 2020. The last six months of action were in June 2021.

Each action taken by PoS applicants was compared to a general borrower population within the same risk segment and age group. The study group consisted of consumers with a hard or soft PoS request from October 1, 2019 to March 31, 2021. Their results were compared with other active borrowers at the same risk level. The results presented in the study relate to consumers who have a credit rating of 601 to 660 in the VantageScore range of 300 to 850. Other risk levels showed similar patterns, according to Pagel.

TransUnion found:

  • 54% of applicants for PoS funding reduced their bank card balances in the six months following their application, compared to 60% of individuals in the total credit population.
  • PoS applicants applied for a loan at a higher interest rate than others in their risk level.
  • PoS applicants had a significantly higher proportion of bank cards, customer cards, installment loans and car loans. They had slightly lower mortgages.
  • While 50% of active near-prime borrowers were 50 years or younger, 78% of PoS applicants were under 50.
  • Six months after a PoS application, 3.2% of applicants were 60 days or more behind with their bank credit cards, compared to 2.7% of the general credit population. However, the unsecured personal loan default rate among PoS applicants was 3.7%, compared with 4.8% for the general population.

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Vowinckel man sentenced to two years in prison for indecent assault ::

CLARION CO., Pennsylvania (EYT) – A man from Vowinckel has been sentenced to up to two years in prison for an incident in Farmington Township last year.

On Wednesday, September 22, Presiding Judge Sara J. Seidle-Patton sentenced a 43-year-old man Brian Patrick Desjardins to a minimum of one year less a day to a maximum of two years less a day of imprisonment for a second degree felony, strangling county and two years of probation for a second degree felony of indecent assault , the penalties being consecutive.

Desjardin was given credit for 239 days of sentence served and ordered to register as a level 1 sex offender, which requires 15 years of registration.

Desjardin pleaded guilty to the above counts on Wednesday, June 2.

As a result of the plea agreement, the following charges were dismissed:

– Criminal attempt – Forced coercion of rape, crime 1
– Criminal attempt – Indecent assault aggravated without consent, Crime 2
– Simple assault, offense 2
– Harassment – Subject other than physical contact, Summary

The charges stem from an incident at a residence on Fulmer Drive in Farmington Township, Clarion County, in May 2020.

Details of the case:

According to a criminal complaint, Corporal Yoder and Private Snyder and Smith, of PSP Marienville, responded to a report of an ongoing domestic incident at the location described above at approximately 7:42 a.m. on Thursday, May 28, 2020.

When the officers arrived at the scene, Brian Desjardin was attempting to get into a vehicle and leave the property. He was handcuffed after refusing to obey orders to get away from the vehicle, according to the complaint.

The known victim was then interviewed.

She reported that Desjardin started calling her earlier in the morning and then attempted to have sex with her without her consent. The victim reported that Desjardin then attempted to attack him, and she fled up the stairs to get away from him and attempted to call a family member, according to the complaint.

The victim said the altercation continued when she came back down the steps, and Desjardins forcibly threw her onto the mattress and attempted to have sex with her. Desjardin then placed his right hand around her neck with her thumb applying pressure to her throat, preventing her from breathing. The victim said Desjardin then placed a pillow over her face and performed a sexual act on himself while he was on top of her, according to the complaint.

The complaint states that the victim did not consent to any of Desjardins’ sexual acts.

The victim then moved away from Desjardins and tried again to call a member of his family. She told police Desjardin then hit her on the head near her left ear with a closed backhand, causing swelling in the area, according to the complaint.

The victim also suffered two scratches to his chest during the altercation.

On the call to Clarion County 9-1-1, Desjardin picked up the victim’s phone and ended the call. 9-1-1 then called back and spoke to Desjardins. At this point, the operator could hear the victim in the background say that she needed an ambulance.

The Clarion Hospital ambulance responded to the scene and confirmed that the victim’s injuries were recent.

The victim also reported that when she tried to call a family member again, Desjardins took her phone and took it apart, the complaint notes.

Desjardin was arraigned before Judge Schill at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 28.

EDITOR’S NOTE 1: Extreme graphic detail was not included due to the sexual nature of the alleged crimes.

EDITOR’S NOTE 2: Several details have been removed from this article to help protect the identity of the victim.

Copyright © 2021 EYT Media Group, Inc. All rights reserved. Any copying, redistribution, or retransmission of content from this service without the express written consent of EYT Media Group, Inc. is expressly prohibited.

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Consumers with point of sale credit typically use different ones

CHICAGO, Sep 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – A new study by TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) found that consumers who buy now, pay later (BNPL) and seek point-of-sale (POS) finance, too Actively using traditional financing credit – contrary to the assumption that these new credit offers are taking market share away from credit card issuers and other lenders.

The study, Understand the evolving point of sale industryWas unveiled at the virtual TransUnion Financial Services Summit 2021, Smarter Decisions: Emerging for Growth, attended by executives from the financial services sector from across the country.

BNPL and POS financing have emerged as a popular offering among younger consumers, with Generation Z and younger millennials (ages 18-30) making up the largest population of consumers who applied for POS financing during the study period (32 %). Bridge Millennials (ages 31 to 40) and the younger Generation X (ages 41 to 50) were also more likely to favor BNPL / POS, with 78% of all POS funding applicants between 18 and 50 years old.

BNPL and POS offers did not appear to have much of an impact on consumer use of other forms of credit. In fact, BNPL / POS applicants generally used other forms of credit more than the rest of the population.

“Consumers who can take advantage of point-of-sale finance are not doing so at the expense of traditional credit. We saw consumers applying for POS funding to build up credit on bank and retail cards and applying for new loans at a higher rate than the general loan population. These new forms of financing are growing the credit pie – and opening up more options for both consumers and lenders, ”said Liz Pagel, senior vice president of consumer lending at TransUnion. “Consumers are looking for new ways to finance purchases, and the convenience and budgeting of POS offers are driving them to fund more and larger purchases.”

The ease of use and predictable payment schedules allow consumers to spread smaller payments over time in order to be able to afford larger ticket items. A TransUnion survey of nearly 1,000 BNPL users found that the majority of consumers cited a timing distribution of payments (29%) and a simple application process (13%) as the main reasons for using POS funding. In contrast, lack of access to credit was not cited as a major concern for many consumers.

Consumers applying for POS funding are an attractive segment for acquisition growth

The study examined the credit profiles of over 6 million POS funding applicants (defined as consumers with a request for the TransUnion file from a POS lender) to better understand consumers interested in this type of product. The study created a profile of these consumers and examined their wallets and credit behavior.

The results showed that POS funding applicants have more credit products, such as credit cards, loyalty cards, and installment loans, in their wallets than the general credit-active population. Credit cards were the most popular among POS funding applicants (89%), followed by retail cards (75%) and car loans (73%).

POS funding applicants also were more likely to have larger numbers of cards in their wallets compared to the general lending population. However, card usage was very similar across risk levels, with most consumers having open cards on their cards. This suggests that consumers are actively looking for POS funding even if they could have put the purchase on a card.

Consumers applying for POS funding are also more likely to build or maintain credit card balances in the months following their request than the general credit active population – invalidating the assumption that BNPL / POS is driving down card balances.

Bank card Retail card
percentage POS financing
General credit
active population
POS financing
General credit
active population
46% 40% 36% 28%
54% 60% 64% 72%

However, consumers using BNPL / POS funding are still doing well and on par with the general lending population in terms of defaults. The study found that POS funding applicants, while performing slightly worse on credit cards, outperformed the non-POS segment on unsecured personal loans. The high failure rate of POS funding applicants makes these consumers an attractive segment for acquisition growth.

“As more consumers participate in POS funding, these consumers still experience high defaults on traditional products and are heavily involved in the credit market,” said Pagel. “This underscores the opportunity for both traditional and POS lenders to offer this attractive segment more diverse credit solutions.”

For more information on TransUnion’s study, please download the Insight Guide Understanding the Evolving Point-of-Sale Industry.

About TransUnion (NYSE: TRU)
TransUnion is a global information and insights company that enables trust in the modern economy. We do this by providing a comprehensive picture of each person so that they are reliably and securely represented in the market. This enables businesses and consumers to do business and achieve great things with confidence. We call this Information for Good.®

As a leading presence in more than 30 countries on five continents, TransUnion provides solutions that help create business opportunity, great experiences and personal empowerment for hundreds of millions of people.

Contact Dave Blumberg
E-mail [email protected]
phone 312-972-6646

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Largest nightclub in the world with a capacity of 10 km and overrun after the doors close

The world’s largest nightclub and an institution in Ibiza look sad and decrepit after two years of Covid-induced shutters.

Superclub Privilege near San Rafael could accommodate 10,000 clubbers each night and hosted Freddie Mercury, Madonna and David Bowie.

The huge summer party hall covers an area of ​​69,968 square feet – the size of an airport hangar.

But after 20 months of abandonment to the elements, the Superclub is in search of absolute state.

Paint is peeling off the walls, metal fixtures rust in the sun, and decorative elements are aging on the outside.

Buses that carried thousands of avid clubbers to the city’s hottest night saw their windows smashed and their exteriors covered in graffiti.

The institution of Ibiza has never been so tough

Privilege started out in the early 1970s as an innocent restaurant and pool, but after being bought by footballer Jose Antonio Santamaria in 1979, it became riskier.

By the mid-90s it had a reputation as a gay highlight of the Balearic Islands and was renamed Privilege in 1995.

People like Boy George, Madonna, David Bowie, Joni Mitchell, Tina Turner, Kylie Minogue, Spandau Ballet, and Freddie Mercury walked through its holy doors in its heyday.

Buses that carried crowds of impatient revelers are now abandoned and disfigured
Buses that carried crowds of impatient revelers are now abandoned and disfigured

The Queen singer and Montserrat Caballe filmed the video inside the club for their song Barcelona.

The privilege is also mentioned in the movie Kevin & Perry Go Large.

Covid’s restrictions in Ibiza mean nightclubs can only operate seating and outdoor spaces.

Anyone who knows Privilege will know that this is not the style of the beach.

Known for its dance and techno nights, the super club depended on an impressive crowd for its unrivaled reputation.

Decorative light fixtures rust under the scorching sun
Decorative light fixtures rust under the scorching sun

To stay up to date with all the latest news, be sure to subscribe to one of our newsletters here .

During the pandemic, it became impossible.

Superclub Privilege has been closed for almost two years, although the true toll of its closure has only become clear in recent depressing images.

Ibiza last week changed its Covid restrictions to mean that social gatherings between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. can take place without restrictions.

But Superclub Privilege will need a long time to get back on its feet.

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Go online for a good old-fashioned conversation with Chatty Café

If you feel like you’re on your chin while enjoying your afternoon tea or coffee, jump into one of the regular Zoom chats and connect with the team at Chatty Café.

Chatty Café aims to break down feelings of loneliness and social isolation through conversations. They currently have up to 15 local drop-ins, which usually provide an opportunity for community members to meet a Chatty Café volunteer for a good old-fashioned conversation. Due to current Victoria State government restrictions, the lovely people at Chatty Café run two online sessions per week.

Meet at any Chatty Café Zoom session on Monday
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Meeting link to join the Zoom chat
Meeting number: 818 5477 1722
Access code: 794716

Meet at any Chatty Café Zoom Friday session
1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Meeting link to join the Zoom chat
Meeting number: 883 7319 5343
Access code: 354779

The recurring link stays the same so you can join any session you want during the hour. Contact chattycafeaustralia [at] If you have any questions.

New to Zoom?

If you need help getting started with Zoom and enjoying a wonderful conversation with Chatty, you can sign up for a free training session.

Monday September 27, with Zoom and WhatsApp at 10 a.m. and Zoom and Facetime at 1 p.m.

Wednesday September 29, with Zoom and Facetime at 10 a.m. and Zoom and WhatsApp at 1 p.m.

For assistance joining the training call 9596 4547

To book, visit the Stay in Touch website or call 9596 4547

Learn more about free training

Become a Chatty Café location

Chatty Café is a global program where cafes, bars and restaurants become the setting for new friendships. The Council received a grant to continue supporting the role of Chatty Café sites across Bayside. “This project supports regional priorities by connecting communities and reducing social isolation. For more information on the regional priorities of the Inner Southeast Metropolitan Partnership, visit

Chatty Café will resume face-to-face sessions when restrictions permit.

Add your place here

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Benefits of Using an Unsecured Business Loan

The companies are mainly looking for financing options as the investments (capex) are large. The reason for funding over one unsecured business loan for MSMEs could be to meet the working capital shortage, expand into a new region, or buy modern machinery. Either a company can opt for equity financing that requires it to be listed on the stock exchanges, but that is a lengthy process that comes with its costs. The alternative route is to take on debt in the form of one unsecured business loan this is associated with interest costs.

In this technology-driven era, loan processing only takes minutes and many lenders are presenting online offers unsecured business loans in india. These loans are designed for businesses that cannot afford to pledge their assets as collateral because they either do not have them or simply cannot provide them as collateral.

There are many benefits to taking and using unsecured loans:

Minimum qualification requirements

There are some basic conditions that the lender expects from the borrower. For business loans, these terms are very strict and range from company history to solid financial metrics. However, in a Loan for companies without security, these conditions are less stringent. You will only be asked to show your PAN card, business documents and a bank statement.

No collateral

This is one of the main advantages of using one unsecured business loan for MSMEs. As a borrower, you do not need to provide collateral to the lender to reduce credit risk. This advantage makes these loans ideal financing options for startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs). This feature also saves application processing and loan approval time, securing a loan on the same day.

Fast application

Unlike traditional loans, you do not need to go to the lender’s office in person to apply for a loan unsecured business loan. The entire application process is completely online, so you can now apply for a loan from the comfort of your sofa. The application is not very lengthy and the documents can be submitted online by uploading them to the lender’s website or app. So if you are in dire need of cash then go to unsecured business loans in india.

Faster payout

Not only is the loan application and processing quick, the loan is also paid out faster. The lender will transfer the loan amount to the borrower’s bank account once approved. Unsecured business loan interest rate turn out a little higher, but are the perfect financing option in an emergency. Most borrowers receive the loan amount the same day they apply for it.

Less restrictions

In the case of large-volume business loans, the financial institution usually sets limited covenants for the use of the loan amount. Banks check the correct use of the fund at every quarterly check and pay out the money in tranches instead of all at once. However, in a Loan for companies without security, there are no such usage restrictions on the loan amount. In addition, unlike traditional corporate loans, the funds are disbursed in a single tranche.

Minimal documentation

The paperwork is usually a taxable phase in any loan, especially a business loan with many documents to be submitted in different phases. Then the round of document rejection starts for many reasons and then you have to provide alternative or updated documents in order to get the loan approved. On the other hand with unsecured loans for companies, paperwork is the bare minimum. You can simply upload a pre-defined set of documents about your company online, in no time.

Repayment flexibility

With the business loans offered by banks, borrowers have to pay a fixed amount every month for the entire term of the loan. This amount is the Equivalent Monthly Installment (EMI) calculated based on the loan amount, the term of the loan and the interest rate calculated by the lender. In one (n unsecured business loan for MSMEs, the lenders offer flexibility in repayment. Borrowers can choose the monthly installment amount based on their projected cash flows. There is also no early repayment penalty and no processing fee for the loan.

credit rating

One of the first criteria for a business loan is to check the repayment history of the borrowing company with a credit rating. Banks will not entertain a borrower with a history of default or poor creditworthiness. However, this is not the case in unsecured loans, because companies receive a loan despite a low credit rating. The lender places more emphasis on the borrowing company’s profitability than on its credit history.

That is all we had to you in this issue about the benefits of using unsecured business loans offered by many direct lenders and NBFCs in India. In a nutshell, unsecured business loans in india are a one-stop destination for all financing needs of start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses.

The taking of a. has several advantages Credit for a business with no security, So what are you waiting for? Just find the best lender and apply for one unsecured business loan.

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Contra Costa County restaurants prepare to ‘watch the public’ with COVID vaccine checks – Silicon Valley

Some of Hazy Barbecue’s Instagram followers disliked Tuesday’s announcement that Restaurant Danville would begin checking diners inside to prove they had received their COVID-19 photos.

The post was immediately inundated with so much vitriol that the restaurant shut down comments completely.

It was a rocky start for Hazy Barbecue’s attempt to comply with Contra Costa County’s latest health order, which went into effect on Wednesday.

Intended to curb the spread of COVID-19 fueled by the delta variant since the start of the summer, the health order requires anyone entering restaurants, bars and gyms to prove that they have been vaccinated. The order broadly applies to all indoor businesses where people breathe heavily from exercise or remove their masks to eat or drink.

Contra Costa is the first Bay Area county outside of San Francisco to adopt the “vaccine passport” policy, which also went into effect last month in Berkeley.

“People need to know that it is not our fault that the regulations change and that we have to comply with them,” said Brendan Harrigan, co-owner of the Hartz Avenue restaurant in downtown Danville.

