10 Best Cafes to Score in Kasol

Nestled between snow-capped mountains along the banks of the Parvati River, Kasol is a backpacker’s paradise. Good food, good vibes and good people await you in the wonderland of the Himalayas. We featured some of the best coffees in Kasol.

Also known as the Amsterdam of India, thanks to the exceptional quality of its cannabis, Kasol has carved out a place for itself over the past decade. Whether you are on a hippie trail with your friends or on a working holiday, sumptuous cuisine and chic spaces are things that every traveler craves, and for that, Kasol is perfect!

The best cafes in Kasol that should be on your radar

You will love everything about Jim Morrison Coffee if you are a hardcore classic rock fan. Dedicated to rock legend Jim Morrison, the cafe is located on a secluded hill, away from the tourist bustle. Comfy floor couches with headrests give the cafe a laid-back vibe, while the cool sunshine conjures up nothing but good vibes. Boasting tangerine walls dotted with rock icon wall art, the cafe also boasts lovely hillside views from its backyard. It is a purely vegetarian cafe. Try their hummus platter, shakes and waffles.

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  Buddha Square

This riverside cafe will charm you with soulful music, psychedelic murals and a bright, airy vibe. Take a seat by the window and marvel at the majestic Himalayas and the sunny river as you devour a plate of piping hot momos. Satisfy endless sugar cravings with their filling and delicious milkshakes. Their masala chai and lemon ginger tea are also worth trying. Do not miss their Nutella pancakes and their Nutella chapati!

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Bhoj Cafe

One of Kasol’s oldest cafes, Bhoj Cafe serves Israeli and continental dishes. The chic cafe features a gram-worthy bohemian aesthetic. The cafe has an old-world charm that complements its chic decor. Try their Nutella desserts, especially pancakes. They also serve yum Falafel, Schnitzel and Shakshuka. The hummus and pita bread is also a bestseller. They serve breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

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  Moon Dance Cafe

Moon Dance Cafe, an old backpacker favorite, serves wholesome European gourmet meals. This is a quintessential trippy cafe in Kasol where you can enjoy food rich in delicious waffles and pancakes. Its quirky decor, hippie vibe and friendly staff make Moon Dance Cafe one of Kasol’s most desirable cafes. Their papaya juice and gourmet Italian meal make a healthy combo.

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Coffee Sun

Fancy a relaxing massage after a long hike? Head to Cafe Sunshine, an all-time favorite with tourists. Perhaps the only cafe in Kasol where you can pamper yourself with a massage, Cafe Sunshine is located by the river and offers mesmerizing views of the sun. valley. The modest establishment serves Israelis, Indians, Chinese and Italians. Popular dishes include trout, shakshuka, chicken sandwiches and hot chocolate.

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Evergreen coffee

If you want to add a very aesthetic and envy-inducing image to your Instagram feed, visit The Evergreen Cafe. One of the oldest bistros in Kasol, the cafe offers delicious Israeli, Middle Eastern, Italian and Indian dishes. They are known for their sumptuous full meals. Popular dishes on their menu include their range of pizzas, lasagna and Turkish kebabs. They also serve pancakes and refreshing drinks. The best part? You can also ask them to cook gluten-free meals if you’re a fitness freak.

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Little Italy

Located in the trippy alleys of Kasol’s Little Israel district, Cafe Little Italy is known for its delicious Italian specialties, prepared with an Indian twist. Surrounded by tall pine trees, the cafe features classic wooden furnishings and decor. Try the farmhouse pizza, cheeseburger and fish. Their juices are the best in town, especially the watermelon juice. While the indoor seating area is dimly lit and provides a cozy ambience, breakfast can be taken outside with gorgeous views and fresh air. And oh, they make delicious muffins too!

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Stone Garden Cafe

Nestled amidst lush greenery, Stone Garden is one of Kasol’s most popular cafes. They are known for their hippie vibes, trippy EDM and delicious Israeli dishes. Most travelers come here to enjoy lazy brunches. They also serve alcohol. Try the Chicken Schnitzel, hummus and biryani. Their range of pizzas and tikkas is also impressive.

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Pink Floyd Cafe

If you want to take the road less traveled and plan to stay in Tosh, Pink Floyd Cafe comes highly recommended. This beautiful cafe is synonymous with zen vibes, aesthetics festooned with prayer flags, and delicious food. The cafe has become a sought-after refuge for backpackers and digital nomads, who spend hours here soaking up the sun and sipping countless cups of honey-lemon tea. They deserve extra marks for their hospitality and service. If you are up for a strenuous hike from Kasol to Tosh, this cafe is worth it.

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Coffee out of bounds

Part of Off Limits Stays, Off Limits Coffee is the first hemp coffee in India. They serve hemp-infused food, but that won’t get you high. In fact, it is good for health. Hemp is said to offer significant health benefits due to its anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and antipsychotic properties. Located on the banks of the gurgling Parvati River, the chic cafe serves delicious Italian, Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Try their classic burger and fries with a cup of freshly brewed coffee coffee.

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