DANVILLE, CA – SEPTEMBER 22: Spencer Umidon, left, and host and hostess Michele Johnson, respectively, wait for customers to enter the Revel Kitchen and Bar in Danville, Calif. On Wednesday, September 22, 2021. The Contra Costa County begins its mandate that customers must show they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 if they wish to dine indoors or enter gyms and bars. (Ray Chavez / Bay Area News Group)

Customers who refuse to show proof of vaccination are supposed to either be directed to the outdoor space of a business or be asked to leave.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the new health order was already complicating a Danville couple’s plans for an early dinner. Doug Thompson said he was fully vaccinated but will have to sit outside with his wife, who left her phone and vaccination card at home.

Thompson sympathized with the restaurateurs, saying they would now be forced to play the hall monitor. And he was skeptical that the order would have the desired effect at the end of the day.

“I think anti-vaxxers are going to continue to be anti-vaxxers, although that can be troublesome,” Thompson said. “I don’t think it’s going to change anyone’s mind… it might change a few, but not a lot.”

A restaurant manager said on Wednesday morning he was preparing for the difficult conversations he expected to have hours later with customers who could prank him if he was turned down.

“We want to comply, but we don’t think it’s our responsibility to watch the public,” said Patrick Kelly, who manages Norm’s Place restaurant and cocktails in Danville.

DANVILLE, CA – SEPTEMBER 22: Miranda McCurry, left, and coworker Paull Penn dine at Revel Kitchen and Bar in Danville, Calif. On Wednesday, September 22, 2021. Contra Costa County begins tenure as customers must show they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 if they want to go to dinner indoors or enter the gym and bars. (Ray Chavez / Bay Area News Group)

Kelly said patrons who dined inside Norm’s Place – which flaunts an American flag above the bar – complied with past health rules, such as mask warrants, without causing grief to staff.

As the latest wave of COVID-19 appears to be abating, 126 people are currently hospitalized with the virus in Contra Costa, and 44 of them have been admitted to intensive care, according to county data.

The county has recorded eight deaths from COVID-19 so far in September. Of 631 deaths since December – when vaccines first became available – 95% were people who had not received COVID-19 vaccines.

Contra Costa Health Services, which announced the new ordinance last week, said its main goal was not to crack down on non-compliant companies, but rather to educate them, as well as the community, on the practices. sure.

“That said, the application for not complying with this health ordinance is the same as for not complying with other health ordinances,” agency spokesman Will Harper said in an email. . “The county will investigate complaints about businesses that violate health ordinances and act accordingly. “

Maria Gonzalez, an employee of the Valley Medlyn cafe, said a couple of customers initially refused to show proof of vaccination on Wednesday, but did so reluctantly after learning about the new policy. Nonetheless, she is concerned that other interactions with customers will become more confrontational.

The outdoor patio at the Revel Kitchen and Bar is large enough that owner Curtis deCarion is hoping it can accommodate those who are not vaccinated or who refuse to prove they are.

As a business owner, deCarion said, he “would never want to turn away clients” even though it is a reality he is about to face.

“We understand why we have to do it,” said deCarion. “We’re not really excited about it, but we’re doing what we have to do these days to survive.”

A calm Wednesday afternoon saw only a few patrons sitting at Hazy Barbecue – the calm before a storm of patrons expected during dinner hours. While Harrigan, the restaurant’s co-owner, was being interviewed, he noticed that some customers at a table inside had yet to show his staff their vaccination cards.

Dealing with them would be the next item on his to-do list, Harrigan said.

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At Everett’s boat launch, a sandbar blocks sailors

EVERETT – The state’s largest boat launch is overrun by a sandbar.

Port officials say sediment is flowing at a much faster rate than usual to the Everett 10th Street boat launch.

The guilty? The Snohomish River. Accomplices? No more extreme weather events and a change in historical river flows.

The past decade has seen more severe storms, and with them more flooding, said Laura Gurley, the port’s planning director. “With more water comes more sediment,” she said.

The silt is problematic. More than 30,000 vessels depart each year from the 13-lane boat launch, jointly owned by the port, the Town of Everett and the County of Snohomish. It is used for recreation, commerce, Department of Defense operations, emergency response, and tribal fishing. And it’s a lifeline for Hat Island residents.

At low tide, there have been more and more reports of boaters stranded near the boat launch. Sometimes the north end of the launch becomes unusable. Port officials fear the impacts will one day be more severe than those from a stranded person on a sunny afternoon.

“Thousands of boaters depend on the launch and surrounding waterways to be accessible at all tide levels, including our local emergency responders who provide essential life-safety services on the water. Having a response vessel unable to reach the river channel on a rescue mission could quickly become a life or death situation and we cannot have it, ”said Port CEO Lisa Lefeber , in a press release.

The port will therefore hire someone to dig the launching ramp, as well as part of the sandbank. Literally.

Last month, the port announced it was accepting bids for the work. Whoever gets the contract, which should be awarded this fall, will use cranes equipped with clamshells to pick up the mud. Then they’ll haul the silt somewhere near Port Gardner, where it’ll be dropped off at an open water disposal site – essentially a large hole in Puget Sound. The work is scheduled to take place this winter and must be completed by February 15 to protect the fish runs.

The accumulation of sediment at the boat launch is nothing new. It sits at the mouth of a large river that perpetually pushes silt as water pushes its way through Snohomish County. Dredging therefore takes place approximately every decade.

But there has never been a sandbar like the one that formed just outside the boat launch, and there has never been so much to dig, said Gurley. Ten years ago, teams dug up 25,000 cubic meters of sand. This winter, they are expected to remove 41,000 cubic yards, or about 4,000 dump truck loads. As a result, the project this winter will cost twice as much, at $ 1.2 million.

“We have never seen such a level of sedimentation,” said port spokeswoman Catherine Soper.

This spot near the boat launch and the Federal Shipping Canal is no man’s land – or rather, no man’s water – that has never been dredged before, Gurley said. So, getting the right permits is a complicated affair, involving an assortment of agencies, like the US Army Corps of Engineers, which does most of the dredging in the channel between Everett and Jetty Island. Emergency clearance has not been granted, but Gurley has promised the port will work on it.

Even when dredging is allowed, it’s a band-aid solution that can last for a few years, Gurley said. It probably won’t be long before it fills with sediment. The next step will be to obtain more permanent permits that will allow more frequent dredging over a larger area.

In the meantime, boaters should exercise caution in checking the tides for their scheduled departure and return times. (It’s the return time that people most often forget, Soper said.) And they should understand the ship’s draft, which is how far their boat goes below the surface. some water.

Zachariah Bryan: 425-339-3431; [email protected] Twitter: @zachariahtb.


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Nightclub-inspired HIIT gym just opened downtown

Global fitness brand Barry’s is opening its first branch in Vancouver – perfect if you like your sweaty session with red lights and club tracks.


Apparently Mandy Moore and Harry Styles are among the fans, but I admit it: I had never heard of Barry’s before receiving an email inviting me to come for a pre-opening training.

But apparently it’s a massive brand with over 70 studios around the world (watch your backs, SoulCycle), and the PR manager assured me it was both “the original high-intensity interval training ”and“ the best workout in the world ”) so: color me intrigued! I grab all of my modern gym accessories – stretch pants, water bottle, vaccine passport – and head to my first pandemic gym workout.

The Vancouver site (at Pender and Burrard) was originally slated to open in March 2020 but, well, you know that. The launch of this weekend was therefore a long time coming. Imagine: it’s been such a long time that they probably have playlists ready to roll this didn’t even have Olivia Rodrigo on them.

After the smoothie bar and shelves of Barry’s branded Lululemon equipment, the workout room awaited, filled with various fitness influencers, most of them dressed in the aforementioned product. The mirrors lining each wall make it seem like hundreds of tight-bodied clones are getting ready for a HIIT class with me. A tiny bit of claustrophobia sets in. Am I emotionally prepared to be locked in a room with 50 other people for the express purpose of breathing as hard as possible? But: too late! I’m in the red room and it’s Bootcamp time!

The pounding music begins to play and a disembodied voice – CEO and star trainer Jay Gonzalez at the microphone across the room – unleashes an impressive flow of high-octane instruction. I struggle to click various buttons on high-tech machines. I know we’ve all been through double vaxx, but my skin is crawling, so I keep my mask on. It becomes almost immediately appalling.

Meanwhile, my treadmill neighbor tries to punch me. I say no, then spiraling about being rude, then reverse spiraling about how he dares put me in a position to feel rude! Oh wait, I missed several stages and guess we’re sprinting now? My mask is so heavy with sweat that it is already falling off my face. Everyone is shouting “Wooo! “

The nightmare effect was amplified by the red lights inside the studio, which bathed everyone in a Twin peaks-esque glow. I wonder if there was some sort of vaguely scientific reason behind chromotherapy for the alarming hue, but Gonzalez explains that 20 years ago the founder (the Barry) was intentionally trying to capture that 2am nightclub feeling. “Barry is sober, but he wanted to create that nightclub vibe,” says Gonzalez. “He wanted being healthy to be as fun as being unhealthy.” And so, at Barry’s all over the world, a neon sign glow lights up your sweat session as the pulsating music blares out (thankfully, complimentary foam earplugs are available at the front desk if you’re weak and lame. like me).

For 50 minutes, Gonzalez blasts us with a constant torrent of instruction, switching, rapid fire, between stages for the group of us on treadmills and those starting with weights on the ground. He’s like a torn auctioneer. It’s very impressive, but I feel a little worried that no one is overseeing all the mistakes I make or helping me adapt to my specific fitness needs (i.e. being very bad shape).

I leave so dazed that when I get in my car, I realize that I accidentally stole a towel. But I’m also sore and sweaty… that’s what we all look for in a confusing nightclub and fitness center experience, right?

If, unlike me, you’re mentally prepared to train alongside other humans again (for example, if you’re Mandy Moore or Harry Styles), Barry’s offers five or six different classes a day, focusing on one rotating selection of body parts and with a mix of cool exercise and music in each session. Walk-in classes cost $ 34 each, with various passes and memberships that lower the price per class from there. (A 50 class pack, for example, costs $ 1,400, or a $ 300 monthly membership will give you access to a maximum of 12 classes per month.)

Not the price of the community center, but cheaper than a night out at the club… just as Barry himself would have liked.

Barry’s, 1035 W Pender St

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Eatery Business

Poll: Americans with unsecured debt are primarily to blame for credit cards

A US News & World Report poll in late August 2021 shows that among Americans carrying unsecured debt, more …

End of August 2021 opinion poll by US News & World Report shows that of Americans who carry unsecured debt, over 53% say it is mostly credit cards.

Credit card debts are taken into account unsecured debtwhich means it is not tied to an asset like a house or a car. Respondents were asked what types of debt make up the bulk of their unsecured debt, and in addition to credit cards, they name:

Personal Loans, at almost 21%.

– Medical debt, 12%.

Payday loan, more than 5%.

About 52% of respondents say they have between $ 10,000 and just under $ 40,000 in unsecured debt.

[Read: Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards.]

What interest do you pay?

Almost 8% of respondents say they don’t know what their highest interest rate is, which is worrying. Among those who know their prices, here are the results:

– Around 35% indicate an interest rate of 10% or less.

– More than 20% have a quota between 11% and 15%.

– More than 19% have a rate between 16% and 20%.

– Almost 16% have a rate between 21% and 25%.

– Almost 7% have a rate between 26% and 30%.

– Almost 4% have a rate over 30%.

Her interest rate depends on the type of debt you have and your credit rating. With debt comes interest expense. Some types of unsecured debt, such as credit cards and payday loans, charge compound interest.

This means that you are paying interest on a balance that includes the previous month’s interest. With compound interest, your debt can grow quickly. Once you get caught in this dangerous spiral, it is difficult to get out.

Why Americans Are Struggling to Get Out of Debt

Almost 42% of respondents say they have more unsecured debt than they did a year ago. When asked about the biggest challenges in paying off debt, around 20% said it was an unexpected expense.

Further findings:

– Around 19% have problems paying bills on time.

– More than 15% have problems budgeting payments.

– More than 15% cite inconsistent income as the culprit.

– About 13% say rising interest charges are an important factor.

– More than 7% have problems keeping track of multiple accounts.

How to Pay Off Your Debt

The first step is to find out what is preventing you from dealing with your debt. And if you find that you have room for improvement in several areas, that’s fine too. Be honest about your situation and then you can focus on one or more of these solutions:

– Automate your finances.

– Get a debt consolidation loan.

– Apply for a credit card for credit transfer.

– Build up an emergency fund.

– Get a loan counseling.

Automate your finances

Almost one in five respondents stated that they did not pay bills on time. If the problem is that you don’t have the money when the bill is due, you need to contact your lender and explain your situation. Depending on the lender it is possible to get into one Hardness program while you catch up on bills.

If the issue is timing, see if you can change the invoice due date. Postpone it to a week when you have cash flow to cover the expenses.

But what if it’s all about forgetfulness? The simple solution is to automate your payments for as many bills as possible. When you set up automatic payments with your bank or credit card, your lender will deduct your debt from your authorized bank account.

But make sure you have the money in your bank account to cover the amount. Once you’ve found a rhythm and paying your bills on time, you can start looking for solutions that will help you pay less interest on your debt.

[Read: Best Debt Consolidation Loans.]

Get a Debt Consolidation Loan

When asked how to pay off debts, around a quarter of respondents choose a debt consolidation loan as the most attractive option. With this type of loan you will consolidate your debts and thus reduce your number of creditors. And hopefully you get a lower interest rate and lower monthly payment.

You need to do some online comparison purchases. Compare prices and make sure you are getting the best terms that you can qualify for.

It is important to note that it is not a good idea to consolidate medical debt. It can add interest expense to an already unwieldy debt. Consolidating medical debt also removes the consumer protection that applies to medical debt.

However, for other types of unsecured debt, a debt consolidation loan is a great option for those who don’t have one excellent credit scores. However, if you have a large bankroll, consider using a prepaid credit card.

Apply for a prepaid credit card

If you have an excellent credit rating, you should qualify for a credit transfer credit card. These cards are often offered with an introductory annual rate of 0% for a period of e.g. B. delivered 12 to 18 months.

This gives you the opportunity to withdraw (or at least reduce) the balance during the interest-free period. By going this route, you will find out what your monthly payment needs to be in order for you to have a zero balance before your regular APR comes on.

[Read: Best Low-Interest Credit Cards.]

Build an emergency fund

If their debts were paid off, nearly 23% of respondents say they would use the extra money to top up their debt Emergency fundwhich is an excellent choice. An emergency fund will help you weather a sudden financial crisis.

Even if you are in debt, try to put some money in your emergency fund every now and then. A little helps too.

Get credit counseling

If you feel that your debt is insurmountable, get help. No matter how bad your situation is, there is a solution. It may take a long time to fix, but starting today is the right step.

You can contact National Foundation for Credit Advice Find a reputable credit counseling agency.

More from US news

What is a late credit card account?

Can I get a personal loan with bad credit?

What is a maxed-out credit card?

Poll: Americans with unsecured debt are primarily to blame for credit cards originally appeared on

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UConn opens first herbal campus cafe

The University of Connecticut Dining Services launched its plant-based CrossRoads cafe late last month, offering a unique menu of plant-based options designed to satisfy meat eaters as well as vegetarians and vegans. Many of the menu items, which include ready-to-go salads and sandwiches made daily on campus, desserts from the UConn bakery, as well as make-your-own yogurt bowls, are also gluten-free.

The idea for CrossRoads started last October when Madelyn Pickett, an undergraduate student at UConn, emailed Dining Services with her proposal for herbal coffee. To gauge the interest of the campus community, the department then sent out a survey that generated thousands of responses in favor of the coffee idea.

Although vegan and vegetarian options are available in all campus dining halls, food services saw an opportunity with this cafe to bring additional exposure and availability of high quality herbal products to the market. flexitarians on campus, while creating an educational component on the health and sustainability aspects of a plant-based diet. After receiving full University approval, Dining Services hosted a student menu tasting in March at its Innovation Lab with Robert Landolphi, Associate Director for Culinary Development and Residential Catering.

When it came time to create the brand’s look for CrossRoads, Dining Services continued with the idea of ​​keeping the Café elements focused on student engagement, with UConn’s digital media and design specialist, Jared Beltz, developing the logo, brand guide and color palette for the cafe. . Meanwhile, the café area has been renovated this summer with wooden elements, plants from the UConn Horticultural Club and photographs of the campus to create a natural and welcoming atmosphere around high tables and an available lounge area. to eat and study.

In addition to its meal service, CrossRoads also serves to educate and raise awareness of the importance of sustainability on campus, with Crossroads’ event management committee coordinating and hosting events on a range of movement-related topics for the future of plants such as sustainable agriculture, alternative proteins and various nutritional topics.

Here is a photo tour of Crossroads…

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Angelo’s transforms Federal Hill restaurant into an indoor-outdoor place

Wednesday September 22, 2021

Enlarge +

Angelo touted the completion of the new installation of new windows on Tuesday. Photo: FB d’Angelo

Federal Hill’s nearly century-old Italian restaurant has announced the installation of new windows for an enhanced dining experience.

On Tuesday, Angelo’s – located at 141 Atwells Avenue – announced the completion of the renovation that now allows for increased ventilation – and more.

Veal and sausage and fries may even be better – and that’s a high bar.


And although this is a major benefit during a pandemic, Jamie Anitgano d’Angelo said on social media that the project has been in the works for four years, to bring more light into the restaurant and connect the spaces interior and exterior catering.

“Ciao Bella,” Angelo wrote. “The secret is out, our new windows are here! They open fully, allowing open air circulation and beautiful natural light. It’s a long-held vision that has finally come to life – we can wait for you to see them! Thank you to everyone at Towne Glass for working with us and protecting our historic building!

Latest for Federal Institution Hill

During the pandemic, Angelo’s, like many restaurants, has struggled to “think outside the box” and deal with state restrictions on coronaviruses.

In October 2020, the restaurant featured a twist on an Italian classic and offered take-out ‘Halloween cannoli kits’, which included’ mini mummy cannoli shells, green mud cannoli cream. and Halloween nuggets for all your favorite ghouls and elves ”.

Earlier that fall, the restaurant offered its own “twist” on PPP loans – naming one dish the “PPP”.

“Bowtie pasta sautéed in oil and fresh minced garlic mixed with crispy prosciutto and peas topped with pecorino romano cheese,” wrote Angelo’s “Restaurant week has never looked better.”

During the pandemic, Angelo’s announced that it had obtained a ServSafe Restoration Commitment Seal.


The restaurant writes the following of its history on its website:

“In 1924 Angelo’s Civita Farnese restaurant opened on Atwells Avenue. Farnese is a small town 60 miles northwest of Rome (central Italy) and the name reflected the style of Italian cuisine to which the new Federal Hill settlers might have expected. Angelo’s was the “worker” restaurant, a no-frills restaurant serving simple and delicious cuisine based on village recipes. Every dish was plentiful and filling, never expensive, and the restaurant had an ambience which was and still is unique.

A place where food is known to be plentiful and the prices affordable, Angelo’s has had the help of history to establish itself as a landmark in Rhode Island. The humble restaurant survived the Great Depression. That’s when Angelo’s tradition of serving French fries with meatballs began, providing customers with an inexpensive way to have a full stomach without emptying their wallets.

When founder Angelo Mastrodicasa retired in 1954, his daughters took over and in 1965 moved the restaurant for the third and final time to its current location at 141 Atwells Avenue. In 1988, the family business was transferred to nephew, Bob Antignano, his wife Lee and their two daughters, Cindy and Jamie. With the Antignano family at the helm, the same spirit of generosity continues at Angelo, as thick and hearty as the tomato sauce, which is still fresh every morning. “

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If I keep him from the party he’ll make a scene

Dear Amy: I recently got a Facebook message from a man, “Thomas”, who said he thought he might be my brother, and we did a DNA test to prove he is.

Amy dickinson

He had sent a message to other family members, including my half-brother, “Eric”.

When I spoke to Thomas he told me that Eric (a new Christian) told him he didn’t want anything to do with him because he could be the product of our father cheating on his mother so that Eric was a baby.

Yes, I know it’s Eric’s choice, Thomas has nothing to do with it.

I’m planning a family reunion soon so we can all get to know Thomas. I don’t know what to do with Eric, who refuses to acknowledge Thomas’ existence.

If I don’t invite Eric, he will make a fuss, but if I invite him, I’m afraid he won’t be welcoming to Thomas.

I do not know what to do. They are the only brothers and sisters I have left, because my two older brothers are deceased, as well as my mother. I just want everyone to get along!

No advice?

Caught in a family feud

Dear caught: Of course you want everyone to get along! Unfortunately, you simply cannot guarantee a particular result.

Eric said he didn’t want to have a relationship with Thomas. As you aptly note, it is up to him.

I think you should invite all family members (including Eric) to your meeting, without attaching any qualifications or guarantees.

It is likely that Eric decides not to attend. It is his choice and his downfall. If he assists, and behaves badly, it is also on him.

Hope all goes well for you and the rest of your family.

Dear Amy: I am 58 years old. I was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease two years ago. My friends are all aware of my diagnosis.

My question concerns my sister. She and I had been separated for almost a decade. Two years ago, I realized that our disagreements were water under the bridge, and we reestablished a relationship. She lives several states further away and has no contact with my friends.

I never told her my diagnosis.

I don’t want her to come to the conclusion that I have broken down the barriers between us because of my illness. I did it because I love it, not because I am facing my own mortality.

I also don’t want to bring stress into her life, she’s had enough and she will go into stress mode – that’s what she is.

Also, because she is my “big sister” I also know that she is going to switch to: “I will take care of you” (again, it is her nature), which is not. what i need or want to be the basis for our relationship.

On the other hand, I don’t want her to feel betrayed when she inevitably learns of my illness.

At the moment, I am able to hide my symptoms well. The day this is not the case, I intend to tell him (and his children).

I am extremely torn as to whether I am making the right decision.

Am i?

Torn up

Dear Torn: I believe you are making the right decision, because right now this is how you face a very difficult diagnosis. You have the right to control your own health information for any reason.

You seem to be shielding yourself from the stress of your sister’s anticipated reaction, but I want to remind you that people don’t always react the way you expect.

Now that your relationship with her is on a better footing, you might be closer to breaking this news to her, explicitly telling her in advance that she can help you the most by staying calm and letting you take the lead.

The timing of your diagnosis and reconnection with your sister seems more than a coincidence, and in my opinion, awareness of your own mortality is the best reason in the world to reconnect.

Dear Amy: I don’t always agree with you, but I admit that I burst out laughing and applauded your response to “Unsure,” the kid who was ditching his wife, who had been his medical aide.

The sentence that made me understand was: “You will undoubtedly deserve the happiness that you reserve. “


Big fan

Dear fan: Hope Uncertain read the true meaning behind this line.

You can email Amy Dickinson at [email protected] or send a letter to Ask Amy, PO Box 194, Freeville, NY 13068. You can also follow her on Twitter @askingamy or Facebook.

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The commissioner explains the only “no” to the battle for alcohol licenses in nightclubs in Africa

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – We hear more tonight from the city commissioner who had the only dissenting vote on Monday afternoon in the months-long battle for a Fargo bar to keep its doors open.

Fargo commissioners voted to demand that the Africa Bar and Nightclub sell its liquor license within the next 30 days or revoke it. If the owners do not sell their permit on time, or if the person they sell it to does not pass a background check, the permit automatically returns to the city.

Commissioner Tony Gehrig said he voted “no” because he wanted the business license revoked immediately, rather than granting another grace period.

“Instead of losing their license, they can sell it for a huge profit. A $ 100,000 license that can be sold on the open market for over $ 500,000 is a gift! This is not the way it should work. It’s not a commodity, ”Gehrig said.

At Monday’s meeting, Mballu Brown, the company’s proposed new owner and wife of former owner Francis Brown, made an emotional appeal asking for a second chance.

“I’m not a bad guy. Why don’t you give me a chance she said Monday night.

However, Gehrig said he didn’t believe that would be the case.

“They need new leadership, they need new direction. They have to fix a lot of things that are broken. 30 more days will not solve the problem. 60 more days will not be enough, ”Gehrig said on Tuesday afternoon. “She has owned this bar since 2019. She was just not acting as the owner as it was basically fraudulent documents. They said she was the owner, but she wasn’t.

When asked how soon other Fargo companies could soon face a similar fate with the City Commission and the Liquor Control Board, Gehrig replied that it would not be “soon enough”.

“If you don’t run the bar properly, you lose your license. I don’t care if it makes you sad or not. It sounds heartless, but I’m sorry, that’s not what we’re here for. We are here for the safety of the public, ”he said.

The Africa Nightclub management declined to speak to our press team today.

Copyright 2021 KVLY. All rights reserved.

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Missouri attorney general backs cafe battle mask warrant

BLUE SPRINGS, Missouri – Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has filed a legal case in support of Rae’s Cafe in Blue Springs.

Schmitt is not part of the lawsuit between the cafe owner and Jackson County over the county’s mask requirements. Instead, he filed what is called an amicus brief. This allows Schmitt to show his support for the cafe in the eyes of the court.

The brief argues that since Rae’s Cafe is now the Rae’s Private Club, the business complies with the county’s mask mandate. He also alleges that Jackson County violated the owner’s rights.

“This is yet another example of government bureaucrats attempting to wield the power they have obtained, aggregated and maintained by stoking fear throughout the pandemic. Of particular concern is exercising this power to shut down a private business, ”Attorney General Schmitt said.

Schmitt visited the cafe last weekend to show his support for the company.

A Jackson County judge granted a temporary restraining order and closed the Rae Cafe on September 10. The order came a day after Jackson County MPs and the health department ordered the cafe to shut down due to repeated violations. Rae’s Cafe defied that order and opened anyway.

Rae’s Café’s business license was suspended earlier this month for violation of the warrant after patrons of the restaurant reported violations of the county’s mask ordinance to the health department, which sparked the investigation.

Jackson County and Rae’s Cafe are expected to be in a Jackson County courtroom Wednesday morning for a hearing on the temporary restraining order.

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Sonoma County restaurants still struggling in 2021

Martin said it was painful to see all of the effort and hard work the couple put into the restaurant over the past two decades fading away.

“It’s really sad, to be honest, and it’s been hard to stay motivated, but we force ourselves to keep going. We’ve worked harder than ever in the past two years. It would be easy to quit, but I can ‘can’t afford that,’ he said.

If there’s a silver lining, Lucas said, it’s that the couple have come full circle, leading a lean operation together and trying to look to a brighter future. “This little restaurant that started with two of us has come full circle. I love this place. It’s our heart and our soul,” he said.

The $ 22 Turkey Sandwich

Chef Chris Ball of the Seafood and Eat restaurant in Windsor and Down To Earth Cafe in Cotati has had to increase the prices of his menus to keep up with the rising cost of produce.

He knows customers hate it.

“We’re incredibly busy and we can’t break even,” Ball said of his restaurant Cotati. “I can’t charge enough because any increase I make is only half enough, but when I increased the prices on my menu people went crazy.”

Ball has always prided itself on using ingredients sourced from local farms and ranches, paying good wages and doing as much as possible from scratch, like the pastrami which takes nearly a month to heal, his au pesto or whiskey sauce for his donuts. According to Ball, basic ingredients from factory farms, pre-made sauces and processed ingredients are up to 40% cheaper.

Cash strapped, restaurants are already turning to prefabricated products that solve their labor issues and cost a lot less.

“The sad thing is that people probably only notice once that things are different,” he said. “You don’t need talented staff when all they have to do is show up and put it in a bag.”

“Restaurant owners lower their products to stay profitable, and it’s a smart business time. I could cut prices, and I would lose a few people, but the rest would still show up, which doesn’t support anything around us. This is not the model we have to adopt. It is not good at scale. Our entire food chain and distribution chain depends on us, “he said.

Ball said when factoring in the cost of the right ingredients, wages, workers’ compensation, rent, insurance and all other business-related costs, a turkey sandwich should cost him around $ 22. $ to make a profit, but no one would pay it. .

Instead, business is shifting to less labor-intensive restaurants.

“If you serve pizza, Chinese food, burgers, or Mexican food, you’ve probably done very well during the pandemic. But white tablecloth meals are not coming back,” he said.

This means that talented chefs move into different careers, and high-end waiters extend their sales skills elsewhere.

“There is a massive brain drain from this industry,” he said.

“The older guys who know what they’re doing are gone, and there’s no one behind them who can cook. All of a sudden, you’re a chef at 22 because you can buy everything ready-made. Most of the people I know have been released on bail.

Ball is looking to cash in on the take-out market with a new ghost kitchen, a food business with no physical presence, just cooks preparing food in a commercial kitchen for delivery. He can use his kitchen and staff, use ingredients at lower cost, and outsource delivery to Doordash or Grubhub.

It’s not what he dreams of as a training chef, but at least it will help pay the bills.

A light at the end of the tunnel

With seven restaurants and 475 employees, Mark and Terri Stark faced their own challenges. This includes the opening of their new restaurant, Grossman’s Noshery & Bar, in March 2020, which was not eligible for any of the federal relief programs, and is working to achieve 100% voluntary vaccination for staff.

While each restaurant operates independently, the group benefits from unified management practices that have enabled restaurants to retain employees by prioritizing employee salaries and benefits. Despite being forced to lay off most of their staff in early 2020, Terri Stark said restaurants have kept much of their old team and hired several hundred more during the tight labor market.

The Stark owns Stark’s Steakhouse and Seafood; the Willi’s wine bar; Seafood from Willi; Monti’s; The bird and the bottle; Noshery by Grossman; and Bravas.

With places easily accessible and popular with tourists in Santa Rosa and Healdsburg, Terri Stark said that in April 2021, when diners started to go out in droves, things started to improve in their restaurants.

“It’s been ups and downs, but we’ve seen a few months even better than 2019. We’re holding out,” Stark said.

The management of unvaccinated diners and the emergence of the delta variant were, however, difficult. Stark’s mission is to encourage immunization compliance, including a raffle of 21 $ 1,000 gift cards and a party for immunized staff in early September.

More than 90 percent of the group’s workers are now vaccinated.

“We’re waiting for the inevitable… people will probably need to be vaccinated to get into a restaurant soon. We’re trying to understand our protocol and get on the train as soon as possible,” Stark said. San Francisco recently required restaurants and bars to require guests to show proof of vaccination before entering.

Despite their challenges, Stark has a long-term view.

“I would like people to be optimistic that the current staff situation is not forever. People cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it will come,” she said.

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Couple kicked out of TX bar for refusing to remove masks

A Dallas-area woman says she and her husband were kicked out of a restaurant for choosing to wear masks to protect their son, who has cystic fibrosis.

In a Facebook post earlier this month, Natalie Wester said she and her husband went to meet friends for a night out at Hang Time, a bar in Rowlett, Texas. Wester said in their Facebook post that the hostess asked the couple to remove their masks when they checked their IDs, but the couple put their masks back on when they arrived at their table.

Wester says she and her husband are fully vaccinated but chose to wear masks because their 4-month-old son was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a genetic condition that puts him at risk for severe COVID-19 infection.

The couple continued to wear their masks after ordering drinks and an appetizer. But about 30 minutes later, a waitress approached them and told them to take off their masks.

“… our waitress comes over, sits next to me and says ‘Our manager sent me because I’m nicer than him. And yes, that’s political,'” Wester wrote.

Wester claims the waitress told her she didn’t believe the masks would prevent the spread of COVID-19, despite numerous scientific studies proving otherwise.

When Wester informed the waitress about her son’s condition, she said the waitress told her “she could close my check for me if that was a problem.”

“My husband and I paid and left without a scene,” Wester wrote.

KTVT-TV in Dallas spoke to the owner of Hang Time, who confirmed Wester’s story.

“I spent my money on the business, my blood, sweat and tears on this business, and I don’t want masks here,” owner Tom Blackmer told KTVT. “I think the overall reaction with the masks is ludicrous in the United States right now.”

Speaking with The Dallas Morning News, Blackmer said the couple have “a choice to go wherever they want; there are thousands of bars here. Go somewhere else. … If you’re protecting someone, you shouldn’t go out. . “

Earlier this year, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed an order barring any state jurisdiction from adopting a mask warrant, including school districts.

While Texas has seen declining case rates over the past week, the state still has the second highest number of new cases per 100,000 population, behind Florida, according to Johns Hopkins.

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Vaccine passports Scotland: What is a nightclub?

With Scotland set to introduce vaccine passports from October 1 for certain settings, there has been a lot of talk about what defines a nightclub.

Now we have an answer; the Scottish government has defined the criteria by which it will define the nightclubs for the use of the vaccination passport.

This is important because only certain parameters will require proof of vaccination, so guidelines are needed to help companies understand which category they fall into.

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, here’s what you need to know about what defines a nightclub in Scotland …

What defines a nightclub in Scotland for vaccine passports?

If the following four criteria are met by an establishment, it will be considered a nightclub and must therefore request proof of vaccination:

  • open between midnight and 5 a.m.
  • serves alcohol after midnight
  • provides live or recorded music for dancing
  • has a designated space – which is currently used – for dancing

If these four conditions apply to a place, it will be considered a nightclub and the vaccination passport regime will therefore apply.

Speaking on the directions, the Prime Minister said: “In legal terms, places will be required to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to implement the program – in plain language, this is common sense.

“So, for example, a place which has a dance floor open after midnight – and which meets the other criteria – will have to apply the certification system.

“They won’t need to screen people entering for lunch at the pub twelve hours earlier – that wouldn’t be reasonable. But in the evening, it would be reasonable to screen customers when they arrive.

“That’s what we mean by common sense.”

What situations require vaccination passports?

The following events and locations require vaccine passports from October 1 in Scotland:

  • nightclubs
  • live indoor events with more than 500 non-seated people
  • open-air live events with over 4,000 non-seated people
  • any event with more than 10,000 people

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The Cafe Robber Side Case Guide

In Lost Judgment, lawyer-turned-detective Takayuki Yagami will handle almost any case he can get his hands on, including corporate espionage to UFO hunting. One of those side cases he encounters in the game in Kamurocho sees him trying to stop a robbery. Here’s everything you need to know about how to complete The Cafe Robber side case in Judgment lost.

The Lost Judgment The Coffee Robber Case Guide

At some point while exploring Kamurocho in Lost Judgment, an unnamed blue folder will appear on the Tenkaichi Street map. As Yagami passes, he hears what he suspects is a robbery in progress. It didn’t take long before it was revealed that they were, in fact, making a movie.

After this scene, two new keywords will be added to Yagami’s Buzz Research phone app. Open it up and search for the keyword Office Alone 4. Click on one of the chats and head to the waypoint.

Once there, open Buzz Researcher and search for the keyword Vol. Even if you’re already there, click on the keyword to set a waypoint and Yagami will comment on the scene already shot. A case file will now appear on the screen in your area.

Go to the location of the folder on the map and you will again hear a theft which is fishy for Yagami. Press R3 to observe the storefront and examine the “closed for turning” sign on the door. Look back over who says SOS, which means it is indeed a real theft.

Pick the lock, head inside and you’ll see a thief holding people at the tip of the knife. Yagami notes that he must find a disguise to help him get closer to the flight without being seen.

Choose Ono Michio’s outfit, box or barrel?

You will have a choice of the Ono Michio outfit, a box, and a barrel, although the barrel is too big to move. Hide in the Metal Gear Solid style box and go. The thief will write it as a simple box. He eventually realizes that you’re in the box, but you keep passers-by away while doing this, allowing you to fight the unsavory man one on one. You will have to hunt him after defeating him because the woman is working with the thief.

It’s also worth noting that putting on the Ono Michio outfit and sneaking around results in a hilarious cutscene, although you’ll be sent back to where you were before as it doesn’t work well as a distraction.

Necessary time : 20 minutes.

The Lost Judgment The Coffee Robber Case Guide

  1. Head to the ??? Side Case Marker on Tenkaichi Street.
  2. Listen to the cutscene then open Buzz Research.
  3. Search for the keyword Office Alone 4, click on one of the chats, and head to its waypoint.
  4. Once there, open Buzz Researcher and search for the Theft keyword to bring up a new folder on the map.
  5. Head to the folder and examine the back of the panel in observe mode to find SOS.
  6. Pick up the lock and select the box as a disguise.
  7. Defeat and then pursue the thief to solve the case.

That’s all you need to know about how to complete The Cafe Robber side case in Lost judgment. If you’re still looking for more information about the game, be sure to check out all of the other tips, tricks, and details related to a variety of useful topics by searching the Game Guide Wiki.

There should also be related content below that you might find useful, as well as other news based on Lost Judgment. For any questions that you cannot find an answer to, please feel free to contact us in the comments section below and we will do our best to help you.

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Local restaurant affected by SEMO district fair

CAP GIRARDEAU, Missouri (KFVS) – The comeback of the SEMO District Fair was a success, but have questions from local restaurants contributed to the company’s bottom line.

Orders have returned to Raul Nieves, manager of El Torero Mexican Grill in Cape Girardeau, since the SEMO District Fair ended on Saturday.

Nieves said customer attendance had not been the same since the pandemic and the return from the fair had reduced their customers by almost 30%

“Maybe 200 people would come in and we’re used to seeing at least 4 or 500 people,” Nieves said.

He said that every time they see fewer people, their employees see less tips.

“We had to cut some of our employees and that can really affect them too because it means they have less income for them,” Nieves said.

Dustin Fornkohl, a local resident, said he was delighted he and his family were enjoying a meal in downtown Cape Girardeau.

“I like the one from Brussard. After she ate at the fair and everything, I was like, “Let’s go to Brussard,” Fornkohl said.

However, he said the fair allows eating in one place. He thinks other families feel the same way.

“Because we’re going there anyway, so you might as well eat while we’re at it and the kids can get on the rides and just grab a bite to eat while we’re at it,” Fornkohl said.

Despite the drop in clientele due to the fair, El Torero sees the numbers returning to where they were before.

It wasn’t all bad news, Nieves says they’re seeing new customers from out of town, due to the SEMO District Fair.

“It was right for us, but I know of other places where it has not been so fair,” said Nieves.

Copyright 2021 KFVS. All rights reserved.

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30 years after murder, family tries to keep killer behind bars

Rocky River graduate Melissa Herstrum was killed in 1992 by University of Toledo policeman Jeffrey Hodge. Now 52, ​​Hodge is on parole.

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio – It’s just too hard to list all the ways those close to Melissa Anne Herstrum missed her. But on a cold morning in Rocky River, we sat down with Melissa’s sister, Cindy Herstrum-Clark, and Melissa’s close friend, TJ McManamon, so they could give it a try.

“I missed her contagious laugh and her outlook on life so much,” her sister Cindy told us. “She was so full of life and spirit and her personality was just contagious. I missed the way she celebrated the holidays and how much she loved family time and all of those things.”

“Melissa was such a great friend. She was such a loving soul. She was wonderful to be around: happy, joyful… I miss her every day, she’s not here. It’s been 30 years and she is truly a fighting, ”TJ McManamon said.

In January 1992, the life of their beloved Melissa was stolen from him by the police officer of the University of Toledo, Jeffrey Hodge. Hodge arrested Melissa, drove her to a parking lot away from campus, then killed her, leaving her body to freeze on the ground.

“What is going on has really changed us all. It has changed everything … the way we look at life, the way we treat people … it’s been very difficult to function at times,” TJ said. .

“It’s a hole in my parents’ heart. It’s a hole in my heart. It’s all the life we ​​couldn’t share with her because she was only 19 years old,” Cindy said.

They had to deal with 30 years of pain, which is now magnified at the thought of her killer being released.

“He’s on parole. But he was sentenced to a life sentence of 30 to life,” Cindy said.

Thirty in life, but it’s only been 29 years. And, every year, an excruciating reminder of how she was taken.

“He shot him 14 times at close range and his clothes were partially removed. He wanted to see the impact of the bullets, and I have to relive all of these things, but they never leave my memory anyway. He’s dangerous. “said Cindy, fighting back tears.

But it wasn’t just the way he had killed her. It’s what he did next that thrills Melissa’s family to this day.

“He wanted to be at the autopsy and witnessed the autopsy. He was also on guard outside the sorority house. He found the body himself, him and his partner. staged this whole scene, ”TJ said.

How could a killer potentially be released? In a statement, Ohio Department of Corrections spokeswoman JoEllen Smith said in part:

“He is eligible for his first hearing because he has served his 30 years, minus 430 days in prison.

“He’s saved 30% of his time, so he’s eligible for parole after serving 70% of his minimum sentence.”

Meanwhile, Melissa’s family say he’s a monster, unable to change.

“He has passed every psychological test a police officer takes. And just as it was programmed in quotes at Marion Correctional Facility, how can a human be able to commit such a violent crime?” said Cindy.

“There was no remorse back then, there isn’t now, and there never will be,” TJ said.

Melissa’s former classmates at Rocky River High School have launched a campaign and website to keep Hodge in jail.

“The best thing we can do is send letters. We can write to the governor, we can write to the parole board,” TJ said.

But for Cindy and her parents, they themselves feel imprisoned, forever tortured by the images of their Melissa.

“I really can’t understand how my parents would need to go through this for a few more years, again, just to come back and relive those feelings. We’re trying to suppress. But I can’t forget. I can’t forget to. what she looked like lying there in the coffin. I can’t forget it. I won’t forget it. I don’t want to forget his memory, but I won’t forget what he did. rest of my life making sure he can. He stays where he needs to stay, “Cindy said.

To visit, click HERE.

If you would like to write a letter about Jeffrey Hodge, see below:

Ohio Parole Board
Ref: Jeffrey Hodge [A275835]
4545 Fisher Road, Suite D
Columbus, Ohio 43228

If you want to send an email, you can send it here:

[email protected]
Subject: Jeffrey Hodge [A275835]

More stories from Lindsay Buckingham:

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Man sentenced to life in 2020 Babe nightclub shooting in Fort Myers

A man from the Tampa area convicted in a case related to the shooting of two men in a Fort Myers nightclub in 2020 will spend the rest of his life in federal prison.

A federal jury has found Jonathan Anthony Reid, 31, of Gibsonton, just south of Tampa and formerly of Fort Myers, guilty in March of possession of a gun and ammunition as an already convicted felon.

His conviction in U.S. District Court on Friday was linked to the shooting of two men in front of Babe’s, a Fort Myers nightclub, January 29, 2020. Under the Armed Career Criminal Act, Reid faced a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years and up to life in federal prison.

Reid was charged on June 3, 2020 and arrested by the US Marshal’s Task Force in April 2020 in Hillsborough County. At the time of his arrest he was on probation for a drug offender in Hillsborough County.

According to evidence presented at trial, in early January 29, 2020, Reid shot and killed two men who stood outside the entrance to a nightclub on Cleveland Avenue in Fort Myers before escaping in a silver sedan with a plaque stolen registration.

The shoot of Babe:Former felon convicted in 2020 Fort Myers nightclub shooting

3 life sentences:Alva man sentenced to three life sentences after killing two teenagers in 2018

Firearms offense:Fort Myers career criminal sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for firearms offense

Both victims sustained non-life threatening injuries. Reid made efforts to conceal his identity during the shooting by wearing a hoodie, gloves and ski mask, but crashed and abandoned his getaway car while fleeing.

In his destroyed getaway car, law enforcement recovered a handgun, nine .45 caliber cartridges, a camouflage ski mask, a hooded sweatshirt and blue latex gloves. DNA analysis later revealed that Reid’s DNA profile matched DNA extracted from the ski mask, sweatshirt, torn latex glove, and the recovered gun.

Reid was convicted before U.S. District Judge Sheri Polster in Fort Myers with a recommended jail term at a facility near Fort Myers.

If he is finally released, he will serve five years under conditions of supervised release.

Connect with reporter Michael Braun: Michael BraunNP (Facebook), @MichaelBraunNP (Twitter) or [email protected] Proud member of Local # 3108 TNG-CWA Southwest Florida News Guild.

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Frozen pizzas at the Cape Cod Cafe bar

Pizza at the bar is a South Shore Massachusetts specialty, but one restaurant that prides itself on being the first distributes its pies in multiple states. “We weren’t planning on making a frozen pizza. We made a pizza and froze it,” said Jonathan Jamoulis, third-generation owner and operator of the Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton. His grandfather bought the popular local restaurant in 1947, which has served bar pizzas for over 70 years. “It’s a 10 inch pizza. The sauce and cheese goes all the way to the edge. Nice crispy, thin crust, it’s delicious,” Jamoulis said. The sauce is a family secret. Jamoulis says that he, his brother and his father are the only ones who know the recipe. About 10 years ago, the family decided to expand their pizza business beyond the restaurant and enter the frozen food market. A mass production facility was built in front of the restaurant. Inside, cooks and machines work in rhythm, forming the dough, pouring the sauce, sprinkling the cheese and sending the pizzas to the oven for precisely 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Now Cape Cod Cafe’s frozen pies are in high demand online and can be found in about 70% of grocery stores in New England and upstate New York. we ship everywhere, ”said Jamoulis. Wondering why a company based in Brockton, 45 miles from the Bridges, is named Cape Town? “Long ago, in the 1930s, Route 28 through Brockton, through Main Street, was the original way to get to Cape Town. So people coming from Boston had to go through Brockton to get to Cape Cod, “says Jamoulis.

Pizza at the bar is a South Shore Massachusetts specialty, but one restaurant that prides itself on being the first distributes its pies in multiple states.

“We weren’t planning on making a frozen pizza. We made a pizza and froze it,” said Jonathan Jamoulis, third-generation owner and operator of the Cape Cod Cafe in Brockton.

His grandfather bought the popular local restaurant in 1947, which has served bar pizzas for over 70 years.

“It’s a 10 inch pizza. The sauce and cheese goes all the way to the edge. Nice crispy, thin crust, it’s delicious,” Jamoulis said.

The sauce is a family secret. Jamoulis says that he, his brother and his father are the only ones who know the recipe.

About 10 years ago, the family decided to expand their pizza business beyond the restaurant and enter the frozen food market. A mass production facility was built in front of the restaurant.

Inside, cooks and machines work in rhythm, forming the dough, pouring the sauce, sprinkling the cheese and sending the pizzas to the oven for precisely 5 minutes and 15 seconds.

Today, Cape Cod Cafe’s frozen pies are in high demand online and can be found in about 70% of grocery stores in New England and upstate New York.

“We get inquiries for Florida, California, and Colorado. We ship nationwide. So… we ship everywhere,” Jamoulis said.

Wondering why a company based in Brockton, 45 miles from the Bridges, is named Cape Town?

“Long ago, in the 1930s, Route 28 through Brockton, through Main Street, was the original way to get to Cape Town. So people coming from Boston had to go through Brockton to get to Cape Cod, “says Jamoulis.

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Two chefs meet at the intersection of tradition and innovation

Wolfgang Puck is a culinary figure that needs no introduction. The Austrian-born chef and restaurateur has built a far-reaching brand synonymous with innovation. He’s fused flawless classic European technique with Californian produce and flair, and the result is over 40 years of iconic cuisine across the globe. His passion for all aspects of the hospitality industry keeps him going, and one of the things he’s most proud of is his role as a mentor. With dozens of restaurants under its brand, countless chefs have passed through its kitchens and benefited from its tutelage. Many have stayed with him for decades; others draw on the valuable lessons they have learned and pursue their own successes.

One of those former charges is Denver-based chef and restaurateur Jennifer Jasinski. Jasinski worked closely with Puck for over a decade before going on her own. She now heads a group in Denver with five restaurants and a new one about to be launched. Jasinski credits his time with Puck as being the basis of his confidence to tackle the challenges of his own brand, and we were delighted to be able to listen to him as the two made up for it.

WP: So what are you doing exactly [these days]? I know I can see you have a brand new restaurant at the museum coming up.

JJ: Well, I’m sitting in our new restaurant. We will open on October 20 or 24e, somewhere over there, and [are] keep crazy busy. We have five restaurants in our group. We would have had six, but we lost one in the pandemic. I’m working on creating a really nice Denver-based brand, but I kind of feel like you taught me all those years ago: the finest ingredients … I’m still working hard, I train good people and I still love the job, Wolf. You know, I always love being the kitchen and creating food and that’s awesome. But what about you? You go all over the world now, international.

WP: You know, we have developed a lot internationally. We also lost a few restaurants in Detroit and Atlantic City [N.J.], which was good. You know, sometimes you get a deal, and it’s not the best deal, and it goes, and then you get a better deal. In Las Vegas, we moved Spago to Bellagio, which gave us a whole new life. We have doubled the turnover. And then, 10 years ago, we started to really have opportunities abroad, so we started to develop. First in Singapore, then we signed an agreement with the Dorchester in London. Then we continued to the Middle East to Dubai [UAE] and Qatar and Bahrain. Now Saudi Arabia offers two locations. We keep moving forward, and we just opened in June in Budapest [Hungary].

JJ: Is most of the team still intact?

WP: Some yes, but some have moved on. It is not always better to stay too long. Change is hard, but change is good. You know how to stay relevant and give people new opportunities. I lost a few people who were with me 16 or 17 years old, quite a few. But making others evolve has been a good thing. It is [a] good educational thing, and even with the pandemic, even how difficult it was, we learned a lot of lessons about our business and how to be more efficient and effective.

JJ: I learned a lot of hard and good lessons.

WP: I think everyone has learned to function better, more efficiently. And some people had to go ahead to achieve it.

JJ: Yes, and fight against complacency. It’s difficult, especially with people who feel so comfortable after a few years. What I love about you is how loyal you are, and I’m the same. But at some point, if the business suffers, you have to make some tough decisions. Because you love these people, but it’s hard.

WP: You can tell when complacency sets in, instead of having constant improvement. This is how it should be. I would say to myself every day, “How can I do this better? You are one of those who thinks like that. I tell everyone when they talk about you, Jennifer worked harder than anyone in the kitchen. So, I’m so proud of what you do, it’s wonderful. You deserve it after working your ass your whole life.

JJ: Well, you’d still be kidding. “Twelve hours is only half a day, you know. I still play this joke on my cooks, but I have to give the same example. When I was 22 or 30, you worked harder than me. So, I felt I had to show the same energy, I’m going to work harder than you.

NRN: How did you both deal with the challenges that the pandemic has brought?

JJ: We closed our five restaurants, put almost everyone on leave except a very few. Obviously the owners, we all stayed and just worked. We made a bunch of tough decisions. Do we really need this? Do we really need this? Do I really need this person? Do I really need such a business model? Should I rationalize my menu to become more efficient, so I should remember that the bar program should be less inventory? Should I make sure there is more cross-use of ingredients on the menus? We have gone into survival mode. I want to be in growth mode, where we can understand this work and have a more efficient and cost effective way to do it.

WP: We have really changed the way we operate. Even before the pandemic, I said I wanted to hold every boss and manager accountable at their site. That way, we don’t need to have corporate overhead, because we have 27 restaurants, we have 80 airport restaurants and everything, so we keep things really light at the corporate level. Without these corporate overheads, it saved us approximately $ 2,000,000 per year. I think to move forward you have to have a good mix of tradition and innovation.

JJ: I like your point on tradition and innovation. Because I think that’s really the key to growth. Keeping the things that people really love and know us about is great. But also innovate constantly, because if it is not if we stagnate, we will never succeed in this world. Relevance is therefore important. How do I stay relevant to my guest?

WP: I always remember a client. We were making this tempura sashimi from the start, and one day I changed the sauce. You know, I’m sick of making this rich sea urchin sauce, so I just changed it. And a customer comes, a regular, and orders the dish. He calls me and says: “What have you done with my dish? And I said, “Well, I changed it, I was sick of this sauce, I wanted to make it a little lighter.” And he looked at me and said, “You know, if I can’t get enough of eating it, you shouldn’t be tired of cooking it.” So I said, “You have a point!”

JJ: I think a good mix of tradition and innovation is the place to go. I don’t know if I’m ever happy with where we are at our restaurants. I still think we can do better.

WP: It’s a matter of passion. If you are passionate about what you do, you are never going to work because you love what you do.

JJ: So true. One of the big lessons. And I just want to make sure you know how much thank you so much for all the years you’ve taught me so much.

WP: I am so proud of you. What you have accomplished and what you have done in your new adopted city. I knew your hard work and passion would pay off, I never doubted it.

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Nunes defamation suit removes editorial bars, is sort of even bigger than expected

A “no match” letter from Social Security Administration for an employee’s ID and SSN does not constitute notice that the employee is an undocumented immigrant. But if 34 of the 41 workers on your dairy farm between 2018 and 2019 had triggered such letters, you’d probably be better off filing a defamation complaint against a reporter for suggesting you’re hiring undocumented migrants.

And yet, that appears to be exactly what the family of Representative Devin Nunes did after reporter Ryan Lizza published an Esquire article in 2018 that described being chased around Sibley, Iowa by Congressman Anthony’s father. Nunes, Jr., brother Anthony III and mother Tony Dian. Hi-jinks ensued, as they so often do when congressman Steven Biss’ slapstick SLAPP attorney is involved.

After putting the immigration status of their NuStar Farms dairy workers at the center of a $ 75 million libel claim, plaintiffs are now forced to disclose a whole lot of things they didn’t want to talk about when Lizza showed up at their door. . And thanks to recently unredacted documents after intervenor action by Professor Eugene Volokh of UCLA’s First Amendment Clinic, we now have front row seats for this cow-shit show.

Lawyers for Hearst Media, which publishes Esquire, were hoping to question six current NuStar employees about their immigration documents. We knew, thanks to the subsequent motion for contravention, that something absolutely stupid had happened when the defendants attempted to dismiss the first of these employees on May 12, 2021. And now that those black editorial bars are off, well… tellja.

The employee appeared without subpoenaed identification papers, only learning of the testimony when he reported to work that morning. Hearst’s attorneys allege they presented the employee with several documents questioning his immigration status, including incompatible signatures, papers which he claims to have completed himself although he cannot read or write English, a form describing him as a U.S. citizen and another that described him as a permanent resident under a program that removes eligibility three years before the witness is even born. The lawyer NuStar hired to represent the workers advised his client to assert his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination, at which point Biss lost his shit and demanded to be removed from the case.

Two hours later, the witness’s lawyer was fired and Biss, who claims not to represent the workers at NuStar, insisted that none of the six would take the fifth. Hearst’s lawyers refused to testify an unrepresented witness who could incriminate himself with truthful testimony, and proceedings were adjourned sine die.

The unredacted transcript of a status conference the next day before US trial judge Mark A. Roberts, including the witness’s full name, is available on PACER. (Perhaps Mr. Biss has an explanation for this, having previously accused the defense of deliberately disclosing to CNN by covering up redactions in an earlier filing.)

Here’s Biss accusing Lizza and Hearst of conspiring to get witnesses to assert their Fifth Amendment rights in order to craft a media narrative:

There is no Fifth Amendment that they are going to assert. That’s a way these accused is going to use to create a – newspaper articles. So what they’re going to do is they’re going to argue that – they’re going to make it known that the witnesses have taken or been advised of the Fifth Amendment. Not a single one of them will accept the Fifth Amendment because they haven’t done anything wrong. We have produced all of their documentation showing that they are authorized to work.

And although Biss assured the court that NuStar would hire a lawyer named “Jennifer” for the employees, the judge ultimately appointed a private attorney to represent them. It is not clear whether the workers asserted their right not to incriminate themselves when they were finally dismissed in August, but it is clear from another unredacted transcript that the court is keenly aware of the horrible position in which the workers of NuStar find themselves because of this litigation.

“Here in the Northern District of Iowa, unlike other places where you might practice, we’re not very keen on twisting people’s arms to settle their cases,” Judge Roberts began, before noting. that “the party that we can all agree with deserves sympathy in this matter are these depositors.

“Now you can both point your fingers at each other as to why they might now be subject to these depositions, whether it’s the article or the trial,” he added. “I don’t care to resolve this at this point, but, you know, I guess my observation is that this claim, this lawsuit, is now kind of falling on the backs of some – some people who, I think, under ordinary human circumstances, we would all have a lot of sympathy for them.

Later he continued:

It’s way above my pay level to suggest what it might be worth politically or financially or in terms of reputation or whatever. But if I am the only one able to offer it to both parties, I am ready to do so; and that is to say i just wonder if there is a way for the parties to find a way to get away from a claim that is kind of a mess on people who don’t deserve it don’t and don’t host it and I just wanna work, and then, you know, go to the Eighth Circuit and fight for the rest of the case that Judge Williams dismissed.

Obviously, they couldn’t. Although, to his credit, Lizza tackled this problem in the original article, ultimately concluding that the dissonance between Representative Nunes’ public support for a fiercely anti-immigrant president and his family’s affiliation with an industry that relies on cheap, undocumented labor was worthy of interest – whether or not the Nunes family employed such workers.

And so this clusterfuck continues. Currently, the parties are arguing over whether to uncover a 2018 audit of NuStar’s employment records, which could have given them real advice on undocumented workers, and whether complainants have a right to see tax returns. de Lizza, which Biss said could prove the reporter was in cahoots with Fusion GPS and evil Democrats to take down Devin Nunes. There is also the issue of who pays Biss and the local lawyer, since the plaintiffs have testified that it is not them.

It’s a hell of a mess, and for no particular reason, this morning we think of Oscar Wilde, who filed a libel complaint against his lover’s father for calling him a “sodomite”, before finding himself arrested for ” gross indecency ”.

I’m just saying.

Nunes vs. Lizza [Docket via Court Listener]

Elizabeth dye lives in Baltimore where she writes on law and politics.

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Miami nightclub mogul Marc Roberts joined by Connor McGregor for 62nd birthday party

Photo credit: SHEERAZ, INC

Successful entrepreneur and real estate mogul Marc Roberts celebrated his 62nd birthday at a West Hollywood rooftop bar last weekend. Roberts has made a name for himself in South Florida for several big splash in the development industry and most recently for setting out to bring Las Vegas to Miami with the new E11EVEN hotel and residences. Roberts is also the first person to bring a sports management company to the stock exchange in the United States. Obviously, business is booming, so it’s fair to celebrate.

It was fitting then that a man who wears so many hats should be joined by such an illustrious society. Fresh out of a red carpet controversy, Connor McGregor joined Roberts at the West Hollywood Rooftop Club, Harriett’s. The former two-time UFC featherweight and lightweight champion has been seen having fun and returning shots with his entourage. McGregor’s recent encounter with Machine Gun Kelly musical artist appears to be far behind him as smiles and energy were in abundance at the birthday party.

Photo credit: SHEERAZ, INC

In fact, McGregor, who wore a crisp tuxedo to Marc Roberts’ birthday festivities, is even said to have invited Machine Gun Kelly to his next fight, a sign that the aforementioned brawl was just water under the bridge. There seemed to be only good energy at Roberts’ party. McGregor and the rest of Roberts’ guests were all in high spirits for what seemed like an evening to remember.

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Register today for our café area “33 minutes with Robin Geiss” on September 28, 2021

This WebTalk Café Space will feature Robin geiss, Director of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR), in conversation with Torsten Kriening, publisher of SpaceWatch.Global.

Live from the 2021 Outer Space Security Conference.

Robin Geiss brings to the post nearly twenty years of experience in the field of peace and security, with an emphasis on the impact of new technologies in these areas. Most recently, he was Director of the Glasgow Center for International Law and Security at the University of Glasgow and Swiss President of International Humanitarian Law at the Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights in Geneva. He was a visiting professor at the Paris School of International Affairs at Sciences Po in Paris.

During this live conference, the public will have the chance to learn more about the 2021 edition of the Outer Space Security Conference. This conference is a flagship annual UNIDIR event that provides a unique forum for the Geneva-based diplomatic community, as well as invited experts from military, industry and academia, to jointly consider the challenges related to security in the world. ‘space and exchange ideas regarding solutions. The objective of the Annual Space Security Conference is to have a positive impact on the international dialogue around space security with a view to developing and adopting concrete measures to ensure the long-term sustainability of activities. inhabited spaces.

Robin Geiss will also discuss UNIDIR’s portfolio of work on space security aimed at facilitating the peaceful, prosperous, safe and secure use of space through improved governance of space security.

The public will have the opportunity to ask questions by engaging with Robin Geiss.

This Space Café is prepared in collaboration with UNIDIR.

SpaceWatch.Global is a Swiss-based magazine and digital portal for those interested in space and the large-scale impact of the space sector.

This WebTalk Café Space will take place in English September 28, 2021 at 4 p.m. CEST.

Reserve your spot today.

To Dplease click here

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Vote Now: Which is the best Dine-In restaurant in Owensboro?

Graphic by Owensboro Times

What’s your favorite local Dine-In restaurant? Voting is now open exclusively on our site and takes place until Wednesday afternoon.

This week features the seventh of eight categories in the Owensboro Times Eat Down the Street voting contest to ultimately determine Owensboro-Daviess County’s favorite local restaurant. Here’s everything you need to know, including how to vote.

Week 7, featuring the Best Dine-In restaurant, is sponsored by Nick Warren with Shelter Insurance. Voting can be done below. Comments on Facebook will not count as votes.

For a full description of how the entire contest works, including our list of eligible restaurants and categories, click here.

What’s the best Dine-In restaurant in Owensboro?

Discussion on this article

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Gallery: 28 Lost Nightclubs in North Wales

A look back at the nightclubs of North Wales

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Bar license in jeopardy after patrons found playing beer pong at pool table

Mo's Sports Bar (seen here when it was Aladdin's Paradise, before changing its name in 2018) on Peel Street in Gisborne.


Mo’s Sports Bar (seen here when it was Aladdin’s Paradise, before changing its name in 2018) on Peel Street in Gisborne.

Customers found playing beer pong and a member of staff working 2-hour shifts are among the concerns raised by inspectors opposing a license renewal for a bar in Gisborne.

Mo’s Sports Bar owner The March Bar Gisborne Ltd has applied to the Gisborne District Licensing Committee to renew the license. The committee received no objections to the request, but police raised concerns.

Late on the night of February 20, an alcohol harm reduction police officer entered the bar and found four men playing beer pong on a pool table. He told them to stop immediately and spoke to the duty manager, telling him that gambling encouraged binge drinking and increased the risk of poisoning.

At 1:30 a.m., the manager on duty was seen letting two women enter the bar in violation of the one-way door restriction.

* A new liquor store has been given the green light to open in Washdyke
* Hornby residents stop liquor store plan after authorities fail to oppose it
* Violent assaults, intoxication and unrest: one of Wellington’s most “high-risk” bars is at risk of closing its doors

In May, police, license inspectors and the medical officer of health met with company director Satnam Singh. Singh assured them that he would speak to managers and staff and discuss continuing education for all employees.

In June, there were two free training sessions on Host Responsibility, but no company staff attended.

Beer pong is a game that encourages excessive alcohol consumption.  (File photo)

Sarah-Jane O’Connor / Tips

Beer pong is a game that encourages excessive alcohol consumption. (File photo)

In July, other concerns were raised including violations of an alcohol ban, inadequate support from staff and the duty manager being asked to work unreasonable hours.

A report on the demand of license inspectors found that the company’s actions meant that the 2012 law on the sale and supply of alcohol was not being complied with.

Company shareholders had interests in numerous companies across the North Island and rarely appeared to be in Gisborne to oversee the bar, the inspector said.

The applicant had not been “completely honest” and had overestimated the experience of shareholders in operating a license, which “raises some concern as to the suitability of the applicant to hold a license”.

There seemed to be only one manager on duty at the bar, who worked “at least 14 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

He was on duty when police found customers to play beer pong, which indicated “a considerable lack of understanding,” the inspector said.

There was no evidence that staff had received sufficient training, and the inspector objected to the request, which would be heard by the committee in November.


In this episode of RNZ’s The Detail, Jessie Chiang examines why it’s so difficult to prevent the emergence of new bottle shops and the impact it has on surrounding communities.

Police did not oppose the request but asked the committee to review the facts it had raised regarding the violations and “possibly impose a number of discretionary conditions on the licensee to ensure compliance with the law “.

Sukhpal Singh, who is involved with the company, said staff training had taken place and the duty manager only worked 14 hours a day.

He said a more experienced manager had moved to Gisborne and would examine the bar to make sure it was operating within the law.

Mo’s Sports Bar operated as Aladdin’s Paradise Bar until 2018.

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Prairie Village Restaurant Named to America’s Top 100 Neighborhood Gems List

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, KS (WDAF) – A restaurant in Prairie Village is recognized nationally for its charm, neighborhood appeal, and alfresco dining.

Cafe Provence landed on OpenTable’s list of America’s 100 Best Neighborhood Gems for 2021. It’s the only Kansas restaurant to make the list. The only Missouri restaurant to make the list is in the St. Louis area.

The San Francisco-based online restaurant reservation provider has showcased restaurants that add character to their neighborhoods and welcome diners with exceptional hospitality.

OpenTable said the list of winners was determined after analyzing internal data generated solely from guest reviews collected between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021.

All restaurants with a minimum “overall” score and a number of qualifying reviews have been included or taken into account.

These eligible restaurants were then rated and sorted based on the sum of the tags for which “neighborhood gems” and “alfresco dining” were selected as a special feature.

This is not the first time that Café Provence has been recognized. The French restaurant also landed on the OepnTable ‘America’s 100 Best Restaurants’ list and more.

Executive Chef Philip Quillec describes the cuisine as comforting French cuisine, but he also likes to add American touches every now and then, like bacon in his French onion soup.

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Flavor of the week: Perennial coffee

By: Samantha Hopper

After a long shutdown, Perennial Café dusted off its chairs and changed the window panel from “closed” to “open”.

Perennial, located at the intersection of Franklin Street and Kenan Street in downtown Chapel Hill, opened in 2016. The cafe serves fresh pastries, coffee, tea, and other drinks.

But COVID-19 has proven too difficult a hurdle for Perennial. In the summer of 2020, the local business closed and the absence of the cozy café was instantly noticed by the students and the community of Chapel Hill.

“Finding the right part of the curve to reopen was as much an exercise in hope as in detailed planning,” Scott Conary, owner of Perennial and president of Carrboro Coffee Roasters, wrote in an email. “Towards the start of 2021, it seemed like there was enough light at the end of the tunnel that we could start planning to spin the wheels again and organize the opening to coincide with the reality that we and all of us face. small businesses were faced with day in and day out. . “

And after a hiatus on Instagram, the cafe posted on April 15 announcing that they were “blooming again this spring.” Now the doors have opened and the pastries are freshly baked. The patio is open and guests are welcome to sit outside the space at 401 W. Franklin Street.

“We have added shade / awnings to all of our exterior seating along the side and rear decks to help beat the heat, and we will soon be introducing interior seating that will expand over time as well,” Conary said. . “Customers and our business neighbors have been very supportive of us and we look forward to an increase in visits as August approaches. “

Perennial partners with Carrboro Coffee Roasters, a local company dedicated to delivering premium coffee beans to North Carolina and beyond. Stop in for an espresso drink or brewed coffee, and don’t forget to add the homemade syrups to your coffee creation. Flavors include lavender, rosemary, mint, mocha, and vanilla.

The selection of Perennial teas is just as extensive. From chai to London fog to blue matcha, the menu delights a variety of taste buds and cravings.

“The menu reflects a few different perspectives, all intended to elevate the guest experience,” said Conary.

Seasonal drinks are designed around the herb garden that grows at the back of the store, along with alcohol-free creations. Seasonal menu items right now include Coffee Tonic, Nojito, Hibiscus Fizz, and others.

“Part of the inherent joy, besides their amazing taste, is knowing that they’re only available for a short time and you have to cherish those moments,” Conary said of the seasonal drinks. “It’s like your favorite berry is only ripe for a short period of time.”

With exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and interior seating soon to be reopened, Perennial is a haven to work, study, or relax in good company and a drink, hot or ice cold, in hand.

“All of this adds to the welcoming aura that we want to share with our customers and neighbors, with the goal of making it a community center,” said Conary.

Visit Perennial Cafe Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., or Saturday and Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

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Whiskey Bear bar expands and moves to new location

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Another small business is leaving The Barn Food Hall at the Summit at Fritz Farm.

Whiskey Bear will be open until October 3. The owners will expand into their new location in Beaumont, with the goal of opening early next year.

The bar is The Barn’s last original tenant.

When Daniel Marlowe and his wife opened Whiskey Bear in the barn four years ago, they planned to stay put for a while.

“We definitely planned to be here for over 4 years. That was definitely the goal, ”said Marlowe. “We were hoping, maybe if the concept worked, we could develop new locations while keeping this one. “

The pandemic has changed everything. Whiskey Bear continued to lose neighbors in the dining room.

“It was a long time coming for the last 18 months or so,” Marlowe said. “When The Barn closed due to COVID-19, we saw the writing on the wall knowing that at some point the owner would eventually free up the great space that was The Barn. At this point we would probably be hard pressed to claim this patio, and I think the patio is a big part of our concept that wants to be able to enjoy the beautiful evenings and days we have, especially in the spring and fall. “

Marlowe said he and his wife pivoted, knowing they needed to set up a patio and other COVID-friendly business practices.

“We also wanted to be able to really involve families and kids in the fold and in doing so, create a concept like Addie’s, as a quick, casual concept for people who want a quick lunch or dinner,” , said Marlowe.

He said Addie’s would serve homemade pizza. He and his wife take their pizza and pandemic-proof cocktails to Beaumont. The bar will be located near J Render’s. Marlowe said it would feature a large patio that would be designed to resemble an oasis.

Marlowe said he plans to reopen Whiskey Bear between early and mid-February 2022.

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Copyright 2021 WKYT. All rights reserved.

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75,000 fans in Arrowhead no COVID risk but Rae’s Cafe is?

Was the Arrowhead Stadium on September 12 safer than tiny Rae's Cafe?

Was the Arrowhead Stadium on September 12 safer than tiny Rae’s Cafe?

The Associated Press

Rule one in a pandemic: don’t do anything really stupid. To verify.

But this rule is violated more often than mask warrants. Case in point: As Jackson County decided to shut down tiny Rae’s cafe in Blue Springs for blatantly violating the County Mask Order, nearly 75,000 screaming Kansas City Chiefs fans filled GEHA Field at the Arrowhead Stadium for the team’s opener last Sunday.

A little incongruous, perhaps?

Yeah, I know it’s safer outside. And as a lifelong Chiefs fan, I love seeing the fans again. But maybe Rae needs to upgrade to stadium and increase his capacity?

I normally admire a spirit of challenge, but not so much during a deadly pandemic: I’m just not going to have the coffee. And you have to admit, it’s cynical fiction that Rae’s became an exempt “private club” by charging $ 1 at the door in an effort to avoid the public trust. The cafe is wrong to defy the law, and the county is right to enforce it.

But let’s be honest. The people in Arrowhead were side by side, back and forth, screaming at the top of their lungs. Do you think Rae’s diners were in more danger from the COVID-19 delta variant? Talk about a fractured fairy tale.

Many people have pointed out the hypocrisy on social media, but mostly in defense of coffee. This is where we go our separate ways. As an observer noted on Twitter, it is right to apply the obligatory mask in a restaurant. Doing it right next to an intimate, noisy gathering of 75,000 of your closest friends is what’s unfair.

Yes, it is more than a little incongruous. But being unequal and unfair is one of the ways we broke Pandemic Rule # 1 so as not to be stupid.

We all know that across the continent, particularly in the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, mom-and-pop stores have been closed by state and local closures while many stores in supermarkets remained open. You don’t get much more unfair or incongruous.

Meanwhile, many elected leaders across the country were caught violating the very restrictions they enthusiastically (and imperiously) imposed.

The behavior of doing what I say, not what I do among leaders has gotten so bad that the Heritage Foundation has created a COVID hypocrisy tracker – chronicling, so far, 82 incidents in which leaders were deer in the headlights caught in the act of trampling their own words.

One of the most notorious, of course, is California Governor Gavin Newsom, who was rightly savage after attending a lavish lobbyist’s birthday party despite restrictions last November at Tony French Laundry restaurant. . The duplicity helped fuel the failed recall effort against him.

Oddly enough, the deaf San Francisco Mayor London Breed attended a party at the French Laundry the following evening. And last Wednesday, one headline says, the maskless mayor “hung out with legendary Bay Area musicians at an indoor jazz club.” No word if Marie-Antoinette was seen on the dance floor.

Just hours after she voted to ban such a thing, Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl was seen eating out in Santa Monica. San José Mayor Sam Liccardo enjoyed a family Thanksgiving, which is good, but included members of five households. Such gatherings were then limited to people from three different households. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock advised citizens to “Skip the potatoes, not COVID.” … Avoid travel. He then went to Mississippi for an old-fashioned family Thanksgiving.

Amid a deep freeze and power outages last February, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz flew to Cancun – after mocking Austin mayor Steve Adler for recording a home care message to voters in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

To a much lesser extent, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas was embarrassed, and then regretted, that his “politeness undermined our important public health message” when he posed for a photo in a group of Unmasked admirers at Lake of the Ozarks in the summer of 2020. You know what? I think he was just polite. But see pandemic rule # 1.

Does all of this mean that a local restaurant should be allowed to violate Jackson County’s mask mandate just because Arrowhead was open for business at near capacity? Of course not.

But it looks and it’s stupid. And that doesn’t help the credibility of COVID precautions.

Kansas City Star Related Stories

The Star’s Michael Ryan, from Kansas City, is an award-winning columnist, columnist and seasoned journalist, having covered law enforcement, courts, politics and more. His written opinion led him to conclude that freedom, good citizenship, civility and individual responsibility are the most important issues of the day.

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This is not a nightclub

Just when we thought we were done with philosophical questions like “what is coffee?” and “is a scotch egg a substantial meal?” », The Scottish government offered itself another thought experiment: what is a nightclub?

It may seem like a simple question. We all know what a nightclub is. If we saw a nightclub we would say ‘look, this is a nightclub’.

But as part of plans to introduce vaccine passports starting next month, the government needs a firm definition. The 2,000-word document outlining the plan even included a section on defining a nightclub, which ultimately failed to define a nightclub.

It did little to help those who were trying to review the plan. The PM had previously explained that MPs need to have time to consider controversial proposals before voting – which is why they were released six hours before the debate.

Not the type to let things slide, Douglas Ross asked the Deputy Prime Minister – who we know sits entirely on the other side of the vertical part of his brief – for clarification. “Can he tell parliament and spectators what his definition of a nightclub is?”

“I will come back in due time,” replied John Swinney, who did not come in due time.

Undeterred, Ross tried again, valiantly volunteering some of his speaking time to get a definition.

The deputy minister of obstructionism declared: “In the provisions which have prevailed so far, it has not been necessary to distinguish between nightclubs and pubs and places of reception which may open later in the evening and into the early hours of the morning.

“The circumstances we face require us to define more precisely the distinction, to avoid market distortion, between nightclubs and places that might appear similar to nightclubs but have a different purpose. This is the subject of an in-depth discussion with the night industry sector to enable us to draw conclusions which will of course be written into the regulations.

Like everyone else watching, Ross was clearly puzzled. “I’m really not sure what we’re supposed to do as parliamentarians, as people who were sent here to control the government,” he admitted.

Fortunately, a parade of SNP backbenchers was on hand to support their deputy leader.

First, John Mason helpfully said, “Today we are looking at this in principle and the details are yet to be worked out and we have a Covid committee that will look at the details.”

This argument seemed a bit dubious given that Nicola Sturgeon had agreed the week before that Parliament as a whole should have a say.

Gillian Martin then gave herself a go, frantically Googling a midterm definition, entirely at the mercy of the power of the wifi in the enclosure. “I actually have it, I actually have the Moray Council one here, if you give me a minute and I’ll post it on my phone.”

“And it says, and I’m taking the time of my speech to do it, but I’m going to tell you, it says, ‘where the main function’, no, hang in there, ‘can include dancing, would have more people standing that seated, would be open from 1am to 5am “is Moray Council. This is a list of things. Aberdeenshire Council, I think it depends on the council, because the council of l ‘Aberdeenshire also has one.

Quickly realizing that she was sinking, Martin tried to lighten the mood. “To be honest, President, I really find it hard to think of a nightclub that’s actually in Aberdeenshire. I don’t know them anymore, being a bit of an old bird who stays at home. She should ask club connoisseur Michael Gove.

Kaukab Stewart knew that was not going to be enough. She said, “I had a tiny bit of time to research, and the definition of a nightclub: it’s a name; it is a place of entertainment open from evening to early morning, with facilities such as a bar and disco, or other entertainment. ”

But this hastily searched definition on Google, as Swinney artfully mentioned earlier, doesn’t clearly differentiate between “nightclubs and places that might look like nightclubs.”

This is not a nightclub.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Greens got their first glimpse of the SNP whip. Having previously warned that passports “could risk giving people a false sense of security and potentially making places less secure”, Patrick Harvie was now in a position to have to defend them.

He said PSM must “recognize that when the facts change, people should at least ask themselves if they made the right judgment”. Facts that may change include, but are not limited to, a cooperative agreement and ministerial salary.

Gillian Mackay, the only Green to get a speech in the debate, had the dubious honor of trying to explain her party’s new position.

“So today, Vice President, I…” she began, apparently resisting the temptation to end with “… I’m going to be a backbench MP for the SNP. “

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Vegan Tofu, London: ‘Bring the Big Hitters’ – Restaurant Review | Food

Vegan Tofu, 105 Upper Street, London N1 1QN (020 7916 3304). Starters and dim sum £ 5.50-£ 8.50, large plates £ 7.90-£ 14.80, desserts £ 4.80, wines from £ 18.50

About a dozen years ago, an editor invited me to go vegan for two weeks, so I could get back to the boisterous frontline of herbal life. I reduced it to a week, then after five days I announced that I meant a week of work and angrily grabbed a steak. While the room took the challenge seriously and was accompanied by a stacked order of self-mockery, it was also well-seasoned with eye rolling. How funny. Rayner, the carnivore, swears meat, dairy, eggs and honey, with hilarious consequences. Let the fun begin.

This feature would not be turned on now or, if it was, would look grossly disconnected. Until 12 years ago, he could only hold it by the tips of his fingers. While I don’t claim to have adopted this lifestyle, only an idiot would ignore the imperative to eat less meat. However, it is not always easy. I learned during my five days, for example, that powdered milk is the enemy of veganism. I assumed roasted nuts would be my friend. Then I discovered that a huge proportion of products, those flavored enthusiastically with salt and vinegar, or paprika and grilled onions or black pepper and kumquat (maybe I made one) , use powdered milk to keep the aromas on the nuts. The first lesson in vegan food shopping has become: always read the fine print.

“A deeply fragrant and inviting bowl”: spicy wontons. Photograph: Sophia Evans / The Observer

The other lesson took a few days to arrive, like high clouds pouring into a once blue summer sky. I slowly found myself falling into the embrace of the Asian repertoire; in a menu of noodle and rice dishes inspired by the traditions of Japan and Thailand, India and the various provinces of China. All-plant food can come from any culinary tradition, but it will always be easier when there is no compromise; no tedious attempts to imitate or substitute for non-vegan ingredients.

Obviously, China loves its pig. Japan loves its fish. Watch out for awkward generalizations. And yet, for all of this, there is truly so much of this part of the world that just happens to be vegan. Bring on the big hits: those chili bean pasta and sesame oils, misos and roasted spice blends, tofu and coconut milk. I could do a lot of things with it, and I did. So, it seems, the cuisine of Tofu Vegan, a new Chinese restaurant in Islington, London, may have been folks behind the much admired (not vegan) Xi’an Impression in nearby Highbury. Its name gives you the basics. The meat and the fish are out; tofu and various other tofu preparations are available.

“No animal product can improve it”: the black cloud ear fungus. Photograph: Sophia Evans / The Observer

There are cheerleader slogans on the walls and waiters’ aprons announcing its virtue, and a chart comparing the nutritional value of eggs and tofu. (Tofu has zero cholesterol compared to eggs, which are lousy on it. Go tofu!) But virtue is not a suggestion of service, although some people may claim it. Virtue can literally leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth if the person doing the cooking isn’t up to it.

The best dishes here are the ones that are really just themselves. There is no animal product that can improve on a slippery, crispy black cloud mushroom salad with a weight of salted and sliced ​​fresh red peppers, cilantro leaves and a sweet and sour dressing, with a big nutty kick of Sesame oil. It’s the edible equivalent of swimming in cold water. It makes your skin tingle slightly. It makes you feel more alive, which is a serious feat for a bowl of mushrooms.

“A seashore kick”: “fish” cooked twice.
“A seashore kick”: “fish” cooked twice. Photograph: Sophia Evans / The Observer

Dry-fried green beans with more red chili and lots of ground, fried garlic have a crunch and punch. There is a version of this dish with ground pork, used more as a condiment than a main course, but this iteration doesn’t seem like its poorer substitute. Cubes of tofu have been deep-fried and are generously seasoned with salt and the numbing joys of Szechuan pepper, accompanied by a sweet chili sauce. Here, the tofu is really just a blank canvas for the flavors it conveys. But then a lot of these kinds of dishes work that way. I remain skeptical of the idea of ​​fake vegan meats. It always felt sorry and unnecessary. Plant-based foods should definitely be good because of the fact, rather than despite it. Still, once you’ve pulled a shootout of salt, peppercorns, and chili peppers over fried chicken, it might as well be tofu.

This is exactly what happens with a plate of Chongqing “chicken” with chili peppers. There are a lot of quotes on the menu like this, used for “meats” that are not what they claim to be. I have eaten the chicken version of the chilli dish several times. I love the childish thrill of the forced treasure hunt; to pick among the rubble of red chilli and pepper in search of breaded and fried nuggets. The fact that it’s tofu here, makes very little difference to the absorbing pleasure of it.

“Tofu is a blank canvas for the flavors it conveys”: fried tofu and pepper.
“Tofu is a blank canvas for the flavors it conveys”: fried tofu and pepper. Photograph: Sophia Evans / The Observer

The twice-cooked “fish” cleverly adds a strip of seaweed, full of saline and surf, to the edge of flattened pieces of tofu before it’s fried. It provides a seaside kick. Even with my doubts about the nomenclature – we know it’s not fish – this part works. The problem here is with the sauce. I made the double-cooked pork version of this dish at home and I know a bit about the balance of Szechuan chili paste with the sweet flour sauce and black beans. There isn’t enough of it, perhaps because there is a fear that it will make the “fillets” soggy, but it’s still an engaging plate.

I’m encouraged by various waiters to have their spicy wonton, which they all tell me is their specialty, and the sauce with it is a belt. Our server pours a little on the ravioli with the skin tight, garnished with a fine dice of unidentified but crunchy vegetables. It is a deeply fragrant and inviting bowl. I could do a lot of damage to a lot of them. I end up drinking the sauce.

I’ve never hung out at Chinese restaurants for desserts and the two here – the red bean paste stuffed sesame rolls and the caramel sticky rice balls – don’t hold me back. Instead, we go next to a branch of the Amorino ice cream chain. It makes a good range of sorbets which are also vegan. However, I do not end the evening feeling virtuous. I do not shine with complacency. I just feel fed.

New bites

While most restaurants have reopened since the first lockdown, some have taken their time. Among them is London theater mainstay Joe Allen, who will finally do so next month, and in a certain style. What used to be a separate dining room at the front has become Joe’s Bar. It will be overseen by Russell Norman, who began his hospitality career with the legendary Joe’s in the 1990s. The drink menu will be long on Martinis and Negronis and there will be a bar snack menu including the truffled egg toast from Norman Spuntino’s former restaurant. Meanwhile, the Dining Room has a new Executive Chef in the form of Gary Lee, who for many years ran the kitchen of the original Ivy on West Street in Covent Garden. His new menu retains many Joe’s classics including Caesar salad and baby back ribs, but adds the crispy duck and watermelon salad from the Ivy. TO

And another door unlock delayed by the pandemic: Hawksmoor New York, which was due to launch in early 2020, has finally opened. The restaurant, on East 22 of Manhattansd Street, features executive chef Matt Bernero, formerly of the Minetta Tavern in Greenwich Village, and a menu of locally sourced ingredients including Island Creek oysters, Maine lobster, and Vermont smoked bacon. Visit

Email Jay at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @ jayrayner1

Chewing The Fat by Jay Rayner: Tasting Notes of a Gourmet Life, is now available. Buy it for £ 4.99 at

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Kedi Tonight Shisha Bar / RepublicDesign

Kedi Tonight Shisha Bar / RepublicDesign

© Photograph of ANDY© Photograph of ANDY© Photograph of ANDY© Photograph of ANDY+ 23

© Photograph of ANDY
© Photograph of ANDY

Text description provided by the architects. Mist. The first thing that came to mind when we started working on this F&B design, which became our central concept for this project. The LED light is installed on the ceiling, from the entrance to the back of the space, passing through the smoke of the shisha, like blood flowing through the veins of a human body. While the LED light is covered in smoke, it creates a more mystical and spiritual atmosphere.

© Photograph of ANDY
© Photograph of ANDY
© Photograph of ANDY
© Photograph of ANDY

Seen from the entrance, the right side is a VIP lounge. The seats in the VIP area extend to the window, fully connected to the outside like a green landscape. The curved ceiling creates a cave-like display case, to create a more mysterious atmosphere and attract the curiosity of people outside.

© Photograph of ANDY
© Photograph of ANDY

We separate the bar counter into two which are a hookah bar and a cocktail bar. It looks like we’ve created two main characters as well as two main stages of space. The steel countertop, alongside acrylic, LED lights, and oak wood texture, creates a lighter and raw finished environment.

© Photograph of ANDY
© Photograph of ANDY

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Meet the owner of Bella Vita Café, Oneida’s new bakery and café – Oneida Dispatch

Oneida, NY – Lori Seef had always dreamed of bringing people together and brightening up their day from her own space in downtown Oneida.

With freshly roasted coffee and maybe a cream puff (or two), customers can now get away from her dream come true: Oneida’s brand new café-bakery and her first commercial venture, the Bella Vita. Coffee.

Lori has a knack for making people feel welcome, a trait that is evident from the first walk into her store. Her natural warmth reinforced her former role as manager of Walgreens / Rite Aid in Cazenovia. She had worked at the company for 25 years, but it all fell apart when she fell ill in February this year.

A tumultuous battle with pneumonia, then COVID, then bronchial pneumonia drove Lori away from a job she loved to do; as she faced the consequences of her illnesses, it had become difficult for her to breathe. Following this challenge, her then-fiancé, George Seef, asked her a very important question: “What is the thing that you always wanted to do, but never did?” She had raised a family, excelled in her career, and conquered a fatal disease – it was time to take the leap.

“I never worked at Oneida and always wanted a little bakery and cafe on Main Street,” Lori told The Dispatch.

Soon after sharing her dream with her fiancé, the keys to Hinman’s former jewelers were in her hands, much to her surprise. “Did you rent me an empty jewelry store?” She asked him, puzzled. Lori recalled his response, “He said, ‘No you can do whatever you want with it, you don’t go back to Walgreens. “”

The shop was her gift to her for their wedding. The couple then married on May 15, 2021.

  • The Bella Vita Café is located at 115 Main Street, Oneida, in the former WJ Hinman jewelry store.

  • Tables inside the Bella Vita Café

  • Bella Vita Café owner Lori Seef greets customers in her boutique

Born and raised in Oneida, Lori knew the ins and outs of her community and had the connections to make her dream come true. Gale Garrison, a close friend and pastry chef for Ace of Cakes, creates a myriad of treats for Bella Vita. Cakes, cookies, brownies, fudge, pies, scones – that’s Garrison’s expertise after more than 30 years of baking and once owning his own boutique, The Rolling Pin, in Sylvan Beach. If anything is missing from Bella Vita’s menu, special requests can be made.

The café, open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., also offers local produce, including some favorites that Lori wanted to share with her hometown. Shipments of half moon cookies, jelly buns, headlights, fingers, cream puffs, tomato pies and more are delivered fresh each morning from Holland Farms in Yorkville.

On Fridays, fresh bread, tomato sauce and garlic butter are provided by Hotel Franklin in Rome. The weekly special pays homage to Lori’s Italian roots and the memory of her family making copious amounts of sauce on Sundays.

Bakery products available at Bella Vita Café

Cracked Bean Roastery in Syracuse roasts Bella Vita Café its own unique blend of coffee. It’s uniform without bite, said Lori. Customers have told her that her iced coffee, in particular, keeps them coming back for more.

The transformation from building the jewelry store to a bakery was carried out by Shawn Steding, whom Lori shouted for his dedication and the many hours spent bringing the store to life.

His wife, Danette, helped Lori with the interior design. The two created what the owner calls a bit of Italy and Manhattan in one. A Frank Sinatra radio station completes the romantic atmosphere.

The Bella Vita Café opened for the first time on August 16 and since then the owner has been in pure happiness. “It’s never work. I come, I love him. I get up at 4 am every morning to be here, and I can’t wait, ”said Lori. “We were so blown away by the support from everyone.”

Through the positive energy and food, Lori hopes she can make the slightest difference in someone’s day, especially after the year has passed. She said she can see her clients’ moods change as soon as they walk in. “It takes me back to when I went to a bakery with my parents just down the street,” she said.

Many joke with her about the fear of weight gain caused by her delicious treats. To that, she said to them with love: “We are growing together. “

Inside Hinman jewelry

The former jewelers at 115 Main Street opened in 1881 and have stood the test of time, impacting generations of Oneida residents. The owners closed the business at the end of June 2020.

  • An original WJ Hinman Jewelers safe is on display inside what is now the Bella Vita Café

  • An original WJ Hinman Jewelers safe is on display inside what is now the Bella Vita Café

Over 100 years of jewelry history can be found in what is now Bella Vita. Seef said she found numerous artifacts, including a 1943 logbook with records of engagement ring and wedding ring purchases, as well as old watches and clocks found in an elevator shaft. A map of Amsterdam from 1839 was found in the basement rafters.

In particular, the store contains 2 huge safes dating from 1881. With the help of a hydraulic jack and 4 men straps, a safe weighing 6000 pounds was hoisted to the front of the store. as a decorative piece of history and intrigue. Much to the dismay of its original creators and owners, the doors of the safe remain open so that all can see the mechanisms inside. “WJ Hinman” is still engraved in gold on the front.

Seef explained that the safes were placed inside the property before the storefront was installed, meaning they can never leave. They don’t go through the door.

Bella Vita’s display cases are adorned with old photographs and other items evoking the jewelry’s past. Jack Wallace, a former owner of the store, provided a photograph from his day.

The section of the old jewelry store that was once a gift shop has been closed. Seef saw this as a perfect opportunity to pay homage to what once was by hanging the old storefront banner above the door which now blocks the passage to the other side, creating a little Hinman’s inside the store.

For more information on Bella Vita, call (315) 367-5001 or visit the Bella Vita Café on Facebook. Open Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Kansas restaurant named one of America’s best neighborhood gems

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. – A Prairie Village restaurant is nationally recognized for its charm, neighborhood appeal and alfresco dining.

Cafe Provence landed on OpenTable’s list of America’s 100 Best Neighborhood Gems for 2021. It’s the only Kansas restaurant to make the list. The only Missouri restaurant to make the list is in the St. Louis area.

The San Francisco-based online restaurant reservation provider has showcased restaurants that add character to their neighborhoods and welcome diners with exceptional hospitality.

OpenTable said the list of winners was determined after analyzing internal data generated solely from guest reviews collected between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021.

All restaurants with a minimum “overall” score and a number of qualifying reviews have been included or taken into account.

These eligible restaurants were then rated and sorted based on the sum of the tags for which “neighborhood gems” and “alfresco dining” were selected as a special feature.

This is not the first time that Café Provence has been recognized. The French restaurant also landed on the OepnTable ‘America’s 100 Best Restaurants’ list and more.

Executive Chef Philip Quillec describes the cuisine as comforting French cuisine, but he also likes to add American touches every now and then, like bacon in his French onion soup.

Based on OpenTable’s methodology, here are America’s 100 Best Neighborhood Gems for 2021 (in alphabetical order):

  • 1501 Uptown Gastropub – Palm Springs, California
  • 579 Benefit Street Restaurant – Pawtucket, RI
  • Acova – Denver, CO
  • Al Solito Posto – Las Vegas, NV
  • Amsterdam Café – Auburn, Alabama
  • Anis Café and Bistro – Atlanta, GA
  • Atchafalaya Restaurant – New Orleans, LA
  • Babette’s Café – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Bar-Bill Tavern – Aurora, NY
  • Beetlecat – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Bettolino Kitchen – Redondo Beach, CA
  • Bistro L’Hermitage – Woodbridge, Virginia
  • Bistronomic – Chicago, Illinois
  • Italian Brewsters Cafe – Buffalo, MI
  • Brooklyn Café – Sandy Springs, Georgia
  • Ca Del Sole – North Hollywood, California
  • Café Bizou – Agoura Hills, California
  • Café Luxembourg – New York, NY
  • Café Monte – Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Café Nell – Portland, OR
  • Café Provence – Prairie Village, KS
  • Café Terracotta – Littleton, CO
  • Caleb’s American Kitchen – Lahaska, PA
  • Cappy Restaurant – San Antonio, Texas
  • Casa di Amore – Las Vegas, NV
  • Casa Nostra Ristorante – Westlake Village, California
  • Cesarina – San Diego, CA
  • The Charles – Wethersfield, Connecticut
  • Citron Bistro – Vero Beach, Florida
  • Claire’s at the Depot – Warrenton, VA
  • Coastal Cuisine – Dana Point, CA
  • Coldwater Coffee & Dining – Tipp City, OH
  • Cozy’s Cafe and Pub – Liberty Township, OH
  • The Cup Café – Tucson, AZ
  • Daniella’s Cafe & Market – Danvers, MA
  • Hotel Restaurant Deposit – Sonoma, CA
  • E&E Stakeout Grill – Bellair Bluffs, Florida
  • Fabian’s Italian Bistro – Fair Oaks, CA
  • Fable – San Francisco, California
  • Fig & Ash – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • FITZGERALDS – Berwyn, Illinois
  • Frank – Beverly, MA
  • Gaetano Restaurant – Torrance, California
  • Grand Finale Restaurant – Cincinnati, OH
  • Grassroots Kitchen & Tap – Scottsdale, AZ
  • Hazelwood Food & Drink – Multiple Locations
  • The Hidden House – Chandler, AZ
  • Insalata’s – San Anselmo, CA
  • Iozzo Italian Garden – Indianapolis, IN
  • Ironwood, Cave.Craft.Cook – Laguna Hills, CA
  • Impeccable Coffee – Raleigh, NC
  • Italian Restaurant – Minneapolis, MN
  • The Italian House on Park – Westfield, IN
  • Keeler’s Neighborhood Steakhouse – Sans Soucis, AZ
  • La Fonda sur Main – San Antonio, Texas
  • La Merise – Denver, CO
  • La Piquette – Washington DC
  • Bistro Lavendou – Dallas, Texas
  • Lena’s Wood-Fired Pizza + Tap – Alexandria, VA
  • Lunetta – Santa Monica, CA
  • My Home – Boston, MA
  • Madison – San Diego, CA
  • Maple Tree Inn – Homewood, Illinois
  • Maya Del Sol – Oak Park, Illinois
  • The Mermaid Inn Uptown – New York, NY
  • MIDA – Boston, MA
  • Milton Cuisine and Cocktails – Alpharetta, Georgia
  • Mon Ami Gabi – Chicago, Illinois
  • Monty’s Steakhouse – Woodland Hills, CA
  • Mulberry Street Ristorante – Fullerton, CA
  • Murphy’s – Atlanta, Georgia
  • Mystical Fish – Palm Harbor, Florida
  • Northern Italy – Las Vegas, NV
  • Olio e Più – New York, NY
  • Original Joe’s Westlake – Daly City, CA
  • Paravicinis Italian Bistro – Colorado Springs, CO
  • Parc Bistro-Brasserie – San Diego, CA
  • Preserved Restaurant – Augustine, Florida
  • Red Rooster Overtown – Miami, Florida
  • Ridgway Bar & Grill – Naples, Florida
  • Root down
  • Rosemary and Thyme – Sarasota, Florida
  • Rosmarino Osteria Italiana – Newberg, OR
  • Rusconi’s American Cuisine – Phoenix, AZ
  • Ruthie’s All-Day – Arlington, VA
  • Si Bon – Rancho Mirage, CA
  • The Smoke House – Burbank, California
  • Spencer Restaurant – Palm Springs, CA
  • Stone’s Public House – Ashland, MA
  • Sugo – Duluth, Georgia
  • Swan River Seafood – Naples, Florida
  • Tam O’Shanter – Los Angeles, California
  • The Tap Room at Dubsdread – Orlando, Florida
  • Tavern 4 & 5 – Eden Prairie, MN
  • Tramici – Saint Simons, Georgia
  • Trattoria Marcella – St. Louis, MO
  • Ship – New Orleans, LA
  • Vintner Grill – Las Vegas, NV
  • WeHo Bistro – West Hollywood, CA
  • Willi’s Wine Bar – Santa Rosa, California

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Goa will restart tourist activities from Monday; casinos, nightclubs to open

In a bid to revive the tourism sector in Goa, the state task force recommended that the government reopen all tourism activities from Monday, September 20. Casinos, spas and nightclubs can also be operational from Monday with 50% capacity, provided people are fully vaccinated or produce a negative Covid-19 test report.

The government will soon publish the standard operating procedure (SOP) for this.

Meanwhile, the working group will convene another meeting to assess the Covid-19 situation and decide to start physical lessons for students in grades 8 to 12.

“The decision to reopen schools will be taken after monitoring the situation. Physical classes for the upper classes should start from October. The decision to reopen the school for primary classes will be made after Diwali, ”said Dr Shekhar Salkar, an official of the state government expert committee for handling Covid.

Early in the day Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the state will now play a crucial role in reviving tourism. He was speaking in a virtual interaction with health workers, doctors, citizens and government officials in Goa.

“Goa will play a vital role in reviving the tourism sector. Think about it – hotels, taxi drivers, hawkers, traders – when they are all vaccinated, even tourists will come with a sense of security. Today, Goa is one of the few international tourist destinations where people have received vaccine protection. We all wish that during the next tourist season there will be the same tourist activity as before, that tourists from home and abroad have fun here, ”he said.

“This will only be possible if we pay the same attention to corona safety measures as we did to vaccination. Infections have decreased, but even now we cannot take this virus lightly. The more emphasis is placed on safety and health, the more tourists will arrive here, ”Modi said during the virtual interaction attended by Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, state ministers of the country. ‘Union Shripad Naik and Bharati Pawar, and state cabinet ministers, among others.

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New mandate demands vaccinations for LA County bars

A new mandate will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for customers and employees of indoor bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs and lounges in Los Angeles County.

My colleagues Luc Argent, Rong Gong Lin II and Stephanie Breijo reported on the mandate this week. Staff and clients will need to have at least one dose of vaccine by October 7 and be fully immunized by November 4. Currently 67% of LA County residents are at least partially vaccinated, according to a Times analysis.

The directive comes as health officials consider fall and winter, hoping to reduce the types of spikes in cases that occurred last year as the weather cooled, as rallies were moving indoors and that vacation meetings spurred travel.

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Their story quotes Dustin Lancaster, whose credits include Bar Covell in Los Feliz, Augustine Wine Bar in Sherman Oaks, and six other Los Angeles area bars and restaurants. “If you want to sit inside a bar, it makes 100% sense to me that you get vaccinated,” Lancaster said. “The science is out there, we know that vaccinations help reduce that, and all of our clients – for the most part – have been incredibly supportive and said, ‘Thank you’ and ‘I’m so glad you’re doing this. ‘”

Luke and Ron followed with a quick, point-by-point explanation of what you need to know before you go.

Stephanie reported last month on a group of 20 restaurants and bars independently requiring that clients be vaccinated. Among the group was Osteria La Buca on Melrose Avenue. I went to the restaurant last week with my partner and a visiting friend. A security guard outside the entrance checked our cards (or photos of our cards). It was as if our identity was verified before entering a bar. That is to say: not serious if you are vaccinated.

Jenn Harris ate through the dining options at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood: burgers, tacos, burritos, pizza, and a hot dog-stuffed stromboli among them. Jenn details her thoughts in her story, but it’s even better to watch her candid real-time reactions in the video.

Hollywood Park, the 300-acre commercial development project that already houses the SoFi stadium and a casino, will also be home to a massive Barbara “Sky” Burrell project, slated to open in November 2022. The 3,800-foot iteration sound squares Sky Gourmet Tacos, Stéphanie reports, will include “a large dining room; a lounge with a piano bar and other live entertainment several nights of the week; Burrell’s first dedicated bar; a terrace ; and private event spaces.

After a year of hiatus, the The Michelin guide is coming back to California soon. Stephanie reports that her next Michelin-starred restaurant rating update will be announced on September 28. Stephanie also has the week news overview, including details on the opening of Primo’s Donuts in Westwood Village and a second location in Long Beach for pizza favorite Little Coyote.

Staff photographer Robert Gauthier has a beautiful photo essay and accompanying story about 36-year-old sake brewer James Jin and his Nova Brewing Co., the only craft sake brewery and tasting room in the Los Angeles area.

Exceptional field dinners in October

The LA Times is teaming up with Outstanding in the Field for five dinners hosted in evocative Los Angeles and Orange County settings throughout October, featuring local chefs while covering topics related to sustainability and the environment.

On Thursday, October 7, at Sepulveda Dam (a venue that showcases LA River watershed restoration efforts), the event includes the premiere of the film “Man in the Field”, featuring the founder of Outstanding in the Field, Jim Denevan.

An afternoon event on Saturday, October 9 at Wattles Farm, the 4-acre community garden in West Hollywood, highlights women farmers as well as wineries and breweries owned by women.

Sustainable seafood is the theme for a dinner at Huntington Beach Pier on Tuesday, October 12, with chefs Andrew Gruel of Slapfish Restaurant Group and Craig Brady of Haven Craft Kitchen + Bar in Orange.

Post & Beam chefs John Cleveland and Eric Bost (formerly at Auburn in Los Angeles and now at Jeune et Jolie & Campfire Restaurant in Carlsbad) hosted a farm-to-table dinner at the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano on Thursday 14 October. ; food will come from the 28 acres of the center.

Paramount Studios in Hollywood will be the iconic venue on Saturday, October 16 for a dinner highlighting LA’s Michelin-starred chefs, hosted by Ray Garcia of Broken Spanish and Valerie Gordon of Valerie Confections.

Tickets, which cost $ 385 per person for each event, for the LA Times Food Bowl, presented by the City National Bank, are available at

James Jin, owner and brewer of Nova Brewing Co., bundles a pile of rice that he will use to make koji for sake production.

(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

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Everything we know about the NHS Covid pass which will be mandatory for nightclubs and events in Wales

Prime Minister Mark Drakeford has announced his intention to create a Covid Pass in Wales.

Those over 18 will need to present one of these passes to access many events and venues from October 11 in Wales.

The new system will mean extra work for the public and businesses, especially early on, so WalesOnline has put together a guide to everything we know so far about the Wales Covid pass.

Read more: See the latest news and updates on the coronavirus in Wales here

What events and locations will you need to show a Covid pass at?

You will need an NHS pass to enter:

  • Nightclubs
  • Indoor and non-seated events for more than 500 people, such as concerts or conventions
  • Outdoor events without seating for more than 4,000 people
  • Any setting or event with more than 10,000 people present

Who must present a Covid pass?

Anyone 18 years of age or older will be required to present a Covid pass when entering these places and events. The reason the Welsh government has not enforced the rules on younger people is that they haven’t had that long to get their double shot.

What should my Covid pass indicate?

For your pass to be approved, it must show that you had two vaccinations or had a lateral flow test within the past 48 hours.

The Welsh government has said the reason it added the side flow option is because some people cannot get the vaccine for medical reasons.

When do they come in?

The obligation to present an NHS Covid Pass will take effect from October 11.

How to download a Covid pass?

You can access the NHS Covid Pass through the NHS website here. This will allow you to produce a COVID pass using a smartphone, computer or laptop.

To access the service, you will need to sign up for an NHS connection. You will need to upload a photo of your ID (passport, full UK driving license, full EU driving license).

If you live in Wales you cannot get it through the NHS app as it is only valid in England. This means that it is only available through the website and you will receive a code which you scan or download in pdf format.

If you don’t have photo ID, you’ll need to apply for an NHS COVID paper certificate.

Your NHS Covid Pass includes a barcode. The expiration date refers to the barcode and will be updated automatically. It does not apply to your vaccination status.

You can find the full explanation here.

Will this apply to away football fans in Cardiff City and Swansea games?

Yes. If you are attending events in Wales you must follow these rules.

Are there checks that people correctly record lateral flow tests?

One of the criticisms of the new regime is that there is very little oversight. To record a lateral flow test, people simply scan a QR code. They don’t even have to take the test.

When WalesOnline challenged Mark Drakeford over it, he said he would consider passing legislation making it illegal to manufacture a test result.

“Am I concerned that there may be misuse of lateral flow testing?” He said. “Of course, we are right to be concerned.

“But I am relying on the fact that for the long history of the coronavirus in Wales the vast majority of people are people who want to help, who want to do the right thing and want to be sure that they are playing their part to ensure their security and other people safe too.

“We will be examining over the next few days whether or not to introduce a specific offense of knowingly and willfully falsifying a Covid Pass.

“So if there are people who think it’s just an easy race and they can just invent results, then they care about the big consequences for them.”

Why are they introducing these rules?

The Welsh government fears mass rallies will continue to foster the infection and hopes this will add further protection against the virus.

There is also a secondary hope that it will lead people to get vaccinated, although the effectiveness of this will be uncertain given that you do not need to be vaccinated to receive a Covid pass.

What are other counties in the UK doing?

The rules are different from those in Scotland, where people over 18 will need to prove that they have received both doses of the vaccine before they are allowed to enter certain places and events.

In England there are no mandatory event passes, but until recently the UK government has said it plans to have them.

Are people already using them?

Yes. The infrastructure is already in place and used in many places in Wales. The passes were required for the Green Man Festival and will also be used at the Manic Street Preachers concert.

Is it a vaccination passport?

Asked about it at yesterday’s press conference, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said these were not vaccine passports because you didn’t need to be vaccinated to use one.

For our daily Wales Matters briefing on the biggest issues affecting Wales click here

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Kähvi Coffee and Café adds Scandinavian-Mexican flavor to RoRo

The next time you’re on Roosevelt Row, look for the white brick building, which houses the Kähvi Coffee and Café. What was once Be Coffee, is now a new atmosphere where “the contemporary meets the bohemian”. Kähvi Café and Café opened on July 12, inside the trendy monOrchid mixed-use community space on Roosevelt Avenue and Third Street. The new cafe is owned by partners Jordan Taylor and Julian Wright, founder of the Fork and Dagger Hospitality restaurant group. Wright will launch two more restaurants inside monOrchid later this year, including Sake Haus and Pedal Haus Brewery.

READ ALSO: Here’s how ASU Downtown Phoenix transformed the city

Kähvi showcases the aesthetic of Wright’s love for the beach feel of Tulum, Mexico and Scandinavian touches of Taylor’s legacy. The name of the café was taken from the Finnish word Kähvi which translates to “coffee”. Wright said his high-quality coffee comes from Honduran espresso beans from a small farm owned by a woman in Honduras. But that’s not the only treat you’ll find there.

The cafe offers selections of tea, wine and beer as well as fresh pastries from Hope Artisan Breads, a local bakery, sandwiches, baguette and light bites. The menu also features rare drinks such as Ethiopian Light Roast, Espresso Tonic, Nitro-infused Strawberry Lemon Botanical Tea, and one of Kähvi’s favorite drinks, Sweet Green Matcha Latte.

Kähvi is open Sunday to Thursday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Kähvi is located at 214 E Roosevelt St. The 2,000-square-foot cafe bar offers a unique atmosphere with earthy Tulum-inspired design elements and jewel-toned hues embracing lush foliage, pendant lights, a table top. bar, chic sofas and small and large tables for groups or individuals. With these aesthetic approaches to coffee culture and dining, create the “perfect downtown Phoenix retreat,” Wright said.

Café Kähvi is where culture meets coffee in a picturesque way. “I wasn’t sure what to expect at this cafe, but after being in the atmosphere I can definitely say I will be staying here again,” said customer Jaylin Schreiner. Since the opening of the cafe, business has been stable with trafficking in students and residents of Arizona State University.

To add to the fun, the coffee bar will host many yoga events, live music and art-focused workshops. Kähvi has a partnership with Wellness Wherever, which hosts weekly yoga events on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings in the shared gallery space. Yoga on weekends will consist of a social hour after yoga; a time when guests can enjoy happy hour prizes and mingle with the community while admiring local art in the gallery. Social time will be offered from 10 a.m. to noon on weekends. Kähvi’s version of a weekday happy hour consists of a special wine and charcuterie pairing Monday through Friday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. such as screenings through October 7.

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These Dallas restaurants all serve Hawaii-style frozen Dole Whip

Dallas has seen a surge of Hawaiian food in the past few years, starting with the poke trend in 2018 and more recently with Hawaiian-themed restaurants specializing in comforting “plate lunches” with rice and meat.

All this Hawaiian infusion gives us a little extra sweetness: the frozen treat commonly known as Dole Whip.

This frozen non-dairy ice cream will surprise you as a pleasant refreshing surprise. First, there’s the texture: a perfect ice creamy firmness that melts quickly as you eat it. (They have special machines that make it that way.) And then the flavor: Pineapple is a flavor you might not expect in a soft-serve, where old-fashioned vanilla and chocolate reign supreme.

Formerly known as Dole Whip, now officially Dole Soft Serve, the treat was created by Dole in 1986, who sells it to tourists at their plantation in Hawaii. But it developed a cult following its introduction to Disney theme parks, which promoted it as an exclusive, even though the blend, made by Iowa-based Kent Precision Foods Group, is available to any. provider.

Six Flags, being another theme park, started serving it in some locations in 2012. Six Flags Over Texas got it in 2015, making it one of the few places to get it locally.

It remained a theme park thing until recently, when the Hawaiian town hit, and Dole Whip started to get all the rage. It’s also vegan. Now you can find it not only at Hawaiian themed restaurants, but also at froyo and burger stand places, in an expanded selection of flavors such as lime, cherry, raspberry, and a new watermelon.

Two catering / food trucks in the Dallas area make it even more accessible. One is a Dole Whip themed food truck called Southern Dole Whips – motto: “You don’t have to go to theme parks anymore to get a Dole Whip. We can bring them to you!” – which publish a monthly calendar of appearances as well as a rotating menu of flavors.

The other, Sweet Frog DFW Mobile, is a Virginia-based food truck chain that mainly offers frozen yogurt, but also Dole Whip flavors.

Here are all of the places you can get Dole Soft-Serve around Dallas:

The AT&T Discovery District food court restaurant / stand in downtown Dallas offers Wagyu burgers topped with queso, fried eggs, bacon and more. But Dole Whip is half the story. After all, they’re called Bobbers Burgers & Whips, so you know Dole is in the house. They still have pineapple, plus a rotating flavor such as mango.

Ice cream in cauldron
The Orange County-based ice cream concept is known for its “puffle” cones which, when filled with their ice cream, create a floral appearance. With flavors such as Earl Gray Lavender, they are certainly not mundane. Their line includes “Pineapple Express,” AKA Pineapple Flavored Dole Soft-Serve, which they position as a vegan flavor.

Cinnaholic addison
This chain is home to the decadent but vegan cinnamon bun, topped with frosting, cookie dough, nuts, candy and more. Their vegan profile makes them a logical place to find the Dole Whisk but for now it’s only at Addison Cinnaholic, where they have two flavors: pineapple and raspberry.

Dole Soft Serve Fruit Swirl at Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington Theme Park is home to a branded booth that sells pineapple and mango flavors. You can get a cone or an extra tall plastic cup that has chopped pineapple on the bottom and Dole Whip on top.

4 Tiki Kahunas Lounge
Arlington Tiki Bar is a haven for drinks like Mai Tai. They have a soft serving of Dole Whip pineapple that you can order with or without alcohol.

The Hawaiian Brothers
The Kansas City-founded fast-casual restaurant chain specializes in island comfort food, including the classic Hawaiian lunch with rice and pulled pork or teriyaki chicken. They are expanding to Dallas-Forth Worth this fall, including a location at 6011 Greenville Ave. in Dallas, which they will open on October 19. They offer Dole Whip in the original pineapple as well as a rotating flavor.

The California frozen yogurt chain was very early on the Dole Whip front and serves it in all of its stores, including eight stores in Allen’s DFW area at Plano in Fort Worth, in the pineapple flavor of origin only.

Pineapple Grill Texas
Pineapple Grill was founded in 2017 as a food trailer and catering business before expanding to a brick and mortar restaurant at 121 E Harwood Rd. In Hurst in December 2018. They are owned and operated by Hawaiians and take great pride in the authenticity of their Hawaiian dishes, from the Spam Musubi Platted Lunches, and of course the Dole Whisk in the Classic Pineapple.

The New York-based poke chain has two DFW locations – one at The Hill in Dallas and the other at Richardson Restaurant Park at 746 S Central Expy. – and they’ve done a good job of going beyond the poke trend with poke, bowls, wraps and salads, all healthy, all satisfying. They serve pineapple Dole Whip, plain or with an optional pinch of ground red pepper.

Pure poke
Frisco’s quick and casual restaurant that offers bowls of poke, salad and rice is by husband and wife John and Sophia Kim. They are lovely and conscientious, from the care they take in preparing the food to serving free miso soup if you dine there. They have a soft serving of Dole Whip pineapple in a generous 9-ounce serving for just $ 3. Come for the Dole Whip, stay for dinner.

The adorable tiki bar at 1802 Greenville Ave. serves rum classics like mai tais, as well as fun drinks for two served in the hollowed-out shell of a fresh pineapple. There is also a menu featuring Polynesian / Hawaiian dishes such as pork, spam, and chicken katsu, but also edamame dip with taro chips and, the reason we’re here, Dole Whip, to taste. pineapple.

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Good Oak Bar to reopen and bring back cocktails, beers and fried pickles

The popular bar right next to the Rialto Theater is making a comeback after being closed for over a year.

Good oak bar is now under new ownership and reopens at 316 E. Congress St. on Wednesday, October 20.

Bar at the Good Oak Bar (Photo credit: Adam Lehrman)

The new owners made the announcement on Facebook and Instagram, expressing their appreciation for the both vintage and trendy bar, sharing the following:

“The velvet curtain at the door, the handcrafted bar, the black and white photo booth, the beautifully designed cocktails and the rich conversation – it’s no wonder this place has become one of the centre’s most beloved spots. -City of Tucson. Humbly, we are delighted to be a part of the next chapter of Good Oak as the stewards of this beautiful space.

In the past, its proximity to the Rialto Theater made the Good Oak Bar a great place to eat and drink before a show, but it was its quality and ambiance that seemed to keep visitors coming back. Plus, in addition to their selection of mezcal, local beers, and cocktails, the fried pickles also made a name for themselves at the bar.

Fried pickles at the Good Oak Bar (Photo credit: Adam Lehrman)

Fried pickles at the Good Oak Bar (Photo credit: Adam Lehrman)

Loveblock Partners is the group that takes over the Good Oak Bar, which knows the area well as it is behind other restaurants and bars like HUB Restaurant & Creamery and Playground bar and lounge.

“We would like to sincerely thank Derrick Widmark and his team. We are deeply grateful that they created the very special space, community and integral part of the downtown Tucson landscape known as Good Oak.

Good oak bar

New Owner at Good Oak Bar (Photo courtesy of Good Oak Bar on Facebook)

Good Oak Bar opened in 2013 and, like many other businesses during the pandemic, temporarily closed in June 2020.

Good Oak Bar is located at 316 E. Congress St. For more information, visit them on Facebook or Instagram.

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LA County to Issue Warrant for Bars, Nightclubs and Restaurants | Stokes Wagner

Los Angeles County will require proof of vaccination for customers and employees at indoor bars, wineries, breweries, nightclubs and lounges. Under the order, customers and employees of indoor nightlife establishments will be required to have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by October 7 and receive the second dose by November 4, 2021. L The ordinance will strongly recommend (but not require) vaccine testing for indoor restaurants.

Comes into force on September 17, the restrictions are an effort by the Los Angeles County Supervisory Board to get more people vaccinated. Barbara Ferrer, director of public health, noted that indoor nightlife venues have a higher risk of transmitting the virus than a sit-down restaurant due to dancing and singing by guests.

The updated health order will also tighten restrictions on large outdoor events. In April, the county began enforcing masks for “mega-events” with more than 10,000 people in attendance. Now, the order will also require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours for outdoor “mega-events” for attendees, employees and attendees. Attendees of mega indoor events of 5,000 or more are already required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

Until the order is issued, the consequences of the violations are unclear. Nonetheless, Los Angeles County employers should act quickly to assess their current vaccination policy to ensure compliance with the proposed order which is due to go into effect on October 7.

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Pawsitivtea CNY Café and Cat Lounge celebrates one year of activity


Syracuse’s first cat cafe, Pawsitivitea CNY Café, and Cat Lounge are celebrating their first anniversary.

The cafe and lounge opened in September 2020 and were inspired by an idea when owner Alicia Reynolds took a trip to Virginia. To celebrate this milestone, Reynolds is hosting a “Paws and Reflect Silent Auction Anniversary Event” on Sunday, September 19th. The event will start at noon and will include a silent auction to help Friends Forever Animal Rescue and their own Pawsitivititea Rescue Committee.

On their first birthday, they want to make a difference and give back to those who have helped so many animals in need. They will also be hosting an Adopt-A-Thon 3.0 during the event to continue their efforts to find forever homes for their residents. Alicia mentions, “After doing all of that rescues have a really bad reputation on things and that stigma has to somehow change on e